How to create more than one Gmail account

Gmail is one of the most important and most famous services provided by Google, and it is one of the most important distinguished services for many reasons, because it is not only an email through which you can send and receive messages that are sent to you by e-mails and manage them and your use of communication through voice messages and video calls With other people, you can use the Gmail account as a social account through Google Plus, as well as many other services.

There is no doubt that many people have more than one Gmail account, or if you share a device with other people and need to log out of your account for other people to log in to their accounts, use other browsers, or use secret browsing from Through Google, through which you can open more than one Gmail account at the same time and you can switch between accounts in an easy and simple way from one browser and you do not need to exit your current account to log in to your other account.

If you already have an account on Gmail, all you have to do is take the following steps to be able to create more than one Gmail and you can switch between them.

Steps to create another Gmail account

1- Through the applications on your mobile phone, choose Settings or Settings.

2- We click on accounts.

3- We choose to add an account.

4- We choose Google.

5- After that, we choose to create an account, and two options will appear for you: an account for myself and an account to manage a business. Choose an account for myself.

6- A window will appear for you to register your name and the name of your father, then click on the Next button.

7- A window will appear for you to type the phone number in, enter it, and then click on the Next button.

8- Enter the date of birth and gender male or female in the window that will appear to you.

9- A window will appear with e-mail suggestions, choose one of the suggestions, or you can create a new e-mail address yourself if you see that the submitted proposals do not like you.

10- We will put our email password through the window that will appear and then click on Next.

11- A window will appear containing the terms and privacy, asking you to agree to it. Click on the Agree button, Thus, another account has been created on Gmail, and you can follow these steps to add another account.

Multiple sign in

This feature is provided by Google to users so that they can use more than one account at the same time, and it maintains the data of each account of its own and prevents the merging of accounts with each other.

To add a new Gmail account, do the following:

1- Log in to Gmail with one of the accounts you own, then choose to add an account from the drop-down list. After it appears, we choose to add an account, or if your phone language is English, choose Add account.

2- Log in with the other account.

After you have added the other accounts, you can check the added accounts through the drop-down list. You will find the other accounts have been added. You can move and switch between accounts in an easy way. You can manage accounts and follow the mail messages of each of your accounts easily. You can also follow your account on Google Plus. .
But you have to be aware that when you use many accounts, it does not provide you with the opportunity to use some Google services, for example, you cannot use YouTube and Google Blogger, and also you cannot use Google drive, which provides you with a cloud storage service, and also you will not be able to use the Picasa album and other services, because these services They are only available to the user who logs in to the browser for the first time, that is, they are available to the first user only. If you want to use these services, just log out of all these accounts and log in with the default account that you logged in with for the first time.

Advantages of a Gmail account

1- If you have a Gmail account, this provides you with a large storage space starting from 15 GB, and this space is for users who have new accounts, knowing that this storage space can be increased every day and continuously, and you can also enlarge it according to your needs, and this is for a reasonable amount of money.

2- All Google accounts are characterized by high protection, which makes it difficult for hackers and hackers to steal accounts, and you can recover your account through your phone number by linking the Gmail account to the phone number.

3- The mechanism followed by Google is a system that depends on providing all services from one Gmail account, and you can also use the Google drive service from the same Gmail account.

4- One of the most important features offered by Google and enjoyed by Gmail is the easy and simple user interface, which is characterized by organization and anyone can use it.

5- The e-mail provides its users with the ability to open the account without the need to connect to the Internet.

6- Gmail supports more than 40 languages, including Arabic.

7- When you write any message in Gmail, it is saved automatically. You can go back to it and review it again to review the contents of the message.

8- You can use video calls instead of text conversations by using Hangouts.

9- You can save the attachments that are sent with messages in Google Drive so that you can access them at any time and from any device.

10- Gmail is distinguished by the search engine that when we type what we are looking for, it expects what will be formulated and the search content is completed automatically

Here ends our article in which we explained how to make more than one Gmail account .