Download the original Mario game

The original Mario game is considered one of the best and most powerful games ever, and it is the favorite game of many in addition to being a very fun game to play, It is one of those games that I personally feel that every player needs to play from time to time, It really is a fun experience and a much more challenging experience than many people realize. Let’s get to know the details of this powerful game.

Description of the original old Mario game:

The fun in the game starts in moderation and the difficulty gradually increases as it continues until you do not go through completely impossible stages as found in most games, Another great element of this game is the story mode which creates something to expect and keeps you interested and engaged for as long as possible.

as Mario, You have the opportunity to beat the shrewd tortoises, and the loud hammer of bombs, Goombas bills that look just like mushrooms and crazy slug bills on your trip, You will pick up abilities that will enable you to shoot fireballs to consume piranha plants, Hammer and much more to help you on this journey.

As for the bulk of this game, There is a great deal of jumping and running fast to escape the blows and attacks coming at you, So you have to be very attentive.

Features of the original old Mario game:

  • The Mario theme never gets old as this game has a lot of charm and excitement.
  • The game is more difficult than you think as it has a big challenge.
  • All ages can play this game.
  • Game Rating: 9/10.
  • The game is completely free.
  • The game works on various operating systems such as mobile devices and computers.
  • You can control the game very easily and quickly.
  • The sounds of Super Mario are timeless and its fast paced tunes are still what they were at the point when this entertaining game was initially released in 1985.
  • The size of the game is very small and does not exceed 1 MB for the computer.
  • The game includes about 30 stages.
  • You can play the Mario game on the mobile phone without the need for the Internet.
  • It works on many devices without the need for high specifications.

Game requirements:

  • Compatible with computer and mobile phone devices.
  • At least 32 MB graphics card.
  • 64MB RAM.
  • intel celeron processor.

Super Mario Technical Information:

  • Game size: 1.5 MB.

  • Game developer company: Nintendo
  • Game language: English
  • Game name: Super Mario
  • Game size for PC: less than 1 mega
  • License: Free
  • The game is compatible with all devices.
  • The game is a two-dimensional system.
  • The graphics of the game are outdated, simple and uncomplicated.
  • You can only play as one Super Mario character.
  • Mushrooms in the game enable Super Mario to become big to face enemies with more energy and abilities than before.

How to play Super Mario:

In order to play Super Mario game, you must first download it from the Internet and install it on your computer. And then after that you play the game using the keyboard where the arrow buttons above, below, right and left are used to control the player’s movement in different directions, While the ruler button is used for jumping, You have to reach the flag at the end of the game and jump on it and then enter the castle to start the next stage of the game, And so on until you reach the stage of the monster on the bridge, And here you have to fight him and drop him in the lava below in order to move to the next stage and continue playing the game.

Super Mario is one of the games that millions of players are still playing around the world to this day.