Top 10 Online Virus Scanning Sites

It is important to protect your computer and keep it as secure as possible. Especially if you use it for your business or any other use that includes a purpose or benefit that you are interested in keeping in the best condition, As the intrusion and chaining operations launched by hackers on computers and Internet networks have become more and more severe and their effects are exacerbated with time, and in conjunction with the development of software and capabilities that we are witnessing, it has become necessary to use anti-spyware and hacking programs, and to constantly check the security of your computer through specialized programs or virus-checking sites on Line .

Online virus detection sites

Virus scanning sites scan for an infection that already exists in a safe and secure manner through a database that is constantly connected to the server, allowing it to be updated and upgraded to provide a better service. The sites also protect you from the threats of some powerful malware that can trick virus scanners.

Best online virus scanning sites

A virus scan service that allows you to scan files through secured engines that are available in paid antivirus programs, So you will get the same result in analyzing and scanning viruses without having to install programs on your device.

  • ESET Online Scanner

most used virus scanning sites, As it has many advantages, the most important of which is that it is completely free and can work with all operating systems and different browsers online, But it needs to download your system scan tool.

Also, through ESET Online Scanner, your system is protected from spyware, viruses and threats, and it also works to get rid of unwanted files, It is constantly updated because it is always connected to the Internet.

Visit the site here .

  • VirusTotal site

It has a powerful free online virus scanner, It aims to detect any suspicious files or their untrusted source, The site has a database of more than 60 antivirus engines such as Avira, Dr.Web, Tencent, Kaspersky.

Visit the site here .

  • Jotti’s website

One of the best online virus scanning sites, and unlike ESET, it does not require downloading a scanning tool. But it allows checking the files you upload on the Jotti website and does not scan the operating system, The site allows you to upload five files at the same time, with a maximum file size of 100MB.

Jotti relies on scanning tools such as AVG, Trend Micro, Avast, With the latest versions, it is a unique tool in checking some files and programs that you need to install on your device.

Visit the site here .

  • Threat Expert

It scans and eliminates viruses online for free. However, it does not allow to download a file larger than five megabytes at a time, which is an inconvenience when trying to scan a file larger than that, It works with Threatexpert Memory Scanner that identifies malware by analyzing your data, And provide a report of all viruses and malware that are found.

To visit the site click here .

  • House Call

One of the famous websites that follow Trend Micro for security and protection, It can scan your computer after downloading the scan tool which is only 3 megabytes, Then the site starts checking viruses from its Trojans and others.

Visit the site here .

  • Bitdefener Online Scanner

Bitdefender relies on cloud scanning technology that detects malicious software on your device that other sites cannot easily detect. It is also a light and easy to use website. It protects your system from malicious virus attack.

Visit the site here .

  • BullGuard Online Scanner

It is one of the fastest sites that scan for viruses, as the scan can be completed in a period not exceeding sixty seconds, It detects viruses and malware without having to download a scan tool on your device like some sites do.

Visit the site here .

  • F Secure Scanner

The site works quickly with all different Windows systems, It only needs a processor that can work on Windows XP and 512 MB RAM, or 1 GB, The program starts scanning after pressing Run Now, as a 1MB tool is downloaded to your device.

Visit the site here .

  • Meta Defender website

The site enables you to upload files up to 140 MB and scan them with up to 40 scanning engines such as AVG, McAfee, Kaspersky.

You can also scan the files before unpacking and installing them on your device by downloading RAR, 7Z ZIP files, It shows you the results clearly, making it easy to use for beginners.

Visit the site here .

  • Virscan website

Virscan offers free online virus scanning through smart algorithms that scan for risks and threats to your computer’s security and alert you to any threat you might not easily notice.

The site includes the feature of checking compressed files with a maximum of 20 files and an estimated size of 20 MB each.

Visit the site here .

Online virus scanning sites are an easy and fast option to detect malware and malicious viruses that infiltrate your device and are unable to delete them, endanger your system and steal data that may sometimes reach your banking data.