Download Telegram for PC in Arabic

The use of the telegram application or program is very popular nowadays, Currently, the number of users of this program has exceeded 500 million monthly active users around the world. Telegram has become one of the top 10 most installed applications on different devices around the world. And Telegram enables you to send messages and files of all kinds to your friends who have joined Telegram.

What is Telegram?

It is a messaging and chatting program between users. As a user, you can use it on all your different devices, whether they are tablets, mother smartphones, or even computers running Windows or Mac, Telegram is designed to be with you on all your devices of all kinds.

Telegram now has more than 500 million monthly active users. The Telegram application was also ranked among the 10 most downloaded applications on different devices around the world.

Telegram features:

  • You can sync all your messages and data on all the devices you use Telegram on, And unlimited number of devices at the same time.
  • Telegram mainly focuses on speed and complete user privacy. All user data is fully encrypted within the Telegram app and hackers cannot access it in any way.
  • The app is completely free and there is absolutely no cost to use it at any time.
  • The Telegram application enables the user to send messages, photos, audio, video clips and all other types of files to friends directly or within groups, freely and unlimitedly.
  • The number of people who can join a single Telegram group can reach more than 200 thousand people freely and without Telegram placing any restrictions on the process of joining groups.
  • In Telegram, you can search for your friends and add them to your conversations. And it sends you a notification when a friend in your phone list has recently joined Telegram.
  • Telegram has integrated the feature of SMS and email messages within the application, In addition to its support for all types of voice and video calls and its encryption with end-to-end technology that does not allow Telegram to keep any copy of the conversation between the two parties through the application.
  • There are a lot of stickers available on Telegram that can be sent in conversations with others.
  • 5 servers spread in many countries of the world in order to make Telegram fast and simple, and everyone can use it with ease and security.

Ways to run Telegram on PC:

Here are 3 methods used in order to run Telegram on the computer, and these methods are as follows:

Run telegram through a web browser:

This method is known as telegram web, which is a feature that allows you to run your account on Telegram directly through any Internet browser you use on your computer, such as: Google Chrome, Firefox, opera.. etc, It is done through the following steps:

  • We search in the Google search engine for the word telegram web.
  • You will be asked to sign in to the account by choosing your country and typing your phone number, Enter it to be logged into your account on Telegram.
  • After entering them, click on the next word at the top to continue. You will see a confirmation message that this phone is yours, press ok.
  • After a specific seconds, you will receive a 4-digit code on your registered phone. Enter the code and your account will be opened on Telegram directly in front of you on the screen and you can use it.

note: For telegram web to work properly, your phone must be connected to the Internet, At the same time, you try to log in to your telegram account through a web browser.

Launch Telegram from the Telegram Desktop App:

This method is to download the telegram app for desktop use and use it to log in to your telegram account, This is done by typing telegram desktop and downloading the program to your computer and then logging in to your telegram account by choosing your country and typing your phone number, And then enter the code that you will receive on your phone, and the program will then automatically open your account on Telegram.

It is not required that your phone be connected to the Internet in order to open your account on Telegram through the program.

Run Telegram through Android Emulator on PC

By downloading an emulator to run Android applications on your computer, you can download the Android application for smartphones and run Telegram on it through the emulator as if you were running it through your phone completely, And open your account with the same previous steps with ease.

Download Telegram for PC:

  • Go to the official telegram website or type in the Google search engine the word telegram.
  • When you search in the search engine for the word Telegram, the official Telegram website will appear in the first search result in front of you, and you will find the option Telegram Desktop. Click on it directly to be directed to download the Telegram desktop application.
  • If you go to the main page of the telegram website, go to the applications tab, Scroll down a bit and you will find the desktop application where it can be downloaded for all operating systems that run on the computer Windows, Linux and Mac.
  • After you click on the option Telegram and Windows or Mac or Linux, the site will show you a link to download the application that suits your operating system because it will automatically recognize it.
  • If you have Windows, click on the Telegram button for Windows 10 x64, for example, to start downloading the application on your computer within a few minutes, Or you can choose to download the portable version of the application, which does not need to be installed on the computer to run, But it is better that you download the regular version of the application.
  • Install the telegram app on your computer, and then run it, Enter your country and phone number to sign in to the desktop app and use it as you wish.

Perhaps the best feature of the telegram app is that you can store all your data with an unlimited storage space unlike other different cloud storage methods, By creating a private channel within your telegram account and uploading the files you want to it through the computer, These files will be stored and encrypted forever on your telegram account.