Cyber security specialization in Saudi Arabia

There are many male and female students who are heading to learn cybersecurity in Saudi Arabia in order to dive more into new disciplines and study them in depth, in light of the increasing needs of the labor market that require those who obtain advanced curricula and the application of the latest modern technology methods, and also in order to benefit from it via the Internet. Mainly to repel electronic attacks against networks and information systems to maintain privacy as high as well as protect people who work online from thefts and cybercrime, which has witnessed a significant increase in recent times, In this new article, I will show you everything related to cybersecurity in Saudi Arabia.

What is Saudi cyber security?

Cyber security, or as it is known as computer security, is one of the branches of technology known as information security, which is a layer of protection for information files, as it works to prevent all kinds of threats that endanger security and transfers the information that is processed and stored on any device. Working in strong systems that are able to work before, during and after, it not only works to prevent cyber-attacks, confront occupiers and maintain privacy, but also gives confidence to customers and the market and thus reduces the risks of exposure to the user and systems.

In general, Saudi cybersecurity refers to the use of network architecture, software, and other technologies to protect institutions and individuals from electronic attacks with the aim of preventing or mitigating damage to computer networks, applications, devices and data, where a set of technical, organizational and administrative means are used to prevent unauthorized use of computer networks.

Cyber security standards in Saudi Arabia

Saudi cyber security standards are tools used to guide the flexible operation of smart grids and there is a trace of a cyber security standard. The following are the most important cybersecurity standards:

The ISO / IEC 27019 standard is the one that integrates an Information Security Management System (ISMS) which focuses on information security under explicit management control and covers the process control of power generation, transmission, storage, distribution and control as well as process control support; This standard includes controls for the following applications and components:

  1. Control Center: IT system, monitoring system as well as automation system.
  2. Automation components and digital control devices such as PLCs, Including actuators and sensors.
  3. The rest of the IT systems used to control the domain process.
  4. The set of communication technologies used in controlling the electricity supply process (networks, telemetry and remote control applications).
  5. Digital security and protection systems (in products such as PLCs for example).
  6. DER (Distributed Energy Resources) distribution components intended for future connections.

The ISO/IEC 15408 standard also known as the Common Standards (CC) is what allows for the safe integration and testing of many different software applications.

RFC 2196 is a memorandum published by the Internet Engineering Team to develop security policies and procedures for Internet-connected information systems that provides a broad, broad view of information security including network security and incident response or security policies.

ISA / IEC 62443 For this standard it comes with several active working groups each on a specific aspect of Industrial Automation and Control Systems (IACS), The areas covered include security settings management, wireless systems, security convergence and protection, and technical requirements at the component and system level. Furthermore, this standard evaluates the integrity of industrial controls and automation and divides them into four sections:

  • General : includes general concepts, models, and terms.
  • Policies and Procedures : Establishes a security program for system assets.
  • System : Describes secure guidance for system design and component integration requirements.
  • Components : Describes the security requirements for the identification and design of products and their sub-components.

cyber security course

If you would like to take a cyber security course in Saudi Arabia? Prince Muqrin University is one of the universities that students turn to to study cybersecurity with high quality and is also characterized by a wonderful level of education that makes it compete with the best international universities, In addition, there are many sites that offer a free online cybersecurity course, including sites such as Edraak, netacad, Union Training, edX and many others that give users a certificate after completing the course. In addition, there is more than one YouTube channel offering Cyber security courses for beginners.

All you have to do is search in the Google search engine for “cybersecurity course” and you will find many courses that you can learn from and obtain a certificate in the end, so you have no excuses to start learning cybersecurity, as the sites we mentioned above offer you Various courses targeting beginners in various aspects of cyber and information security, Knowing that most of these courses are accredited by important educational institutions.

The importance of cyber security

Cyber security is of great importance that companies need, which makes users tend to learn the specialty of cyber security, as it works to address the risks of information technology that small and medium companies are exposed to, Including cyber attacks and phishing and also to maintain high privacy and also protect people who work online from theft and cybercrime, In addition, it provides correct information from reliable sources to users and works to protect security in the country. This is due to the information protection it provides to existing individuals, bodies and organizations.

But what about home computer security? In the same way that computers are vital to businesses, Today it is also vital to a large number of people as it provides protection against threats that we may have to face and protects their payment information and personal data in addition to protecting payment cards when shopping online .

Cyber security benefits

During the following lines, I will show you the benefits of cyber security for companies and small and medium enterprises:

  1. Preserving the private data of your employees and customers, thus protecting their privacy and gaining their trust, which gives a better reputation for the brand, and as we already know, the customer is the basis of any business, In the current period, it is very difficult for the customer to trust the brands, so getting the trust of the customers will improve the reputation of your brand and achieve success because the trust of the customers in your brand is the key to success.
  2. Protect your equipment and get safeguards to keep your device safe and extend its uptime.
  3. It maintains your data comprehensively as it takes protective measures that affect data transmission and storage.
  4. With cyber security, you not only avoid micro-attacks on your business, but you can also avoid potential threats and receive alerts, block or eliminate suspicious content while browsing the Internet, so you can always feel safe.
  5. The ability to scan your devices for threats permanently with internal monitoring that will allow you to know the status of the device.
  6. Access to new markets As if you comply with cyber security standards then international markets that require this type of standards will open doors for you easily because of the guarantees offered in terms of information protection.

cyber security agency

The Cybersecurity Authority has many roles that it provides to users. Below we will learn about the roles of the National Cyber Security Authority:

  1. Enhanced network protection.
  2. Enhancing the protection of operational technology systems and their hardware and software components, and the services it provides, and the data it contains.
  3. Taking into account the growing vitality of its specialization.
  4. Establishment of a national industry in the field of cyber security, to achieve the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia leadership in this field.
  5. The national reference for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the affairs of its specialization.
  6. Protecting the vital interests of the Kingdom and its national security, and infrastructure.

Cyber security specialization

There are many specializations of interest to the College of Cybersecurity, Programming and Artificial Intelligence located in Riyadh (the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), where it provides male and female students with the possibility of choosing between eight specializations:

  1. Bachelor’s degree in cyber operations
  2. Bachelor of Cybercrime
  3. Bachelor’s degree in Artificial Intelligence
  4. Diploma in Cybercrime Investigation
  5. Cyber defense diploma
  6. Big Data Diploma
  7. Diploma in Cyber Incident Response
  8. Diploma in Information Security Governance
  9. Master of Science in Cyber Security, but this specialization requires that the student hold a bachelor’s degree from any recognized private or public university in Saudi Arabia.

Best university to study cyber security in Saudi Arabia

Given the great importance that cybersecurity has become in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and various countries of the world, whether Arab or Western, Many high school students began to study cybersecurity in its various branches, Where his study is of great importance in protecting electronic networks from any attacks launched by hackers on the Internet, and this is the reason why the Ministry of Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is doing its best to pay attention to this type of education specifically with the coming periods, Therefore, you will find many universities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that allow you to study cyber security with the availability of many advantages, The most prominent of these universities are:

Prince Muqrin University

Prince Muqrin University for the study of cybersecurity in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is considered one of the most important Arab universities in the Arab Gulf region that is interested in this type of education. It gives the student many characteristics, advantages and advantages that are difficult to find in any other Arab university. The most prominent of these advantages are:

  • Prince Muqrin University provides distinguished faculty and doctoral staff with sufficient experience in cybersecurity.
  • The university provides distinguished curricula to study this science, And in cooperation with European universities to raise the level.
  • The university has many different academic disciplines, This is in addition to studying cyber security.

Dar Al-Hekma University

The Saudi Dar Al-Hekma University for the study of cybersecurity is among the list of the best Arab universities to study this science. Where the university includes many specializations, but the departments that are most interested in it is the Department of Cyber Security and its teaching to students, Among the most prominent advantages of this university:

  • Dar Al-Hekma University provides global curricula for the study of cybersecurity.
  • The university provides distinguished and successful cadres and professors to teach this science to male and female students.
  • The university is following in the footsteps of the European world in teaching cyber security.

College of Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence

This university is considered one of the specialized and distinguished universities in the study of cyber security in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Despite the availability of many disciplines, cybersecurity is one of the most important sciences in it. It is headquartered in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. It is worth noting that a very large number of high school students are accepted to enroll in it. This is due to its many characteristics, Among its most prominent advantages:

  • The University of Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence offers many academic disciplines related to cybersecurity and network protection.
  • The departments within the university vary, such as: Cyber Defense Department, cyber crimes, Artificial intelligence, Information Security Governance Section.
  • The university has highly qualified cadres and faculty in the teaching of cybersecurity and other disciplines.