Top 10 foreign websites to download computer programs with crack

Many computer users are always searching on the Internet for foreign software download sites that help them download the various programs they want for the computer, such as: Microsoft Office, video editing software, various adobe programs, And many, many other programs with the crack of each program, which provides the full characteristics and features of each of these programs, And use it freely and for an unlimited time instead of paying a lot of money to purchase these programs that most users around the world do not have.

What is crack?

A crack is a small file that is added to the basic program files that break the protection of the program to be worked on and permanently cancel the activation message requested by the program, It provides all the paid features in the program for free. The crack is widely used in the field of programs and downloading games and applications to get them for free without paying any money in order to obtain them.

The benefit of downloading computer programs with crack

The biggest benefit of downloading computer programs with its crack is to use it with its full features and to complete all work and projects using these programs, Every computer program performs one or more specific functions on the computer. All programs complement each other and accomplish all required work.

One of the most important benefits is that the crack provides these programs completely free of charge, And the person who has the crack does not need to buy these programs at all.

Foreign sites are better at downloading programs with crack

Foreign sites are always better than Arab sites in the field of downloading programs with their own crack. They are comprehensive sites and offer thousands of important programs for every computer user in one place sometimes, The user does not need to search for the programs he wants and bring them from different sources, In addition, foreign sites provide a completely clean crack free of spyware, hacking and dangerous ransomware at the present time.

You can also find on foreign websites the latest programs that are available for the computer, The content is greatly updated on foreign sites and almost every day there is new that is added, Unlike many Arab sites that are not interested in renewing content on a daily basis compared to foreign sites, except for a few of them, of course.

Top 10 foreign websites to download cracked software for PC


Every day, this site presents an initiative that consists of some programs that were paid and became free until a specific time, where you can download and use it fully, Where you can find good programs for free and renewed every day.

This site offers one of the best experiences in downloading computer programs with its crack and using it completely for free, It has a very simple and easy interface, The site is free from annoying ads at the same time. It gives you an easy browsing experience. There are many sections for programs on the site, including: Windows software section And a section for Android programs, And other programs that are found on the site.


This site provides free copies of many computer programs, Where the program can be used completely free of charge, some of them contain a crack and others contain a paid serial for free with the program so that the user can download it on his computer and use it completely for free, You can browse the free programs section of the site through the windows tab, choose giveaways freebies, browse the list of programs and choose what you want, as they are completely free.


The idea of this site is to provide all programs for free through special discount codes for each program. Which means to use the program for free with all its features and completely legally, Where it provides a range of different offers for programs that follow large and respected companies in their field, You can filter the results of this site and find free programs through the giveaway tab and choose windows, and all free programs that work on the entire computer will be displayed, You can download any program you want. And move between program pages as you like.


This site is one of the old sites that provide computer programs completely free of charge, which can be downloaded and used securely, It is free from spyware, ransomware and all security threats to computers. This site is characterized by the arrangement of software classifications inside it, You can search by category of the program you want, Or choose the category you want from the menu at the top of the site, such as: Classification of multimedia programs antivirus programs, educational programs.. etc, The site also contains a section dedicated to downloading raw, original and unmodified Windows operating systems as well as modified systems, Windows systems include Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and the latest Windows 10.

Crack Homes:

You can get thousands of programs with their crack through this site, You can choose the category of programs you want through the simple menu at the top of the site, Or you can browse the main list of programs and scroll down and move between the different pages of the programs until you find the program you want and download it with its crack.


In this site there are all the programs with their crack for the computer, You can navigate between the categories of programs from the list on the right of the website page, browse the category you want, and choose the program you want to download through the site, The site has a simple, easy to use interface and completely ad-free.


Through this site, you can get any program with its crack within a few seconds, The interface of the site is easy and simple to use. The programs are arranged in many categories. With a simple and easy summary of each program before you download it, With the ability to open each program in a new window, read the full description of it and download it afterwards.


This site provides a wide variety of programs with their own crack, Where you can find on this site hundreds of different and important programs to use on your computer, It is one of the great sites in this field. It also provides a good solution to the problem of activating the famous Internet Download Manager program, so that the error messages issued by the program as a result of activation disappear with bad cracks.


Through its simple interface, you can browse this site or choose the software category you want from the simple list at the top of the site, It has few ratings compared to other sites. These classifications are: antivirus classification, PC Optimization rating, downloader rating, data recovery classification, vpn rating, video editor rating, The site offers some modern programs of interest to users with its crack to be fully used.

There are also thousands of sites that offer computer programs with their own crack, But in general, you should download programs from these sites while you have an antivirus on your computer and use the latest Windows 10 update to protect you from all security threats and ransomware viruses that infect computers that use old operating systems with ease.