Best screen capture program for computer Arabic and easy

Capturing a computer screen is a very important video for people who want to provide explanations or shoot a video for them in a game such as Peggy Mena through their devices and take out a video to put on YouTube or share it with friends and interested people on social networking sites, However, they often face difficulties in identifying the best screen recording program for the computer. However, do not worry, because in this new article we will talk about Bandicam, which is the best free Arabic program for taking a video of the computer screen.

Bandicam software definition

Bandicam is a free video recording tool for Windows PCs. This program was developed by Bandisoft and was first launched in 2009. The main purpose of this program, which makes millions of users around the world resort to it, is that it allows them to record computer screen video or record games as it provides built-in support for DirectX and OpenGL games, detailed customization of video recording format, frame rate, quality, and support for encoders, Bandicam can encode live video recordings in a highly efficient H264 format and also creates short video files that set it apart from other software.

The free version of this wonderful program allows you to record videos for only 10 minutes, but with the paid version you will be able to record a video with an unlimited number of minutes. It also allows you to record videos in more than one quality, where you can record a video in SD, HD or Full HD quality or 4K in the best case and allows adding effects like fast or slow motion, Moreover, Bandicam program is not only limited to recording videos from the full screen, but it allows recording a specific area of the screen and supports customizing the video format, quality, frame rate and audio settings and supports keyboard shortcuts to start, stop or pause the video recording, The most important thing that distinguishes this program from others is that it includes a large set of tools through which users can edit the videos that are recorded through it.

With Bandicam, you can easily record photos and videos and share them directly on your favorite social networks or online video site or download them to your device in the quality you want, But one important thing you should know is that when you use the free version of this program Bandicam will be printed as a watermark in all the videos, You can remove this watermark by purchasing the paid version of this software for $39.

How to use Bandicam?

  • First: Download Bandicam on your device from its official website or from here and then start installing the program.
  • Secondly: When you open the program for the first time, you will have to set up the program before you start recording, by specifying a place to save the videos you record in.
  • Third: On the left side of the main interface, you will find several options, including the FPS option, click on it in order to set the frame rate per second according to the power of the graphics card on your device, If you are low you can choose a rate of up to 30 frames per second.
  • Fourthly: From the settings, select the format in which you want to save the video, then adjust the video quality, specify its size, and then select the area you want to shoot from the screen and other things that you must select for what suits you.
  • Fifth: After you have finished setting up the program, now we move on to the way to start recording videos, and the first thing you will have to do is click on the screen mode option from the main menu at the top.
  • Sixthly: A window will appear that limits the recording space that you can change by clicking on the size and selecting one from the list.
  • Seventh: If you choose to record a video of a specific region, Drag the frame marked in blue in front of you to the place you want to record a video from, or choose the full screen mode, then press the Rec button to start recording, and then start explaining the lesson or filming the game for what you want.
  • Eighth: When you have finished recording what you want, press the stop button (which appears as a red square in the corner of the window), This will save the video automatically. However, you will be presented with options to share on different social networks.

Features of the best screen capture software for PC

  1. It is easy to use and comes with a smooth interface with a very attractive design in addition to being free and a paid version is available.
  2. Its size is very light and does not consume any of the device resources.
  3. It allows you to record videos of up to 10 minutes in the free version.
  4. Supports shooting videos in more than one quality, including SD, HD, Full HD or 4K.
  5. Supports recording videos in MP4 or avi format.
  6. It allows you to record games while playing titles that use technologies such as DirectX, OpenGL or Vulkan.
  7. Allows you to set the frame rate to suit your device, It also allows recording a specific area of the screen or recording the entire screen.
  8. It allows adding effects such as fast or slow motion and it also allows adding sound effects and filters to videos.
  9. It supports many encoders and also supports encoding live video recordings in a highly efficient H264 format that allows you to adjust the sound. I advise you not to take risks and adjust the sound because the default settings are always suitable and moreover you can adjust the bitrate and frequency.
  10. It supports more than 50 different languages including Arabic, English, French and German so that people around the world can use it in their native language.