How to shop from Fordeal online

With the advancement of technology and the emergence of a large number of online shopping sites, the Fordeal website has emerged, which is characterized by its coverage of a large number of countries around the world, As it offers distinctive and unconventional products at the best possible prices compared to other sites, It is also a one-stop shop that contains a huge amount of products and merchandise, Therefore, you must know how to shop from the Fordeal website .

The creation of the Fordeal online shopping site

Fordeal first appeared in 2017 within Asian countries and is headquartered in Belgium, It started in the form of a mobile application and then was developed for a website that provides products for all family members such as fashion, shoes, accessories, electronics and home supplies, and through the link here you can browse the site.

Advantages of online shopping from Fordeal

The site is characterized by facilitating purchases for users, as it provides a variety of products with high quality and specifications that show the product and distinctive prices to attract the largest number of customers, The site also offers special discounts and offers to reduce the burden on customers and save time and effort spent searching in shops, Besides providing fast and safe shipping and delivery service, And the return policy in case the customer is not satisfied with the product and refund the money.

How to shop from Fordeal online

You must go to the Fordeal website from here and click on login to create a new account if this is your first time on the site, Then follow these steps:

  • Enter your email and create a passcode, There is also an opportunity to subscribe by phone number and register the registration code.
  • Start browsing the products on the site, And choose the item you want to buy, specifying the color and size, and add it to the shopping cart.
  • When you are done shopping, Go to the cart to review the products.
  • Fill in the delivery information in an accurate manner and choose the payment method, Then complete the request.

Fordeal sizing system

Fordeal website provides a proportioning system for accurate sizing that fits the body, By adding the customer’s size, whether Large, X-Large, or more, Then the measurements are added in centimeters from height, waist size, chest size and thigh size, To accurately determine the appropriate size.

Payment methods on Fordeal

There are three methods that you can choose from according to what suits you, You can pay by credit card, debit card, or pay upon receipt of the order.

Fordeal shopping app

Fordeal is a reliable online shopping site for a very large number of users around the world. A mobile application has been designed that can be downloaded from here. To save time, by downloading the application and installing it on the phone, you can browse the site constantly, select the products you want to purchase with ease, and complete the shopping cart process by entering data and obtaining the shipping order as soon as possible.

Delivery of orders from the Fordeal website

Shipping time for orders varies according to the location of the customer. Where the shipping period usually reaches six days, and for long distances, it may reach eight days. The value of shipping varies according to customs duties imposed according to each country. But the site provides free shipping on orders over 200 Saudi riyals or its equivalent in other countries.
The site allows you to track the shipment of your order by going to your account on the Fordeal website, clicking on your requests, and contacting a customer service representative.

Terms of return and exchange on the Fordeal website

There are conditions that must be met to be able to return products from the Fordeal website, Where the return request must be submitted within a period not exceeding 15 days from the date of receipt, Also, the product must be returned as it was received with all its accessories without expedited or consumed and washed, After sending the request, the customer service will respond with approval. However, the exchange feature is currently only available in the event that a product was delivered by mistake or with a manufacturing defect, and the company will cover the additional shipping fees.
There are a number of products that are not subject to the Fordeal return policy, such as underwear, socks, accessories, jewelry, and electronics.

Cancel a purchase order from the Fordeal website

In order to be able to cancel a previously prepared purchase order on the Fordeal website, you must contact customer service directly, But it must be noted that if the order has already been processed and prepared for shipment, the order cannot be canceled, To contact Fordeal customer service, you can call the following number 966445202560 or communicate through e-mail from here.

We have explained how to shop from Fordeal online, Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy great product offers and site discounts, There are valid discount codes within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and the UAE FOR58 & AC 44 that you can add while completing the purchase order process from the Fordeal website.