Free video to audio converter software for PC

Many people are looking for programs through which they can convert video to audio, because some people sometimes like music in a video, or they may need an audio commentary from a particular video without needing the image clips that are in the video, so they need to get the existing audio In the video, and here in the article, we will learn about programs that can be used on a computer to convert videos into audio.

Format Factory Program

This program is downloaded and installed on the computer and is used to convert the formats of many files, whether they are videos, sounds, or even images. The Format Factory program converts the formats of all these things into the format you want. The program is also characterized as free and supports the Arabic language. Using this program, you can convert videos to mp3 format. The program also supports other audio formats such as wav, m4a, wma, ogg and other formats.

Features of Format Factory

1- The program is free and can be downloaded from the Internet.

2- The program is small in size, so it does not take up much space and is light on the computer.

3- Supports the Arabic language.

4- It is characterized by its fast performance in converting from one format to another.

5- The user interface of the program is easy to use and suitable for beginners.

6- It has the advantage that it supports converting image formats.

7- It provides the user with a video recording service of the computer screen, and the program also provides a tool to download videos from different sites.

8- It provides converting video formats to mp3 audio format, or a video format can be converted to another video format.

9- Through the program, the user can cut and cut parts of videos.

Steps to convert video to audio with Format Factory

FormatFactory enables you to convert videos of any format to mp3 audio file format in an easy way.

Follow the following steps and in the shortest time the video will be converted to an audio file in mp3 format.

1- Open the program and then click on the Audio Options button.

2- If you want to convert a video to an audio file in mp3 format, choose the mp3 options in the window that will open for you.

3- After that, choose the video from your files on your computer that you want to convert to an mp3 audio file.

4- Click on the OK button.

5- After you have selected the video, the file is ready to be converted into an audio file in mp3 format. In order to start the conversion process, press start or start from the menu at the top of the program.

6- You will find that the video has been converted to an audio file with ease, and you can access the audio file by pressing the Output folder button, which is located in the list that is located in the program interface from the top, where the files that are extracted from the program are collected in this file.

Thus, the process of converting video files to mp3 audio files, and the process is successful and is done with ease, as the program is easy to use and its performance is fast.

How to change the language of the Format Factory program to Arabic

As we mentioned that one of the features of the Format Factory program is that it supports the Arabic language to make it easier for Arab users. In order to change the language of the program to Arabic, follow the following:

1- Click on the Language button in the program.

2- Choose Select more languages.

3- Choose the Arabic language and so it will be activated.

Switch MP3 Converter

This program is also used for computers where it is installed on your computer and through it you can convert video and audio files to audio files of various formats, which are of high quality. Audio files are from video files that are present on your computer. It also allows the user to change the format of any audio file to various other audio formats. Sometimes people need to convert an audio file from one format to another in order to suit what the person is doing, and the matter in which the file will be used is easy Switch MP3 Converter The process of converting format is a lot and here is how to use the program to convert formats.

How to convert video file to MP3 audio file

1- Open the Switch MP3 Converter program.

2- Click on the Add Files button.

3- Select the files on your computer that you want to convert to another format.

4- Choose the format you want to convert the video to, whether it is MP3, WAV, WMA, M4A or any other format, as there are many audio file formats that you find available in the program.

5- Start converting the video file to an audio file, or you can convert the audio file to another audio file format, and all this process takes place in seconds through the computer, as it is an easy and simple process.

Features of Switch MP3 Converter

1- It is characterized by high speed.

2- It is used to convert audio and video file formats.

3- Easy to use.

4- Its size is light and does not take up much space on your computer.

5- The files produced by it shall be of good quality. High.

Free video to MP3 program

This program is used for computers and converts video and audio formats to MP3 format, and the program is like other file format conversion programs, which is characterized by ease of use and a simple user interface that saves a lot of time and effort on the person. And various video files, whether they are on your computer or on a disc, where you can open files from the disc directly on the program. The program also allows adding a group of files at once and converting them to MP3 audio files. with high quality.

And through this article, we have presented three of the best programs that convert file formats that you can install on your computer.