How to create a new Gmail account without a phone number

The Gmail account is used for many things, as through the Gmail account, all mobile phones belonging to the Android system can be operated, thus enabling the person to browse all the different sites that exist on the Internet and also enable the person to download the applications and programs he wants on his mobile phone such as Instagram and Facebook WhatsApp and other applications, and all of this is downloaded through the Google Play Store.

Gmail account benefit

You can also, through the Gmail account that you created, conduct chat and video calls, and all these services are provided for free through the Gmail account, and you can also save data and sites in your favorites.

How to create an account

Many people are able to create a Gmail account in an easy and simple way, but there are some steps that a person who wants to create a Gmail account must follow so that he can make his account more secure and not hackable or any intruder entering the account in order to prevent the theft of personal information that It is on the phone.

Also, some people face some problems during account creation, and one of these problems is that sometimes the user is required to enter their phone number in order to complete the data and information for the person in order to create the Gmail account

And here we will show you through which you can create a Gmail account without using any of your phone number and also without any programs, just follow the following steps:

1- Go to the Google search engine or any browser you are using.

2- You have to type Create a gmail account in the search box on the search results page that will appear to you, choose Sign up to be able to create a Gmail account. steps.

3- You will be asked to enter your name and your father’s name.

4- A window will appear for you to choose your username or email name, which will end at

5- You will enter your account password or what you know as the password that you use constantly when you log into your account or if you want to open your account in any other device and you will then be asked to enter your date of birth, you will enter the day, month and year.

6- Finally, you will be asked to enter the gender, whether the person who wants to create a Gmail account is male or female. The important thing from all this data is that you save the email and password for your account.

7- You have to save your written history because when a period of time passes sometimes a person forgets the password of his email or the email may be stolen and the person can retrieve the email through it.

8- After that, a window will appear asking you to enter your phone number or your mobile number. All you have to do is skip this step and do not write anything. The same applies if you are asked to put your e-mail address as well. Do not write anything in this field and leave it blank.

9- After that, you will be asked the geographical location in which you are located or the country in which you live. All you have to do is choose the country in which you live, and then click on the word “Next Step” that you will find at the end of the window.

10- During this step, he will display the terms, instructions, your privileges, and how Google will deal with your account, and ask you to agree to these terms. Through the analyzes and measurements that are made so that the user can understand all the services that are provided to him, he will ask you to click on the OK button.

11- In the last step, a window will appear containing your new email address, then choose to create a Google account, and this will be through the Gmail account, through which you can register on YouTube and subscribe to all the channels you prefer.

Continue to create an account

After you create an account on Gmail without entering your phone number, you have to follow some steps to secure your account from hacking and theft, because when you create a Gmail account, all your other accounts will be linked to it, and therefore if your email is stolen, it will be lost and vanished. All accounts that are linked to it.

Gmail account security steps

1- Go to my account gmail page, you will see several options, the most important of which are.

You will find what is called device activity and security events. You should review this choice from time to time so that you can make sure that the password you have chosen for your Gmail account is strong and no one can steal it.

2- You can find out which applications and programs can access your account, so you must check this option and deactivate it so that applications of this type cannot access your account.

3- There is an option called Manage your activity in Google. You must review this option every once in a while to constantly review your activity on Google.

4- You will be asked to link your Gmail account to your phone number so that you can retrieve your account if you forgot your password

5- You should check the security of your account from time to time if you find that there is a danger to your Gmail account.

Here, we have shown you how to create a Gmail account without using a phone number, and also how to protect your phone from theft and hacking and some problems that the user may encounter when creating a new Gmail account.