how to download ludo star game on pc

Like many games that have met with great resonance and wide spread all over the world, such as: pubg game, free fire, pokemon go game, The simple Ludo Star game in its interface and gameplay is very popular all over the world. The Arab world also enjoys a large share of the spread of this game. Where it became the focus of thousands of players in the Arab world, And it continues to spread widely at the present time.

Explanation and download of the game Ludo Star for Android

It is one of the most popular computer games. which can also be downloaded and installed on Android and iOS smartphones, Its idea is to play together with others. So that two or a maximum of 4 players can play together in the same game, Each player has a distinctive color of green, yellow, red and blue. Each player gets 4 pieces of his chosen color within the game, The small dice is rolled and the player moves his piece the number of times he got when he rolled the dice, When his piece collides with a player’s piece, he gets it and returns the player to the starting point of the game again.

In order for the player to get out of the first box, he must get the number 6 when throwing the dice, The player who survives until the end of the game is the winner.

Features of Ludo Star Game

  • The game is very entertaining and has a social dimension as friends can play with each other in their spare time.
  • The game ignites the spirit of enthusiasm in the hearts of the players when they play it, Therefore, it has gained a very wide spread all over the world.
  • The game is completely free that everyone can download and enjoy playing it on their smartphone.
  • The game is full of challenge and excitement and gets more difficult as the player progresses to more levels within it.
  • You can log into the game using your Facebook account and invite your friends to play with you.
  • The player is allowed to play a role-play that lasts only 3 hours per day.
  • Arabic is available as one of the primary languages within the game.

Ludo Star game characters

There are no specific Ludo Star characters, The characters are the same players from all over the world, who join to play the game either individually against the virtual computer in the game, Or collectively with their friends or other people from all over the world.

How to play Ludo Star game

In order to start the game, you must log in to the game through your account on Facebook or by registering a new account in the game when entering it, It is not recommended to play with a guest account so that your data is saved in the game and the progression of the levels you reach over time.

When you log into the game, you will find several options in it: The yellow option is to play the game with anyone who is randomly selected, And when you start playing with this random person, you will be given a team code that you can invite others to join you at the same playing table, The game can also be played without an internet connection, where it is played against the same computer in order to learn the game well before entering into a challenge with others.

How do I download Ludo Star game on the computer?

Ludo Star game cannot be downloaded directly to the computer, as it works exclusively on Android phones and iOS phones, But it can be played on PC by doing the following steps:

  • First you need to download the game as an apk file to your computer, To do this there are two ways: The first method is to directly search for the game in the form of an apk file and download it directly to your computer. The second method is by copying the game link on Google Play and going to one of the sites that download Google Play applications on the computer by searching for them by typing apk downloader in the Google search engine and entering one of these sites and pasting the link that you brought from Google Play, And by clicking on the download button on the site, the site will convert the Google Play link into a ready-made apk file for the game that you can download to your computer and prepare it.
  • Second, you must download an Android emulator that runs Android applications on your computer. There are many Android emulators, including: bluestacks emulator, nox player emulator, Gameloop and other android emulators that can be installed and run android games on PC.
  • Third, we enter the Android emulator and import the game file into it, Or we can double-click on the apk file on the desktop and the file will open using the Android emulator that is installed on the computer and start downloading the game inside the emulator.
  • You can play the game now after you have installed it inside the emulator as if you were working from your smartphone completely.

Top Tips for Choosing a Suitable Android Emulator

  • You must have a computer with strong specifications or good specifications that can run the Android emulator because most of the Android emulators require strong specifications in the computer in order to run efficiently.
  • You should choose one as light as possible to avoid chipping the game and making it load efficiently.
  • You should choose an Android emulator that displays the graphics and effects of the game properly without any problems that might spoil your fun while playing.

Is it possible to play Ludo Star on PC without an emulator?

This is done by installing the Android operating system side by side on the computer with the current Windows operating system, So that we can choose the system we want when the computer boots up, Among the most popular Android operating systems for PC are:

  • The phoenix operating system that perfectly simulates the Android system on the computer.
  • prime os operating system.
  • bliss os operating system.
  • Android x86 system.

Ludood Star game is similar to many old entertaining games, It is very close to the solitaire game that exists on the Windows system, and the bank of fortune game, As well as the old game of ladder and snake, But what is new is the addition of multiplayer, which was not available in the old games.