Download the best 4k video player for Android

A large number of people continue to search for the best 4K video playback software as there are a number of players that do not support high video quality. With the development of photography and the high quality of videos, we even see cinematic and television works in HD and 4K quality, which puts the viewer at a loss when he wants to download movies and watch them on his computer or phone. We will provide you with the most important applications that support 4K video playback for Android .

hd video playback apps

Downloading a video player for Android phones is the best way to watch videos in high quality without the need for additional codecs. Also, the Android Movie Player applications support the playback of all video formats and create an index list of all the clips loaded on your device, making it easier to access them. Now you can enjoy your phone as a portable cinema in your hands to watch movies and videos in HD and 4K quality, Fortunately, with Android devices, you have the opportunity to replace the traditional video player with premium video applications.

How to choose the best video player for Android?

There are ways to know the best video player before you start downloading it, You must choose the applications that support translation files for online clips, You can play compressed RAR files and MP3 formats, Apps that have a screen lock should also be chosen as it gives a comfortable viewing experience without disturbing while watching the movie or video.

Download the best 4K video player for Android

Mobile devices that shoot videos in 4K format have evolved, Also, online streaming services are pumping out a huge amount of videos in the highest quality such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, So you should download video player apps to play all kinds of formats and high quality on Android devices.

  • Video player with the highest quality HD Video Player

HD Video Player is a unique application for Android as it has powerful features, It can decode the videos to watch them in the highest quality by selecting the video files and pressing the appropriate format for you. Also, HD Video Player allows you to set the folder to keep video files in safe mode, The application also supports playing videos, videos, TV shows and audio files, Among the most prominent formats it supports are AVI, WMV, MP4, M4V, M3U, MOV, MPEG, FLV, MTV.

You can download HD Video Player from here .

  • MX Player . Video Player

One of the best video player applications for Android , where MX Player provides you with assistance in decoding H / W, which speeds up the phone, Also, MX Player is multi-core which provides high performance with CPUs, The application also supports downloading subtitles in various formats from Srt, Ass, Smi, and others, The player also gives you access to 100,000 hours of content from movies and series in formats up to UHD 4K.

The player has the ability to lock the children to prevent changing the settings or unwanted actions, It is also open source which qualifies it for constant updates and which makes it the best Android Video Player.

MX Player capabilities

  • Advance and delay videos while watching.
  • The ability to download translation files from the Internet.
  • Change the frame of the screen while watching a video.
  • Screen brightness and brightness control.

You can download MX Player from here .

  • VLC For Android video player 4k quality

VLC Player supports all video formats like mkv, avi, rmvb on Android, It also includes a tool used to download subtitles that you can use to understand the content of the video or movie, Also, despite its advantages, it does not consume a large battery power thanks to its simple and pleasant interface. In addition, it supports video playback in high definition up to 4K and can display videos on TVs through Chromecast.

VLC For Android app features allowing users to lock the screen and the ability to rotate, It is suitable for many tasks that the user needs on Android devices of different types, It features a browser with a collection of games and a file manager with AirPlay support and also allows you to share files via Wi-Fi or USB with your computer without being connected to the Internet.

VLC Player Capabilities

  • Supports 1080p video playback.
  • It plays videos in the middle of the screen of Android phones.
  • Allows multiple screen options for comfortable viewing lighting.
  • The program does not have annoying ads during operation.

You can download VLC Player for Android from here .

  • Archos Video Player

Archos Video Player for Android provides a great and enjoyable experience by watching movies and videos in multiple formats such as flv, avi, mkv, mp4, The operator was interested in providing a translation tool that can be downloaded and integrated into the application, covering smi, ass, srt, The program has a simple user interface and is easy to connect to TVs, Its initial menu includes settings and library, which makes it easier to use compared to other players. It also allows you to adjust the audio, subtitles, and screen frame.

You can download Archos Video Player from here .

  • BSPlayer video player

BSPlayer has a unique user interface that can be modified and customized, The program supports all video and audio file formats, multiple subtitle formats, search for external and stored subtitles, It also features a multitasking mode that allows you to work on external applications while running. The BSPlayer player allows playback of RAR files and helps multi-core devices avoid delay issues through HW decoding, BSPlayer app gives users complete security with child lock, It comes with an organized user interface that helps you access everything you need.

BSPlayer capabilities

  • Supports DVD, ASS, SSA, DVP subtitle formats.
  • The program does not need to consume a large battery capacity of the phone.
  • It gives the opportunity to speed up or slow down the video easily.

You can download BSPlayer video player from here .

Choose the best 4K video player for Android among the above-mentioned five applications and enjoy watching movies, series and videos that carry your beautiful memories on your mobile phone without worrying about the accuracy or quality of the clip, The best video player for Android has been selected based on user reviews and contains the most important features that everyone is looking for.