The best Okanime anime site for cartoons

Anime series and movie sites are very popular with viewers, especially among children in particular. But there are many anime series and movies that have had a clear mark over the generations and loved by young and old as well, and are still to this day, Okanime is one of the best sites for watching anime series, as it provides many series of anime series, which you can watch all in one place.

What is Okanime website?

It is a comprehensive site on the Internet that specializes in displaying the latest anime series that are being broadcast at the present time. In addition to providing old anime series as well, which is done

Okanime features

okanime anime website has many unique features, Among these features are the following:

  • Quick and easy to navigate template As well as very interactive with the user.
  • Everything on the site is divided into several sections, This makes it easier for the reader to access the section he wants with ease and read only the topics that interest him. Which saves him a lot of time and trouble searching for what he wants inside the site.
  • There is a feature to search for anything you want within the site, Which saves you time and effort and search directly for the topic you want.
  • On its main interface, the site directly displays the latest episodes of the anime series that have been shown globally, making visitors aware of the latest episodes of their favorite anime series.
  • The site also displays the anime episodes that will be broadcast, whether today or tomorrow, and the exact date of the broadcast, In addition to the episode number of the series that will also be broadcast.
  • The site provides the option to directly watch the episodes of the anime series available on the site, In addition to the option to download the episode you want with a direct link from the site, In addition to choosing the viewing server and viewing quality for each episode of the anime.
  • The My Library option provides you with adding the anime episodes you want in order to re-watch them later. Where it remains fully preserved within your account on the site.
  • You can arrange the search results displayed by the site by date, rating, And the alphabet in all sections of the site.

Anime sections on Okanime

  • Anime section: It is the section that contains all the anime series, Which you can choose from within the categories: action, adventure, cars, comedy, dementia, demons, drama, ecchi, fantasy, game, harem, historical, horror, Josei, kids, magic, Martial Arts, Mecha, Military, Music, Mystery, Irony, Police, Psychological, Romance, Samurai, School, Sci-Fi, Seinen, Shoujo, Shounen, slice of life, space, sports, superpower, Supernatural, Thriller, Vampires.
  • Movies section: This section contains many anime films that you can choose from the same previous categories that start with action and end with vampires, Similar to the exact same categories that are available in the anime series section.
  • News section: It is the section that contains the latest news and developments related to the series and movies that will be broadcast, With all the details mentioned in full.
  • wall section: It is a section that allows members to know the latest developments that have been added to the site according to the interest of each member, It is also a social communication between members through which they also communicate with each other and put forward their discussions, Which gives the interaction on the site, Therefore, okanime is always interested in developing it and adding a lot of new features to it.
  • The services provided by the site to members are: latest episodes, verified anime, suggested groups, Broadcast times, requests, wall, Staff, Discord, Explain ok anime.

Types of memberships available within Okanime

The site provides many memberships that members can upgrade to and benefit from many additional features on the site, These memberships are as follows:

  • The free membership is called a beginner ninja, a regular membership.
  • Genin Bronze Membership, which costs $3.
  • The Chuunin Silver Membership is $5.
  • Jounin Gold Membership is $10.
  • S.Jounin’s Platinum Membership is $25.
  • The Diamond S-Class membership costs $50.
  • The legendary Hokage membership, which costs $ 100, and one of its most important features is that you become one of the decision makers within the site, You have the authority to add and delete anything inside the site, such as the founder and owner of the site completely.

Register on Okanime

To register on the site with ease, click on the login button located at the top of the screen on the left. and choose the recording from the window that pops up for you, And fill in the information required to register from the name, email or account name, The password, Confirm the password and then click on the login button.

You can also register a new account using your account on the Discord community or through your account on Google Plus +.

After completing the registration, you will be able to start using the site directly. There is no need to verify the account through your email at all.

Subsections that members can benefit from

As a member of the okanime website, you can benefit from a range of good services that make it easier for you to browse the site, Among these services, which you can find in the side menu on the right, are the following:

  • Latest episodes: In this section, the latest episodes that have been uploaded and made available on the site are displayed, which you can watch in one place.
  • The most popular: The most popular, famous and popular anime series are shown by viewers in this section, So that you can watch them all and enjoy the most popular anime series ever.
  • Best anime: In this section, the best anime of the round witch are presented, best supernatural anime, best romance anime, best cooking anime, best adventure anime, best adventure anime, best music anime, best mecha anime, The best science fiction anime.
  • My Library Section: Where your favorite movies or series were shown, The series and movies that I mentioned to watch later, As well as movies and series that have been fully referenced.
  • Services: This section includes the dates of the episodes, and suggested groups. Requests section to request any anime from the site management in order to provide it at a later time.

The most famous anime series on Okanime

  • Kimetsu no Yaiba series.
  • jujutsu kaisen series
  • Tonikaku Kawaii series.
  • Dr. series Stone: Stone Wars.
  • Yuukoku no Moriarty series.
  • Shingeki no Kyojin series.
  • Kingdom 3rd Season series.

And many more anime series that you can watch through okanime.

The most popular anime on Okanime

  • One Piece movie series, starting from the first part to the ninth part, Plus the following one piece movies: One Piece Film: strong world, And the movie One Piece 3D: Mugiwara Chase, And the One Piece Film: Z.
  • Blood-C movie: The Last Dark.
  • Candy Candy movie.
  • K movie: Missing Kings.
  • Tailenders movie.
  • Trigun movie: Badlands Rumble.
  • Hajime no Ippo movie: Champion Road.
  • Ao no Exorcist Movie.

And many many anime movies that you can watch directly or download to your computer to watch them without the Internet, The site also provides the ability to watch these movies in very high quality HD.

The most important feature of the site is that all the animated films and anime series that have been uploaded are fully translated into Arabic by the translation team at okanime so that all Arabs can watch them and enjoy all their details.