How to download home design 3d program for PC

You can get the design of your dream home easily without going into complicated details, With the Home Design 3D application, which acts as a reference designer for home decor with all professionalism and puts in your hands the best designs on your computer, Simply to be able to implement it.

The best home design program on the computer in Arabic

It is an application that has advantages that provide the opportunity to design the house with its interior details in 3D format. It is also possible to divide the roles of the house and design its external appearance, Home Design 3D is one of the best programs that does not require complications to download or use.

Features of Home Design 3D app

As an attractive and impressive home design tool that can be implemented on the ground, The application is characterized by the possibility of creating a multi-storey house with a large number of rooms, which are separated by 2D & 3D walls, which also allows creating design corners, It also parallels the design reality with the design of doors and balconies.

Home Design 3D features

HOME Design 3D offers you the opportunity to furnish the interior of the house using furniture pieces and choose from a wide range of menus to match your style, Also, through the editing feature, you can change colors and sizes, If you are not satisfied with the results, you can go back by pressing the repeat button. This is in addition to the following capabilities:

  • The application has an easy and simple interface for everyone to use, It does not require professionalism in dealing with home design and decoration.
  • You can draw and define the floor and walls through the meter system, So you can implement it and match it on the ground.
  • It’s easy for you to change decorations and patterns through the beautifully colored furniture library.
  • It allows you to import libraries of decorations by downloading them from the Internet in 3D formats such as “OBJ, KMZ, DAE”.
  • The ability to change the places of furniture and decorative pieces and make them smaller or larger, It is also possible to take photographs of the room or the house and save them on the computer.
  • The design functions feature allows you to prepare household, kitchen and bathroom equipment, And the construction of drawers, interior curtains and mirrors.
  • You can design outdoor pathways such as a garden, design trees and flowers, relaxation areas such as a barbecue, and include a fountain or swing.

Download Home Design 3D for PC

There are a large number of home design programs that can be downloaded for free and deal with easily, Home Design 3D enables you to design your home decorations without having to study the art of decoration, To download, you can click on the link here .

Download information

  • License: GNU.
  • Category: CAD design software.
  • OS: Windows.
  • the language: Supports Arabic and other languages.
  • Last updated: 25/4/2021.
  • Issuance: 6.5.2.

What’s new in the modern version of Home Design 3D

Home Design 3D is a great alternative to expensive CAD software. It is also a great choice for beginners. It helps in designing the interior buildings of the house with standard and three-dimensional accuracy, A number of features and facilities have been added after the new update, as follows:

  • It’s easier than ever to share and download projects.
  • Direct access to your private gallery to discover and download the best user projects directly within the app.
  • More than 100 new items have been added including a global furniture collection.

Home design program explained

With the program installed on the computer, you can choose the language, size and color of the font that you want to use while drawing and planning, There is a preview feature that enables you to walk around the house in a virtual visit around the site with the 3D feature.

When you open the program for the first time, a toolbar will appear at the top. and four other fields containing the design catalog containing furniture and decorations, and a table of samples to be able to sort them, and the blueprint of the house through which you can do your design, The last field contains the triple width property.

Home Design 3D for Android

Home Design 3D app can be used for Android APK, There is an updated version v 4.4.1 for all Android 4.1 and above mobile phones, To download click here .

The application enables you to create an interior design for your home from decorations to the interior and exterior yard in 3D format, You can also share the design with a large number of users.

The 3D home design application is used by engineers with a comprehensive detailed drawing of what the house or villa will look like from the inside and the outside, It is also used by people who want to redesign their homes and change their decor in an easy and fun way.