The cheapest shipping company from America to Saudi Arabia

The demand for online purchases has increased in recent years, especially in the current 2020 and 2021, Purchases have increased unprecedentedly, Which made the interest in shipping companies also increase significantly to meet the increasing purchase requests, especially purchase requests from America, which increased dramatically after the epidemic, The Amazon store and other stores witnessed large purchase orders from Saudi Arabia, which made many search for the cheapest shipping company from America to Saudi Arabia, and the shipping process was done in the fastest time.

Advantages of shipping from America to Saudi Arabia:

  • Diversity of shipping companies that ship products from America to Saudi Arabia, Where there are international shipping companies and local US shipping companies, In addition to some Saudi companies that have the ability to ship products from America to Saudi Arabia.
  • Shipping cost from America to Saudi Arabia is relatively cheap, But it varies from one shipping company to another. Therefore, all these details must be viewed before ordering shipping from a specific shipping company.
  • All purchases of a person or company are grouped into one parcel which reduces the shipping cost of the parcel up to 80% in some cases, It is a great feature offered by shipping companies from America to Saudi Arabia .
  • There are sometimes fixed shipping rates for products at some shipping companies, This is in the interest of the client. Because most shipping companies calculate the size and weight of the shipment to determine the cost of shipping it.
  • Any type of product can be shipped from America to Saudi Arabia completely freely, Except for products that are prohibited from being traded and purchased according to international laws, such as weapons, drugs and alcoholic beverages. etc.

Specifications of the cheapest shipping company to and from Saudi Arabia

  • That the shipping company be well-known and well-rated by previous customers who have dealt with it, And not only offer the cheapest price for shipping.
  • To provide many shipping methods such as sea or land freight so that the customer can choose between them.
  • To have the ability to ship a large amount of products at once, It is not limited to a medium or low quantity of products.
  • To be able to provide the lowest shipping rates from international shipping companies such as: hdl, or Aramex, or FedEx, As well as from American shipping companies to Saudi Arabia.
  • Offer a free US address to people who subscribe to it.
  • To be able to store products for a relatively long period of time free of charge in its warehouses in the United States of America.
  • To have excellent customer service and quick response to customer complaints and problems and resolve them as quickly as possible.

Why are we looking for the cheapest shipping company?

The cheapest shipping site or delivery and transportation company from America to Saudi Arabia is searched for in many cases that require shipping a huge amount of products for the purpose of trade and selling them in Saudi Arabia at wholesale and retail prices and making the largest possible profit, In this case, the cheapest shipping company is to be searched for shipping these products from America to Saudi Arabia.

The cheapest shipping company from America to Saudi Arabia

Planet Express:

Planet Express is one of the cheapest companies that ship all your products to you from America to Saudi Arabia at the lowest prices you can find for shipping compared to other shipping companies, It takes the slogan “Shipping Like You Are A Shipping Company”, That is, it allows you to ship at very economical rates, Among the advantages offered by Planet Express are the following:

  • It has a contract with all international shipping companies such as: HDL, Aramex, FedEx, ups, american national shipping company iPacket Shipping Company, With very cheap shipping rates offered through these companies.
  • It works to collect all the products you ordered in one or two packages at most, Which reduces the shipping cost very significantly, sometimes up to 50-80% of the standard shipping rates if these products are not combined in one or two parcels.
  • Planet Express offers the purchase service on your behalf if the site you want to buy from rejects your payment method, With product photography and photos sent to you by e-mail.
  • Free account opening in Planet Express, With the possibility of upgrading and benefiting from the features of the paid plan at any time and optionally.

Planet Express discount rate

  • A discount ranging between 35-40% from the shipping rates of US Government Express, as well as USPS Express.
  • 70-75% discount on shipping rates for FedEx Express and FedEx Economy.
  • 70-75% discount on DHL Express shipping rates.

The prices of shipping companies vary from America to Saudi Arabia. But most shipping companies, especially international shipping companies, offer slightly high prices for shipping and calculate the shipping price based on the actual shipment size and not the estimated shipment size according to the calculations made through the calculator dedicated to that on the shipping company’s website.