Download video from any website in seconds

Many Internet users, whether from a computer or a smartphone, are looking for the best program that enables you to download videos from any website, whether movie sites or series sites, Or, for example , downloading from YouTube in mp4 format to be downloaded as a video that can be viewed on the computer, Although there are a lot of video download sites and programs that do this task, they do not download videos from all video watching sites, But fortunately there are some programs that can do this job with high quality and in the fastest time possible.

How to download video from the Internet from any site for free

Many people around the world want to take advantage of video content and watch it whenever they want while they are away from home, Sometimes it is difficult to connect to the Internet and provide a strong connection in order to watch videos, In this case, people download these videos and save them directly to their computers or smartphones. To be able to view it at any time and without the need to connect to the Internet, Whether they are outing with their friends or family, Or anywhere where there is no internet connection at all.

What is the best video download quality?

Usually, the video site you use allows you to watch, whether it is YouTube, or vimeo, Or if you watch through Google Drive more than one video quality depending on the strength of your Internet connection, But usually, the higher quality you download the videos, the better for you to watch the video clearly, especially in educational videos and explanation videos, the video quality must be high, The lowest quality that can be said to be good for watching videos is: 720p quality, followed by 1080p hd quality. And if the video is available in HD 2k or HD 4k quality, the better it is if you download it in this quality. But your phone must have a large storage space because the video will have a large space the higher its quality.

The best video download software from any site for computer and phone

Internet download manager

Internet Download Manager is one of the most widely used tools for downloading video files and other file types on the Internet. It is a very easy to use program. It is already used by millions of users around the world. absolutely indispensable, Without exaggeration, you will already find it on all users’ devices around the world.

Among the most important features that will make you use Internet Download Manager on your computer are the following:

  • Supports all different internet browsers: You can use Internet Download Manager on any Internet browser you download, whether it is Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge browser, And many other Internet browsers that Internet Download Manager integrates with through the Advanced Browser Integration feature, which is found in each of the Internet browsers.
  • One-click video download process: When you go to watch a video on any of the viewing sites on the Internet, and as soon as you open the video, you will notice that the download bar of the Internet Download Manager program has appeared in front of you immediately, and as soon as you click on it, you will see the option to download the video directly, Where you can start downloading it and continue your work on the computer normally until the download process is completed successfully.
  • Download speed up to 5 times the normal speed: Internet Download Manager is a special program used to speed up the process of downloading files by splitting them into several units, This allows the program to take advantage of the maximum download speed provided by the speed of the Internet connection on the user’s computer for the program.
  • Stop and complete the download process: Through the Internet Download Manager program, you can simply complete the download process in the event of an internet or power outage. This process depends on providing the video viewing site from which the download is made to the feature of completing the download when it is interrupted, Some video sites do not provide this feature.
  • Download scheduler: Through the program, you can schedule video downloads at a later time. It is enough for you to click on the program tool that pops up when you watch any video and choose to download later so that the video file will be added to the scheduling list within the program, You can control the scheduling of the download process from there.

Add Video download help to download videos from any website

It is an add-on that is installed on the Internet browser and works to show the video download button next to the video when you open it and want to watch it on any of the online video sites, As soon as you click on the download button, the process of downloading the video to your computer will start directly and very quickly. This extension is available for the following browsers: google chrome browser, and Mozilla Firefox browser, Microsoft Edge Browser.

Best Video Downloader for Smartphone: burSnapTube App

Snaptube is one of the best programs to download videos from any of the sites that provide videos, whether it’s youtube, or fimo, Or various social networking sites such as: Facebook, Twitter, And snapchat. etc, From any video viewing site, snaptube can download videos from it and save them to your mobile phone at a very fast speed, up to twice the speed of your actual Internet connection.

Among the most important features of snaptube are the following:

  • It is one of the best free video downloaders for Android ever at the moment.
  • It does not take up much storage space on the phone when installed, Therefore, it works on all Android smartphones, even if they are old and have low storage space.
  • It provides the ability to download videos from all video-watching sites, including the entire well-known and not-so-popular social networks, It is a comprehensive program for all sites without exception.
  • The program can make you download video files in the form of audio only for people who want to separate the image from the audio in the video and easily through the same download options provided by the program.
  • You can easily download unlimited files to your smartphone anytime you want.

Tubemate is a program to download videos from any site for Android

Tubemate is also one of the popular video downloading programs from any site on the Android system and comes in second place directly after Snaptube because it is the most popular program ever to download videos from video watching sites on the Internet, But the program, like other video download programs, is not officially available on the Google Play Store at all. But it can be downloaded and installed as separate apk files on the official websites of these apps.

Among the most important features of tubemate are the following:

  • Download video to phone is one click from any site, With the ability to choose the quality in which you want to download the video with ease through the program.
  • The program can also download the video as an audio file.
  • It provides the ability to download videos from all video platforms and social networking sites on the Internet without exception.
  • The program is completely free to use, But it is not without ads inside which can be annoying for some users.
  • The video can be downloaded in all available quality without exception, even if the quality is 4k or more, as the program allows you to download it easily.

These four programs are among the best and most popular video downloading programs, whether on the computer or on the phone, and the most widely used at the present time by users. Which is constantly updated and adding a lot of new features to it, The most important thing is to allow video downloads from any site .