How to download Photoshop for PC

For anyone who wants professionalism in designing and editing photos, Photoshop for the computer is the best that you can use and is the most popular among a large number of users, It’s no longer difficult to edit photos in these times, As you can now edit and modify images and add effects and filters through the Photoshop program, which highlights its creativity when installed on the computer.

The nature of Photoshop for design

It is a program to install images with the addition of various modifications, such as changing the color, removing elements from the image, or correcting defects such as skin problems, Through the Photoshop program, you can simulate reality and implement advertisement posts, There are a large number of photo editing software, but Photoshop remains the most widely used.

Photoshop capabilities for PC

Photoshop has multiple capabilities that enable it to perform various tasks to the fullest, Among the most prominent services provided by the program are the following:

  • You can correct digital photos by adjusting the colors and making them more realistic, It also eliminates errors that may result during shooting, Backlight correction.
  • The program is able to renew old photos that have been affected by the passage of time and leave cracks and fading in pictures, He gets rid of those traces and gives them bright colors, as if they were soon taken.
  • Improving the features of a person with pictures by removing the program for skin defects such as grain and darkening.
  • The program is able to combine a different set of images into a new image that does not make you feel that it is merged or modified.
  • The program adds artistic effects to images through the filters feature.
  • It provides the opportunity to write on images, download texts in multiple formats, and change writing styles.
  • Eliminate image flickering to raise image quality and improve its appearance.
  • Designing web interfaces to the user’s imagination.
  • 3D graphics design with acceptable quality, And modify it as moving it and adding effects to it.

Photoshop for computer uses

  • Photoshop is used to design advertisements and banners images by modifying digital images and animations, Combine different elements into one picture.
  • Its use has spread in modifying photographs because it is characterized by the addition of aesthetic effects and filters that highlight the beauty of the image.
  • Prepare some patterns and 3D graphics effects.
  • Website and forum interface design.
  • Add minor effects to video files and create motion pictures.
  • Photoshop is also used in cases of fraud by fraudsters by changing the shape of the owners of the images and merging different characters in one image, which may cause problems and harm to others.

Disadvantages of Photoshop for PC

  • Its use may need a professional person who is able to use it so that he can obtain a professional work result.
  • The size of the program is large so it needs to provide enough space on the computer so as not to cause poor performance.
  • The free version does not have all the features of the program as there are quite a few tools that can be tried in the free version.

Photoshop download information

  • Program name: Photoshop CC
  • the Producing company: Adobe
  • Program size: 2 GB
  • Software version: 5/3/2021

You must go to the link here in order to download Adobe Photoshop, But after you do create an account on the official Adobe website.

The download will take some time due to the size of the program, After the download is completed, you can decompress the file so that you can install the program on your computer.

How to install photoshop for pc

  1. After the process of decoding the program, you will see the Setup icon, after clicking on it, the installation of the program on your computer will be completed.
  2. A window will appear, click on Try to be able to complete the registration, you must disconnect the Internet for a moment to restore it and press Sign in.
  3. Choose the Arabic language and press Install to complete the final installation.
  4. Now you can use the program but you have to choose between the free version or the paid version which asks you for your IP code.

Additions for the new version of Photoshop for PC

  1. Color Tool: It is a tool that helps people who need speed at work, With the color tool, you can get 344 colors to find what matches your ideas.
  2. Fonts: The fonts method has been updated with the new version by going to type and then match font, To enjoy these fonts.
  3. Layers: The names of the application layers have been specified to make it easier for users while working with Photoshop.
  4. Interface: The problem with setting the application interface has been resolved. There are some versions that have experienced incompatibility with the size of the screen interface texts.
  5. Auto Selection: Enjoy automatic selection of objects with the new update to Photoshop.

You can work in the field of graphics and advertising using the Photoshop application, as it will help you in designing graphics, animation and 3D images, You can also use it to edit personal photos or use it for design for any other purposes in general, Photoshop is the most popular so far among computer design programs.