How to download teamviewer for pc

You may need to share files on your computer or control another device remotely. TeamViewer enables easy sharing and complete control without the hindrance of firewalls or network addresses over the Internet in an easy way that enables you to access your desktop securely.

Free Download TeamViewer for PC

It is a free application that allows you to connect to a computer to control the system after installing it on the device you want to control, and specify a password that enables you to log in each time, The application allows you to interact with the computer remotely to complete editing the various works that you share with your friend or co-worker.

TeamViewer for meetings

TeamViewer application is a great solution to conduct meetings and interviews work remotely and make meetings between a number of people via the Internet, The program is characterized by the capabilities that make it useful in group conversations.

TeamViewer Features

  • The application provides complete protection against security barriers and firewalls, Major companies use it with ease to protect their devices.
  • Updates are constantly provided to the program for improvement, development and raising the efficiency of the application’s work.
  • The application works quickly, You can work with it every day without interruption or work slowly.
  • The application supports all platforms and operating systems from Windows and Linux, as well as Android systems, and iOS.
  • The application is available in two versions, one of which is completely free for personal use, And another paid version for the first time only, which has higher features and capabilities.
  • The latest version of TeamViewer
  • TeamViewer has been updated to include additional features and higher capabilities, As follows:
  • Solve computer problems for individuals remotely without having to leave the place.
  • Providing technical support for companies and working to solve all urgent problems through the application.
  • Add meeting scheduling which allows scheduling of messages that are sent to invitees.
  • Conducting a personal meeting directly without the need to add a number of people.
  • The ability to add a number of people to the meeting up to 20 people.
  • Improving the sound and picture quality of the meetings held, For a clear meeting.
  • Organizing tasks and roles for attendees through the organizer feature and the viewer feature that allows sharing presentations on the presentation program.
  • Share files within the meeting and manage files of other devices in the meeting.
  • High quality video recording of the meeting.

How to download TeamViewer for PC and phone

You can go to the link to download TeamViewer from here for the computer, Here it is for phones, Then start selecting the options as shown below

You have to wait a while for the installation to finish. Until you go to the official interface of TeamViewer.

Explanation of the interface of TeamViewer

There are two sections within the TeamViewer app, There is a section for remote control, It contains your information and the ID information of the other party, While the other section is for holding meetings.

to access the other side, Fill in the data for your personal device information and the device you wish to control, Then type the password for the other device and press the Log on button.

Explanation of changing the language of TeamViewer to Arabic

Through the Options menu, you can choose between a large number of different languages, such as Arabic

When finished, you must restart the program again to show you in Arabic

TeamViewer Download Information

Program nameTeamViewer Remote Control
LicenseFree version
Software developerTeamViewer
the languageSupports Arabic and 70 other languages
OSWindows 10,8,7, Vista, xp kernel 32 bit, 64 bit, mac systems, linux distributions, Android phones, iPhone, Black Berry.
CategoryComputer and internet software and hardware control software

Tips when using TeamViewer

  1. Your private data should be kept securely and not shared with anyone.
  2. It’s a good idea to change your password after each time you finish a meeting with someone.
  3. Pay attention to everything the other party does during the meeting, In the event of feeling suspicious, you must cut off contact immediately.

TeamViewer Certifications

The application has proven efficiency and global quality, which made it achieve a large number of certificates, which raise its evaluation and importance, Among the most prominent certificates are:

  • Quality Certificate from iOS 2008, which certifies that the program conforms to international quality standards.
  • A certificate from the German company BISG consultants and technology experts with a five-star rating for the application because it protects the user.
  • The German FIDUCIA IT AG certificate, which approved the work of the application within many German banks and institutions.

TeamViewer is available for free for anyone who wants to control other computers remotely and hold meetings, interviews and scientific sessions between a large number of people with ease and speed without interruption, The program also allows you to chat in writing with friends.