The best program to watch encrypted channels on the computer

Many people these days are looking for a program that enables them to watch all encrypted channels through paid subscriptions on the computer for free and in high quality, But the problem always lies in the fact that there are a lot of programs that are launched for this purpose, but not all of these programs remain running for long periods or provide high-quality viewing of the channels, In many of these programs, the quality of viewing is poor and not good. Sometimes there is a lot of noise and interruptions while watching channels, So let’s introduce you to the best program to watch encrypted channels on the computer.

The idea behind the encrypted channels:

The idea of encrypted channels depends on locking access to the channel directly, except through devices dedicated to opening this channel and through a monthly, semi-annual or annual subscription that is paid to the company that owns the channel in order to give the user his own data to access this channel legally and legally 100% for the price of the subscription that paid it, In this case, his access to the channel’s content will be continuous throughout the subscription period, and when the subscription ends, he will automatically be blocked from accessing the channel’s content by the channel owner, He must renew the subscription again.

The advantages of encrypted channels over regular channels:

  • Encrypted channels allow you to access special content that is very popular with people, but not everyone can watch it for free because of the broadcast and ownership rights that are usually owned by the channel itself and purchased from the parent company that owns the content that is being broadcast.
  • Encrypted channels provide you with very high quality viewing, currently up to 8k, Which is not allowed by the free channels most of the time, where the broadcast quality is very normal and not high quality.
  • Encrypted channels provide content specific to the subscriber’s interest and inclinations, So he enjoys watching the content of the channel he subscribed to and paying money for that subscription.
  • Encrypted channels can communicate with the channel’s technical support in the event of broadcasting problems, and they solve the problem for you, But in the case of normal channels, any defect, even a small one, must wait for its owners to fix it.

Ways to watch encrypted channels:

You can watch encrypted channels in more than one way, Among these methods are the following:

  • Through the traditional satellite receiver that works by wires and the television set in every home, Where a receiver for channels is purchased for displaying encrypted channels, Which is certified by the company that owns these channels.
  • By watching it for free over the Internet, where this technology is called IPTV, an abbreviation of internet protocol television, that is, the protocol for watching channels over the Internet, Which provides watching channels in very high quality.
  • Watch encrypted channels through applications running on the Android and iOS operating systems, which provide completely free viewing of all encrypted channels.

The best program to watch encrypted channels on the computer:

TVX TV HD Program:

This program provides access to many encrypted channels that are broadcast on the Nilesat satellite, The program provides many beautiful features, Among these features are:

  • The program supports the ability to display it in about 70 different languages.
  • The program allows watching channels in HD quality, but the Internet speed must be high in order for the user to face any interruption during broadcasting.
  • The program offers to watch live broadcasts of important matches in more than 100 different countries.
  • Very simple and easy interface that everyone can handle.

Readon TV Player:

It is a very good program that can be used to watch the live broadcast of many encrypted channels, whether Arab or international, The program also supports the ability to run a very large number of radio broadcasting channels known as radio. It also provides live broadcasts of football channels, And many of the channels encoded via the satellite Nilesat. In addition, the program can run on all versions of the Windows operating system on the computer.

Online TV Player:

Through this simple program, you can watch nearly 1000 TV stations, In addition to 1500 radio stations, In addition, it supports all audio files provided by the Windows operating system, This means that it can be easily played on your computer even if it does not have dedicated audio drivers. The program has a simple and easy to use interface.

JLC’s Internet TV Program:

One of the smallest programs to watch encrypted channels on the computer, It is only 1 MB in size. It provides about 1400 free channels encrypted inside it, which the user can watch directly without cutting as soon as he connects to the Internet.

MyEGY Channel Program:

This program is considered one of the distinguished programs to watch all encrypted channels on the Internet, It is developed by Myegy. And it connects directly to ultra-powerful viewing servers to provide a very high-quality viewing experience without interruption or distortion, In addition to providing an enjoyable viewing experience completely ad-free, Among the most prominent features provided by this program are the following:

  • Access to watch series, movies and important matches for free.
  • The program is free and does not require activation.
  • All encrypted channels are opened through this program such as: orbit channels, Al Jazeera channels, Encrypted sports channels.
  • The size of the program is very small on the computer, it does not exceed 20 MB.

There are also many programs that enable you to watch all encrypted channels for free, but you must use them via a computer because they require an Internet connection in order to view the content of the channels, It depends entirely on the speed of the Internet connection so that there is no disruption while watching the matches, movies and series provided by these encrypted channels.