10 banned movies that are not suitable for family and children’s viewing

There are many films that were banned from showing and never saw the light, some of them found a place through the Internet and were shown, and some of them were never shown, The reason for preventing these films from showing in cinemas is that they violate public order and public morals stipulated by the cinematic censorship.

Let’s start now with our list of ten films that are banned from showing and are not suitable for family and children’s viewing.

Movies not suitable for family viewing have been banned


It is one of the films that were banned from showing in cinemas, and the reason for this ban was a political reason. The film was directed by Fritz Kramp, a famous German director, and the film was starring Hussein Riad, and talented artist, Nadia Nagy and artist Hassan Ezzat, This movie was banned in 1938. The reason the movie was banned is because it tells the story of Lashin. He is an army commander and one of the most important rulers, but he ran all state affairs from his position in the army leadership because the ruler did not understand anything and had many women’s relations. King Farouk, at the instigation of one of the politicians, believed that this movie embodies his character, so he immediately ordered the chief of the court to issue a decision banning him from showing it, which in fact was.

<<God is with us>>

It is also one of the films that were banned from showing on cinema screens. This movie made a big noise when it was announced, and for political reasons it was also banned from showing. The film was starring Faten Hamama, Hussein Riad, Imad Hamdi and Zaki Tulaimat. And the artist Siraj Mounir and Mahmoud El Meligy, and it was directed by Ahmed Badrakhan. It was written by the great writer and journalist Ihsan Abdel Quddous, where he was telling the story of the Free Officers and their role in the glorious July Revolution, and the film was prevented from showing due to their extreme fear of the public’s sympathy with King Farouk. The second reason for preventing the film from being shown is to increase the differences between the members of the leadership of the July revolution, and the differences were because they saw that this film glorifies the role of Mohamed Naguib.

<<Sheikh Hassan>>

This film is one of the films that are prohibited from showing on cinema screens, and the film has been banned from showing for sectarian reasons, for fear that it will be said that this film incites sectarian strife between Muslims and Christians. This movie was starring Hoda Sultan, Laila Fawzy and Hussein Sedky. The film may show through its events that there is a sheikh named Hassan who teaches the people of his village the teachings of religion, But he is at odds with his father, and this matter called for a mother to leave his father’s house and go to marry a Christian girl named Luisa, Knowing that they married without the consent of her family and this was the reason why the film was prevented from showing.

<<nail juha>>

This film is also one of the films that were banned from showing in cinemas. This film was starring the great artist and famous comedian Ismail Yassin, the artist Kamal El-Shennawy and the artist Abbas Fares. This film was produced in the early fifties, It was directed by the distinguished director, Ibrahim Emara, and the film deals with the disadvantages found during the royal era, and for this reason, the film was banned. the offer.

<<the rebels>>

One of the films that were banned by the censors from showing due to reasons that violate the public order and the cinematic censorship laws for showing, The movie starring Shukri Sarhan and Mimi Shakib was produced in 1966. It was directed by Tawfiq Saleh. The technical censors believed that this film distorts the era of Abdel Nasser and urges to drop it, and this was the main reason behind preventing it from showing, and the company producing this film refused to produce it after this news spread about it. Which greatly harms Egypt.

<<Al Malatili Bath>>

It is one of the movies that was produced and filmed and was banned from showing by the technical censors. The film was also starring Youssef Shaaban, the artist Shams Al-Baroudi and Muhammad Al-Arabi, and the director Salah Abu Seif directed this film in 1973, But soon this movie was banned from showing and it was returned for a reason to prevent the movie from showing on cinema screens because of the inappropriate scenes in the movie, which offend modesty and do not fit with public morals. It was also said that this film was discussing the issue of homosexuality, For these reasons, the Film Syndicate objected and banned the screening of such a film.

<<behind the sun>>

It is one of the political films that were banned from showing, starring Nadia Lutfi and Rushdi Abaza, and this movie was in 1978, He used to tell through his events what happened in the political prison after the defeat in 1967. Through its events, this film narrates the torture and major violations that happen inside prisons, and not only this, and it was shown through the sequence of its events, accusing opponents of employment and treason, and these reasons are what eventually led to preventing him from showing.

<<Dad on the tree>>

It is one of the most important films that were banned from showing and starring Nightingale Abdel Halim Hafez, Nadia Lutfi and the artist Mervat Amin, This movie was produced in 1969, and the censors prevented this movie from being shown because of the hot scenes and the many kisses in this movie, which scratches the viewer’s modesty.


It is one of the most banned films due to its content that greatly distorts Egyptian society. Therefore, President Mohamed Anwar El-Sadat ordered that 15 censorship employees be referred to trial for their approval of showing this film. It is also the only movie that the dancer Suhair Zaki disavowed after her retirement and her veil because of the hot scenes she presented through the movie.