Download zoom cloud meetings for PC

As we know recently, Especially with the spread of the Corona virus, many programs have spread that facilitate learning for students and teachers by providing many features that make the educational process easy and simple, And for anyone looking to download the zoom cloud meetings program for the computer, we will give you a link for free to download. All you have to do is click on the link and it will automatically take you to the download page.

Zoom cloud meetings program is the best program to do the task of remote meetings in a safe and clear manner. Therefore, the program is a breakthrough in the world of software, It is a program that concerns every head of a company or teacher who wants to hold meetings on a regular basis, but it is difficult for you to meet with the rest of the company’s members or students if you are a teacher because of some circumstances that make you not leave the house, such as the spread of an epidemic or the occurrence of an emergency.

This wonderful program is one of the easiest programs to use and it also helps the teacher in how to teach is easy and can also do more than just connect with your co-workers and your friends, However, apart from using the video and audio features, You can also share your screen or use the virtual backgrounds to customize each broadcast plus you have the option to invite your contacts using links to any meeting.

Zoom is a comprehensive and incredibly effective tool that enables you to create easy video calls and conferences. The huge number of customization options, security features, and broadcast quality are more than enough reasons to give this software a try.

How to use zoom cloud meetings for computer

The program must be downloaded to create a video group on the Internet and make a meeting for companies, offices and employees, which is the zoom cloud meetings program for computers or phones running the Andriod system, as well as for the iPhone with the iOS system, This program is free and very useful in making online meetings without actually gathering in one place, It was always used in the past between companies in different countries or to study via the Internet, But it has now become important and necessary in various parts of the world due to the Corona virus, which most of the country has prevented anyone from leaving their home so that it does not spread among people due to the ease of transmitting infection to others. With this measure, many aspects of life were disrupted in most countries, such as Egypt, which suspended basic and higher education in universities and schools and made it online, and took a decision to increase the free internet capacity for all people, As well as places for private lessons and places for training and teaching languages such as English and learning French and others, All of them have become online using the phone, computer, or any other operating system.

  • To start a group video chat or start a conference, tap Start if you’re using the program on Windows or the apps on Mac
  • Choose Join a Meeting if you want to join an existing conversation, conference, or meeting using the conversation ID number.
  • You must be logged in to be able to join the conversation. Choose Login with SSO. Click Continue. This is a step you will do the first time only.

Features of zoom cloud meetings

  1. He is keen to make communication between the recipient of the lesson or meeting and the target audience of high quality.
  2. Zoom does not require much experience to run it and start working with it.
  3. It provides a “sound and image” chat feature to communicate with your friends.
  4. You do not need to pay money to use it, it is free, all you need to download from the link directly.
  5. You can store the meetings you have watched or delivered to your device with ease.
  6. It works on most operating systems “iPhone, Android, computer, Chrome.
  7. You can send and receive files within the meeting without the maximum amount of sharing possible.
  8. You can create rooms on Zoom and allow others to join them.
  9. YouTube videos can be played in full screen mode with video audio during a call or meeting.
  10. The possibility of the person attending as a spectator or guest only without participation.

Explain the Zoom program in detail

Zoom program for computer Arabic provides you with the ability to zoom in and out on a personal computer, and it is the most powerful system for free communication, Zoom is a global meeting program that the largest companies around the world rely on, with multiple nationalities and more than one language. ZOOM supports audio and video directly and has the ability to play up to 49 videos directly on the computer screen.

Zoom is also a free meeting program that works on all operating systems starting from the computer as the primary operating system, Mobile and tablet devices are supported, The program relies on a strong encryption system in addition to many tools and features for users, Start holding your meetings on Zoom, whether for remote work or distance education, with the click of a button and very easily.

The program facilitates the process of meetings in an audio or video way, such as holding a meeting with your manager in the company or with the teacher and his students, It is very fast and does not cause any irritation or interruption during broadcasting. As it is classified as one of the best communication programs in the world because of its high quality video, And he also won multiple awards in this field until his users reached more than half a million customers and organizations around the world and they were greatly satisfied. As for my personal experience with the program, I was outside Egypt, and all means of communication were closed, such as WhatsApp and Facebook, but with the zoom cloud application I reached a conversation with my families inside Egypt .

It is also considered a new program that is based on the principle of interaction between the teacher and the learner with audio and video via the Internet. Through the Internet and get to know them more clearly as if they were in the classroom.