How to download betternet for PC for free

You may experience problems when trying to access some websites that have been blocked in your country for various reasons, But there is a unique solution to this problem, which is to download Betternet VPN, which is one of the most powerful programs that provide you with a free and secure connection with the ability to access any site you want for free.

How Betternet VPN Works

The idea of a VPN connection is to give the user an IP number, which is a computer number and consists of numbers starting with the country number, By blocking the country’s number in some sites, it prevents their children from entering to browse these sites. Therefore, the IP number given to the user is based on the number of another country that has not been blocked, which gives the user the opportunity to access websites that are blocked in his country.

Advantages of downloading Betternet for PC

BetterNet has a large number of features that make it the best VPN service for free. Among its main advantages are the following:

  • It supports various Windows systems. The kernel is 64 bits. and 32 bits.
  • Supports iOS, Android phones and tablets, and Mac.
  • It allows you to connect permanently and securely without interruption.
  • Offers a set of fast servers, And your connection system connects to the fastest server.
  • No subscription is required when registering with a credit card or account activation.
  • Easy to handle with a simple interface for beginners.
  • Provides the opportunity to select the country you wish to use for communication.
  • It enables you to enter restricted websites and watch videos that have been blocked.
  • It gives you a lot of privacy and security by encrypting your data when you connect.
  • It changes your IP number constantly to prevent trackers from tracking your device.
  • It can block your personality when using some websites.

Betternet Download Information

Program name: Betternet.

License: Complimentary.

Version: 4.3.3.

the size: 8 megabytes.

Compatibility: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10.

Download Betternet for PC for free

At first, go to the official Betternet website from here , the image will appear below. You can now click on Get Betternet Now, as the program download process will start automatically.

After the download process is completed on your computer, Start installing it by pressing Install then Next and wait for a while for the installation to complete.

Get to know the interface of Betternet

After downloading the program for the first time, it will show you a list of paying the subscription, but by ignoring it, you can access the program for free, The program will start working and the front end will appear with the Connect button. program notifications, And server locations that contain all countries around the world to choose from.

Betternet side menu

The side menu contains several options, such as contacting support, which enables you to present the problems that you encounter while using the program such as slow connection or not being able to connect to the servers, There is also the possibility of sharing the program with others by sending the application link via social media.

Fastest server selection service

Betternet chooses the fastest server around the world when you are connected, But through Server Locations you can choose between countries of the world, There are some countries that offer paid subscription services.

Explain how to deal with Betternet

The program starts with a window like the image, You can press Connect to make the connection right away.

You can change the connection country and choose between the available servers, but the program usually provides you with the fastest server to use.

You can confirm that it is already connected by changing the Connect button to Disconnect, you can now browse freely and securely, And when you need to stop working with it, all you have to do is press the Disconnect button again and the program stops connecting.

Betternet VPN to open blocked websites for PC

Betternet VPN is free to help you Open blocked websites for the computer , and use different websites without worrying about your identity or activity, as it hides and blocks your IP address, and it also protects you from hacking and tracking your location because it supports the export of a fake network that cannot be tracked by anyone.

You can navigate between different websites safely and absolutely freely with Betternet for PC by changing your IP number and encrypting your data for more protection, Where you can browse the web anonymously.