Best movies based on true stories

Cinema offers us a rich and varied content of films that are characterized by imagination and artistic creativity, However, there are a large number of films that are based on reality and adapted from real stories. Some of these films are autobiographical.

Or the story of a crime that happened at a time and place, And other events and real stories that are transformed into a cinematic work to produce the story in a wonderful picture.

Best 9 Movies based on true stories and real events

The following is a group of films that were taken from real stories and events and were produced into a cinematic work:

  • “Darkest Hour” Movie

It is an autobiographical film. The film revolves around the prime minister, Winston Churchill. set during World War II, The film tells the events that followed the appointment of Winston Churchill and the fateful decisions he made after the German army led by the leader of the Nazi party Hitler took control of most of the European countries.

* The film was directed by Joe Rabbit

* The movie starring Gary Oldman, who won an Oscar for his role in this movie.

  • “The King’s Speech” Movie

It is a film based on the life of King George VI. who assumed the throne after the death of his father.

Events revolve around the problem he was suffering from, as King George VI was suffering from the problem of stuttering, the king hired a speech therapist to help him overcome his problem.

* It is reported that the film won an Oscar.

* It starred in the brilliant action Colette Firth.

  • “12Years a Slave” Movie

It is an autobiographical movie. where he tells the story of Solomon Northup, He is a black man who has been kidnapped and sold to be a slave for 12 years.
The film also won an Oscar.

  • “Erin Brockovich” Movie

It is a film based on the life of Erin Brockovich. She is a lawyer assigned to a small village to begin her mission of defending the poor and resolving disputes between them and the utility companies.

* The movie stars Julia Roberts, who won an Oscar for that movie.

  • “The Pianist” Movie

The film tells the true story of the life of the pianist Adsyov Siebelman.

The film revolves around the survival of the musician from the destruction of the ghetto during World War II.

* The Pianist film won an Oscar. And the Palme d’Or award.

  • “A Beautiful Mind” Movie

It is a biographical film that tells the story of the famous mathematician John Nash, Where the film deals with the life of John Nash and how he won the Nobel Prize.

The film also deals with a psychological condition where John Nash was suffering from the imposition of Paranoid Schizophrenia, a schizophrenia, Where the scientist John Nash faced a lot of problems because of this disease.

He also accomplished many works that benefited the whole world despite his illness as well.

The film was presented in a well-rounded and informed manner in all aspects of his life, and the film won 4 Oscars.

* The film was directed by Ron Howard

* Starring Russell Crowe, Jennifer Conley, Ed Harris

  • “The Theory of Everything” Movie

It is a film that tells the true story of the life of physicist Stephen Hakong.

The film tells the story of his illness and injury to the motor neuron disease, Which did not stop him from his unprecedented scientific achievements, The film also focused on the life of scientist Stephen with his wife.

* The film directed by James Marsh

* Starring Felicity Jones, and Eddie Redmayne, And Harry Lloyd

  • “The 33” Movie

It is a dramatic film that tells the true story of a group of Chilean workers when the Copiano mine collapsed, The film details the incident and how the mine owner had a hand in the incident. One of the events of the film is the collapse of parts of the mine, cutting off the only exit route from it, and 33 miners are detained.

And those who, in turn, search for a way to escape, and during their search, they face a number of tired and hopeless people.

  • “Kursk” Movie

It is a movie adapted from the book A Time to Die. It tells the story of the submarine Kursk, a true story that occurred in the year 2000, when the submarine was lost and sank off the North Pole. The submarine contained 118 Russian soldiers who died when the submarine sank.

* The film was directed by Thomas Winterberg

* Starring Matthias Schönaerts, Colin Firth, Lea Seydoux and Peter Simonisque

  • “Wonder” Movie

The film revolves around the true story of the life of a child, Oggy Gray, who was born with many birth defects. More than 26 surgeries were performed to beautify the face, treat breathing and vision.

The film also touched on his life after these operations, How did life go with him in school?

  • “Changeling” Movie

It is a movie based on a true story about police corruption. It tells the story of the mother who lost her son and asked the police to search for him, and the police failed to do so.

When they brought her a child other than her real son, the mother refused to take this boy and told them that he was not her son.

* Corrupt police officers accuse her of madness.

* The movie stars Angelina Jolie.

  • “The Blind Side” Movie

It is a sports film based on the life story of soccer player Michael O’Hare.

Which was meant in his life until that day when a woman took him into their house to start his life changing to become one of the most famous players.

  • “The Pursuit of Happiness” Movie

It is a motivational thriller based on the true story of a poor young man named Chris who strives to work so that he can meet the needs of his family.

But because of his poverty, his wife leaves him, which made him look for another job and work to develop himself and his skills.

  • “The Wolf Of Wall Street” Movie

A film that tells the true story of the life of billionaire Gordon Belfort, Which is considered by many as a legend in the world of business and finance.

The film chronicles his rise and success. And how he lost everything he owned because of corruption cases.

Here, we conclude with you our article, in which we touched on the best films based on true stories and real events.