The easiest Arabic program to convert video to mp3 audio for PC

There are many video to audio converter programs in mp3 format that make this process as easy as possible. But most of these programs are in English and some other languages, But you can always find programs that provide their interface in Arabic.

Format Factory is one of the best programs to convert video clips to MP3 at the present time and the easiest to use, and its interface is also available in Arabic.

What is the Format Factory program?

It is a program that converts multimedia from one format to another completely free of charge. easy to use, It is also very fast converting between different file formats, It supports converting all types of files in different formats from images, and audio or video files.

Features of Format Factory

  • The program is completely free forever and there is no need to pay any money to use it.
  • The program interface is available in more than 60 international languages, including Arabic. And you can switch between different languages any time you want.
  • The computer can be set to turn off automatically after the video conversion process is completed.
  • All software updates are available and can be downloaded easily by notifying you as a user that there is a software update.
  • The ability to choose from 3 different colors for the program interface with ease.
  • Minimize the program to continue the conversion process in the background of the system on the computer, Since the program does not consume anything from the capabilities of the computer at all, As a user, you can complete all your tasks on the computer as normal.
  • The program reduces the size of audio and video files significantly while maintaining the quality of the converted files, just like the original files.
  • The program works on all versions of the old and new Windows operating system without any problems.
  • It has its own video player, It enables you to play all audio and video file formats, without exception, with the click of a button.

Format Factory Tools

  • Tools to convert video files between different formats, where it is possible to convert to all known and famous video formats with ease and through the appropriate tool for each video format.
  • Converting tools between different image formats, You can easily convert from png to jpg and vice versa. As well as non-famous image formats, you can convert them to png or jpg format with ease and simplicity with the click of a button.
  • File preparation tools for cd, dvd, blueray or iso files.
  • Advanced conversion tools.

How to convert video to Mp3 through the program?

In order to convert a video file of any format to an audio file in Mp3 format, All we have to do is follow these steps:

  • Open the Format Factory program. And choose the audio menu and press the mp3 button so that we convert all files to mp3 format only.
  • Through the Add File button, we choose the video that we want to convert to audio and then choose the output options in order to control the quality of the audio we want to convert to, and then we press OK, From the main interface of the program, we press the start button to start the process of converting the video to Mp3 file quickly.

Audio conversion options within the program:

  • An audio merging tool that enables you to merge several audio files together into one audio file.
  • A blending tool that allows mixing several sounds with each other to become one overlapping sound between several sounds.
  • Tools to convert between popular audio file formats such as: m4a format, wma format, aac and other various audio formats, Which is available a separate tool for each of these formats so that you can convert to formulas with ease.

The reason for the conversion speed within the format factory program:

The reason for the conversion speed in the Format Factory program is that the program depends in the conversion speed on the capabilities of your computer, especially the graphics card, If the graphics card is powerful and fast, you will find the conversion process is very fast, It also depends on the speed of the computer processor at the same time with the speed of the graphics card.

User Experience of Format Factory:

  • The only negative in the program is that during its installation on the computer it will install some programs with the Format Factory program automatically, But at the same time, it allows the ability to uninstall these programs and only install the Format Factory program on the computer.
  • Users praised the program’s speed and ease of use in converting their videos to Mp3 files. As well as the rest of the features that are in the program, And a large percentage of them already rely on it for all the conversions you make.
  • Studio owners use it to burn audio and video files to media discs such as DVDs and Blu-ray discs.
  • It is used by e-book lovers because it also contains tools for converting e-books between different book formats.
  • Through the program, users were able to perform all the audio conversions they wanted with great flexibility and ease. Exactly what settings they want. Everything is available within the program.

The program also allows controlling the audio file settings for the audio file being converted, You can choose the best audio quality for the audio file you are converting, Taking into account that the quality of the original audio file directly and greatly affects the quality of the output audio file after the conversion process.