Buying from Ali Express via Aramex

If you prefer to buy products from popular online shopping sites in other countries like Ali Express instead of going to local stores but the products you require are late and take a long time? Do not worry, because after today, you will not suffer from this problem. With this new article, you will learn about The method of buying from the AliExpress Arabic website is via the famous shipping company Aramex, which provides fast shipping on products and delivery of parcels to anywhere around the world at a very low price if we compare it to some other shipping companies.

What is an aliexpress store?

Ali Express is an online store for shopping and buying products online that was established in 2009 by the Chinese Alibaba Group specialized in selling products, Aliexpress is one of the most famous online stores and online shopping sites around the world thanks to the fan base that uses it, And also because of the huge amount of products included within it, This means that when you enter this store, you will be able to buy any product you want at wholesale prices online.

This site contains millions of products from all categories of shopping, as it includes electronic products and phones, Apparel, shoes, bags and sportswear (whether for men, women or children) in addition to all products related to the home including electrical appliances, furniture, home decoration, textiles, party supplies, cleaning products, modern supplies and household merchandise.

Ali Express also has a section for accessories, health and beauty products, and many other products that you will get to know when you start using Aliexpress to buy products online.

The Aliexpress store comes with many features that make it one of the best online shopping sites, including the advantage of offers and discounts that it offers on all products on a daily basis, competitive prices that you will not find in local stores, and many different payment methods that include payment through credit cards (Visa). and Mastercard) and pay through your PayPal account, Also, payment upon receipt .

In addition, it includes a special search engine to search for the products you want to reach them in a faster time and supports customer service throughout the day to answer your inquiries and solve the problems you face.

How to buy from Ali Express via Aramex

Buying from Ali Express through Aramex will save you time and money because you will only pay the money for shipping your order to Aramex only instead of paying to the Ali Express store, and the method of use is very easy and simple and you will only have to write the Aramex address where your address is requested by Aliexpress while completing the purchase of products.

  • First: Enter the Ali Express website and start choosing the product you want to buy, complete the purchase steps, and choose the payment method that is appropriate for you, but do not write the private address.
  • Secondly: Enter the Aramex website and from its home page you will find empty places that require you to add the name of the country from which the product is shipped (China) and the name of your country (Egypt), then specify the weight of the products you want, But I advise you to choose the US shipping address because it is easier to deliver and all this is done through a special service provided by Aramex, which is the Shop and Ship service.
  • Third: After that, you will be directed to the prices page, which will show you the options you chose previously with the choice of payment method. For example, we choose to pay when the products reach you.
  • Fourthly: After you choose the payment method, the site will show you the shipping price that you will have to pay when you receive your product.
  • Fifth: You will have to log in to the site through your account or create a new account to prepare shipments and register the empty fields.
  • Sixthly: After that, you will have to set an appointment to receive your products through the Aramex website. The website will show you the address that you will have to type in the address field on the AliExpress store while completing the purchase of the products.
  • Seventh: Go back to the Aliexpress website and type in the address you got from the Aramex website, Thus, this famous private site will ship products to any country around the world.

Advantages of buying from Ali Express through Aramex

There are many advantages that Aramex provides when choosing to ship products from Ali Express through it.

Below we will show you the most prominent of them.

  1. The way to buy from Ali Express through Aramex is very easy and simple.
  2. Aramex saves you money because it is the only party that will get money for shipping the products, so you will pay the money for the products only to Ali Express.
  3. Shipping is very cheap and very little compared to other shipping companies.
  4. will deliver the products as soon as possible, And surely it will be less time than if you choose to ship the products by Aliexpress directly.
  5. The site guarantees that you get the products 100% safe and secure.
  6. Allows you to return the products in the event of any defects resulting from shipping or defects in the product itself, This way, you will get your full money back.