Top 10 sites to watch movies and series for free

Many are looking for free sites to watch movies and series, especially addicts and lovers of movie shows, and spend most of their time on these sites as a matter of self-entertainment, creating an atmosphere of fun and filling killer free time.

realistically, Movies and series watching websites paralyzed TV channels, movie channels, etc., who were dependent on large audiences of movie and series followers who regularly watched these channels over time. Movie sites have stolen their fans by providing the best and latest movies and series to watch for free online.

10 Free Online Movies and Series Sites

Many do not have the opportunity to watch movies and series by subscribing to some sites such as Netflix and other licensed and legal movie sites that require a paid subscription to give the advantage of watching movies available online, or even download movies from some of these sites for free .

With the physical obstacles that need to be paid when registering on a movie site to benefit from the online viewing service, Some malicious sites have had the opportunity to manipulate the vulnerability of movie followers on the payment side, By claiming that they provide free viewing of any movie as soon as it is released and dragging them to their sites full of malicious ads and random directions to random sites.

List of the best sites to watch movies and series for free 2021

In this article, we have collected for you a group of movie and series sites that you can benefit from for free, The other is paid to whoever finds his participation easy for him.

The names of 10 movie and series sites to watch for free:

  1. Netflix
  2. Egybest
  3. Look Movie
  4. Movies4u
  5. shahiid-anime
  6. Starzplay
  7. Movizland
  9. Cinemalek
  10. Show Max

These were the names of the best movie and series sites through which you can follow all new online, Let us now address each one of them in a few lines.

Love story website “”

All movie lovers know the Love Story website, which includes a huge collection of Arabic and foreign films and provides a variety of series, And Turkish series with the exclusive translation of the site, The site also provides a service to watch movies online for free all over the world.


Despite the fact that Netflix requires a subscription fee to get the advantage of viewing the huge library of movies that it includes, However, it offers a 30-day free viewing trial period to assess the satisfaction and satisfaction of its followers before they actually pay to reserve a Netflix account.

One of his incomparable features is that he has some films that were exclusively produced by him.

You can visit the site from here .

Egybest website

Egybest is one of the most popular movie watching sites among users. As it shows cinematic content in high quality and ranks first among movie watching sites in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Algeria and Tunisia, But the disadvantage is the annoying ads that pop up constantly while browsing the site.

EgyBest provides the latest movies shown, It also shows foreign series ending with subtitles. The site provides the ability to watch online or download, Among the most popular types of films he shows, Foreign, Indian, Korean and Syrian films, and Egyptian films.

It also shows anime, suspense, comedy, science fiction and horror films. Also, documentaries.

You can visit the site from here .

Look Movie website

Look Movie offers a wide range of foreign films in high quality. It also has a simple and easy to use interface, It is becoming more and more popular among foreign countries such as America, Canada and the Netherlands.

Sometimes, the number of visits to the LookMovie movies site reaches more than 20 million visits per month.

You can visit the site from here .

Anime Lake website “”

Anime Lake is one of the best sites for watching anime online . The site offers a variety of movies to suit all ages and tastes. It also displays series and downloads episodes as a first show. The site provides an overview of the movie or series for suspense and to attract users’ attention.

Movies4u website

It is a diverse movie library between action and crime films, as well as comedies, fantasy, science fiction, horror, suspense and translated foreign films. And the Arab, Korean, Indian and Syrian series.

The site also displays cartoons, war films and documentaries. The site has a very large monthly number of movie followers in the Arab world.

You can visit the site from here .

Starzplay website

STARZ PLAY ranks first among movie watching sites in a large number of African countries. As it provides the user with multiple ways to watch movies in line with his capabilities and the size of his package, The site is characterized by ease of use, as it has been divided into films, series and programs for children, A list showing all new and exclusive releases, You can visit the site from here .

Moviesland website

One of the largest sites for watching Arabic films, as Moviesland includes a large collection of modern films and various series with subtitles and all its versions in high quality, The site provides a simple user experience by choosing the category of movies you want to watch, then the site will take you to the server that offers you to watch the movie in the quality of your choice.

Movies can also be downloaded easily, The site has a large number of visitors every month, up to 14 million visitors in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. You can visit the site from here .

Cinema Lake website

An Arabic site that is easy to use and shows movies and series in line with all tastes and Oscar-winning films, By choosing the viewing rating you want, you can choose the name of the movie, as the site will direct you to viewing servers, and you can choose from among them what is commensurate with your Internet speed, And also choose the quality in which you want to watch the movie.

Show Max website

For those wishing to watch classic films that are shown on the Shop Max website, as well as the site offers modern films of action, drama, comedy and mystery, The site is distinguished by providing official sources for films to preserve property rights, You can visit the site from here .

Now you can kill your spare time and enjoy watching Arab and foreign films with the correct translation through the movie sites that we presented in this article for free anytime you want and anywhere, Without waiting for download time and consuming internet speed through some movie download sites .

4 free movie and series sites without ads

Yidio website

Try a new experiment, which is to provide a brief overview of each video, Then you can read it and choose what you think fits your mood, This is best for people who want to watch something new and don’t know what it is. But you may face the problem that your country does not support that site, You just need to use the VPN software feature to enjoy an interesting viewing.

Wayyak website

The most prominent of those who presented Indian content and the famous Bollywood dharma, which grabbed the hearts of followers in every Arab house, It contains almost everything related to Indian cinema, shows of Indian series and films, whether in a comedy, social or romantic style.

It also included many Arab series and Egyptian cinema, which are indispensable, no matter how Indian and Turkish drama occupied the highest ranks.


A very strong competitor to Netflix in the United States, He has two problems, the first is that he needs a monthly subscription, The second is that it does not support all countries of the world. And then some followers need to download the VPN feature to be able to watch through it, But all these problems fade in front of his prominent cinematic performances.

MyCima website

My Sima allows you to download movies and series so that you can watch them on your smart TV, Or give it to someone who follows it. And that is for all the Arab and American films that he shows, among others. You can watch it online in the quality you want.

Here we conclude our article, in which we dealt with a group of the best sites for watching foreign and Arab films, Some of which require registration and payment of a subscription package that gives the advantage of entering the movie library and watching them online or downloading them to your device for offline viewing, In addition to mentioning sites that provide a good experience when you want to watch foreign films online without displaying ads .