Top 5 Computer Screen Recording Software

There are many programs that claim to be computer screen recording programs and some of them actually work well and appropriately to record the computer screen, but they are not the best and they are not those programs that you can rely on if you want to record the computer screen in a professional way and start your way to fame.

There is a general rule that we must mention before we start talking about the best computer screen recording software, which is that the computer screen recording process requires a very powerful hardware so that you can get the best quality from the computer screen recording software that you will use, Of course, the power of the device is relative to what you will record, If you want to record PowerPoint presentations as an example, you will not need a super device with a more than powerful processor, But if you want to record the gaming screen and what happens in it or even broadcast it live, this will require a very powerful device with a powerful processor and most importantly a powerful graphics card so that you can get the highest quality you can get from the computer screen recording programs that we will mention today.

Although one of the most popular uses of computer recording software is to rely on recording games and what happens in them or live broadcasting games, this does not mean that it is the only use of them, You can record anything that happens on your computer screen, whether it is games, programs, or even an explanation of these programs. So there are a lot of very useful and special uses for computer screen recording software and all you have to do is just imagine the use you would like.

Now let’s start our conversation about these programs.

OBS computer screen recording software:

Personally, and like many users, I consider OBS the best program when it comes to computer screen recording, whatever your purpose for this recording, whether you want to record the screen for a game participant or record the screen to enjoy its broadcast and other things.

The program has a very wide variety of quality that it can record with, from the lowest quality 480p to 4K quality if your device is capable of this, of course, You can also enjoy recording from more than one source at the same time, which makes the program the ideal choice for anyone who wants to broadcast games and record their reaction to them.

The requirements for the program are quite simple but of course the requirements for high quality recording are very different depending on the recording quality you wish to use.

The program is available for free and it is also open source, so you will find a lot of its add-ons and many ways to be able to modify it with ease.

The program is free and you can download it from here.

Nvidia Geforce Experience \ AMD Radeon™ ReLive

Why did you put these two programs together in the same choice? Because both are based on the same idea and almost the same method of use but for different cards.

Well, as you know, there are Nvidia cards and AMD cards, so each card manufacturer manufactures its own program that helps users to deal with the cards, including, of course, recording the scenes that are produced from the card.

These programs are only suitable for recording game scenes exclusively, Yes, you can somehow use it with your desktop and regular programs, but it’s not the best and it won’t give you everything you need in this area.

Usually, these programs are integrated with the live broadcast feature as well, so you can easily use this feature through it and broadcast what you record.

Of course to use the program you need to download the version compatible with your graphic card.

Xbox Game Bar program for recording computer screen with ease :

We cannot describe this software as a complete or separate program in itself but you can consider it as an integral part of the updated Windows 10 system that you install on your computer, Of course, as long as this system is updated to the latest available version.

The program is integrated into Windows 10 and offers you a complete method and a complete interface to deal with recording games or even recording the computer screen as usual, All you have to do is press its buttons to be able to operate it with ease and to open a full interface for you to record the computer screen and control this recording.

Through the program, you can take pictures with ease and you can also monitor the resource consumption of your device, Of course, the program has a live broadcast feature if that’s what you want to use.

You can download the program if you do not find it on your device from here.

Fraps screen recorder:

This program is considered one of the very old school programs for recording and taking pictures of the computer screen, and it is one of the most practical programs, especially for weak and not powerful devices, This program can work on any computer regardless of its specifications and can also record the screen regardless of what is displayed on it.

I can not recommend this program to lovers of very high quality, although it is capable of recording video and screen in 1080p quality, but it cannot record in higher quality than it or even supports a high frame rate, so this program is not directed to fans of gaming content industry or game broadcasting.

Through the program, you can record the screen, take pictures of it, and display the frame rate and graphics card consumption as you wish.

The program is free and you can download it from here.

ShareX computer screen capture software:

You must be wondering by now, What if I want a program for screen recording and explanations of programs only without games or a program that offers a lot of options but without much complexity and is completely free?

Well that’s why ShareX is more than very special, The program offers you a variety of different options for screen recording and recording of different quality, Through this program, you can record the screen as a video, as an animation, or even as a still image or a group of images if you wish.

You can record part of the computer screen and you can record the entire computer screen as well, And most importantly, as I said, the program is not intended or directed to games, so it works easily and smoothly on all devices, no matter how weak or powerful they are.

The program is free and you can download it from here