The best shipping companies inside Saudi Arabia

After the epidemic, online purchases and shopping in Saudi Arabia increased significantly compared to the period before it, The increase in online purchases amounted to 406% over the same period before it. This increased the number of shipments of products from all global online shopping sites to Saudi Arabia. This has opened the way for the opening of many companies, some of which operate in Saudi Arabia. Others operate globally, Including companies shipping products by sea, and by land, The world after the spread of the epidemic is no longer the same as before its catastrophe that befell us.

The best shipping companies in Saudi Arabia are the focus that we will highlight in this article, Whether land, air or sea freight companies, As well as the global from abroad to Saudi Arabia and vice versa. Or companies shipping inside Saudi Arabia.

The cheapest shipping companies inside Saudi Arabia

Zajel company

Zajil is one of the leading companies in the field of freight and delivery of goods inside Saudi Arabia. It packs the goods in a very practical and tight manner that prevents them from being damaged in any way, The company also operates completely legally, recording all shipping operations it makes in the official statements and records designated for this matter in order to track all operations and ensure that they are delivered to customers, The normal internal shipping rates for products start from only 10 Saudi riyals. Express shipping prices for products start from only 35 SAR.

Alma Express Company

In addition to being one of the shipping companies that offer the cheapest shipping rates inside Saudi Arabia, they offer the fastest shipping service for products and the highest possible efficiency, Users can track their shipment electronically through the company’s website. The company also delivers products to all regions and cities of Saudi Arabia, without exception.

Aramex Company

The prices of shipments shipped by Aramex within Saudi Arabia vary depending on the weight of the shipment. But in general, Aramex sets shipping prices for shipments over 200 kg at 1030 SAR per shipment, which is shipped from Riyadh to Makkah, for example. Also, shipping rates can be found on the Aramex website.

Sama Express Company

It is a Saudi company established in 1993. And it became one of the most famous companies in the field of supplying and shipping goods within the borders of Saudi Arabia. Among the services they provide are booking an appointment to receive your shipment through their website, In addition to home delivery and many other shipping services for products and parcels within the borders of Saudi Arabia.

SMSA Express Company

The company was established in 1994 in Saudi Arabia. Its head office is located in Riyadh. The company provides transportation and shipping services for parcels and products inside and outside Saudi Arabia. With the shipment tracking service also provided, With a calculator on their site to calculate the shipping cost for any parcel, whether inside or outside Saudi Arabia, It is characterized by the fact that its shipping services are relatively cheap within Saudi Arabia.

The best shipping companies in Saudi Arabia

Al Saad Company

Al-Saad company offers many shipping solutions from Saudi Arabia to any country in the world, Where the company provides its services to export, import and trade companies wishing to ship products to and from Saudi Arabia via sea transport, Al-Saad Company takes all necessary measures to ensure that the shipment of products reaches the companies that request the service, whether the shipment is to Saudi Arabia or from Saudi Arabia to any other country in the world. The company ships all electrical equipment, appliances and light-weight products in general. And don’t charge heavy equipment at all.

Bahri Company

Bahri Company was established in 1978, It was previously known as the National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia. Its head office is located in Riyadh. It has 88 ships and oil tankers. distributed as follows:

  • 42 VLCC supertankers.
  • 35 tankers of petroleum and chemical materials.
  • 6 multi-use vessels.
  • 5 Dry-cast type conveyors.

Sharaf Shipping Company

It is a Jordanian company established in 1976 in Jordan by Ibrahim and Sharaf Al-Din Sharaf. It is headquartered in Saudi Arabia, in Jeddah. The company has achieved a distinguished position in the field of shipping products over the past years.

Al Zafer Wings Shipping Company

It is an international shipping company, headquartered in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. She has 40 years of experience in the field of maritime transport, including various equipment, It has many headquarters in more than one city in Saudi Arabia, including: Dammam city, and the city of Riyadh.

The best air freight companies in Saudi Arabia

DHL company

The famous DHL company offers, among its services, an air freight service for parcels and products from Saudi Arabia to various countries of the world, And from the countries of the world to Saudi Arabia as well, Where the company has branches in more than 220 countries around the world, It ships and delivers the products within the specified time that the shipping process normally takes.


It is an international shipping company that provides air freight service to Saudi Arabia through its headquarters there. The headquarters of UPS is located in the USA. It provides air freight service for products to and from Saudi Arabia.

Retex express shipping company

Ritex Logistics and Express Shipping provides you with the ability to ship your products from the city of Riyadh in Saudi Arabia to any city inside or outside Saudi Arabia, What distinguishes it is that you will receive your parcel receipt within 24 hours only, The company operates many flights on a daily basis.

Land freight companies in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Post

Saudi Post is one of the oldest institutions operating in Saudi Arabia. It provides many services to Saudi citizens, including land freight service to all regions and cities of Saudi Arabia. Where it is possible to know the prices of shipping products for each region or city through the website of the Saudi Post on the Internet.

Fedex Express Company

It is one of the largest shipping companies in the world. And it has many headquarters in all countries of the world, Including Saudi Arabia, where it provides a service for shipping parcels and documents with the possibility of tracking them inside Saudi Arabia by land shipping for these parcels and delivering them in a very fast time.

Al-Mugaiteeb Company

It is a Saudi company that provides express shipping services for packages tightly wrapped by them to all regions and cities of Saudi Arabia. The headquarters of the company is located in the city of Riyadh.

Perm Company

It is a Saudi company specialized in shipping goods from Saudi Arabia to the Egyptian city of Cairo. It offers many services to its clients such as: Customs clearance, import and export of products and merchandise, It also offers many offers to all customers of the company without exception.

The best internal shipping company in Saudi Arabia

Fastlo Company

Fastlo is one of the fastest companies that provide internal shipping service to all cities and regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Where this company provides express shipping service and delivery to the door of the house within a maximum of 24 hours from the date of the order, The company provides a method of payment upon receipt. Also, the customer does not need to visit the company’s branches at all in order to deliver or receive the shipment, Rather, everything is done through the entire company.

Saudi Arabia is distinguished by the fact that all international or local shipping companies operate fully within its borders. When you deal with shipping companies, you will find many options open to you to choose among them. And you will be confused because there are a lot of shipping companies ready to provide the best shipping services for you and your company at any time you want.