Top 10 sites to learn English

These days, the Internet has become the main refuge that many people resort to, whether they want to learn, trade, communicate with other people, or search for a specific topic. Many people resort to searching on the Internet to learn a new language or a specific skill and many other things.

Now if you want to learn a specific language, specialty or field, you will find many sites that will help you learn and know everything about the thing you want to learn, So if you want to learn English, Here we will get acquainted with a group of websites specialized in teaching English.

We will also provide you with all the information you want to know during the stage of learning English , because it is the first language in the world, so you must learn it and you will find many sites that teach English and here we will mention the best of these sites.

The importance of English language learning websites

There are many sites for teaching English, including what is directed to children and young people, including other sites that are specialized for the teacher and the learner to suit everyone, and other sites specialized in teaching grammar or improving listening or pronunciation and speaking, so we were keen to provide a set of reality that suits everyone and all levels, and the sites offered are completely free.

The best English language learning sites ever

Duolingo site

This site is one of the best sites that enables a person who wants to learn English or any other language to learn and benefit from it. It is a website and also an application that can be downloaded on mobile smartphones, as the site helps educated people to study English vocabulary and grammar.

The site also trains you to speak, listen and write through the site and the application, which is easy to use and is an interactive application. The application is based on dividing the educational stage into episodes. Each of these episodes focuses on a specific topic such as sports, foods, family and other topics.

Hellolingo . website

This site relies on interactive education in the process of learning the English language, which moves away from the method of memorization where the learner can practice speaking English and also you can listen to it by practicing the language with other learners who use the same site by communicating via the Internet.

The site also provides lessons for learning specialized in all different aspects of the language, whether grammar or vocabulary, speaking and listening. The idea or the mechanism by which the site works is that you help a person and teach him your native language, You will also find someone who teaches you their mother tongue and so communication and learning takes place.

Talk English

This site is one of the most important sites for teaching English through the Internet, as this site includes a group of educational lessons that are categorized into categories for speaking, listening, vocabulary and other other classifications. The lessons and episodes on the site are supported by texts and audio clips attached, which can be listened to online and also the site There is an electronic version of it in the form of an application that can be downloaded to smart phones and for learning through it.

English club site

This site is intended for everyone interested in learning English and also for teachers who teach English. You will find on the site a lot of content that works to develop language skills. The site also provides instructions and tips for taking English language exams such as TOEFL and IELTS. The site also provides training for children and adults.

USA Learns website

This site is an American site that teaches the English language through several courses and courses that it offers free of charge through the website and the application of the site. This site is directed to people who are beginners and intermediate levels in the English language. And the words in the American accent, and there are also many different activities that are directed to learning the English language.

English media lab site

When you visit this site, you will find many sections, all of which focus on developing different language skills, whether reading, listening, writing or speaking for people who are learning. Learn to suit everyone from beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

British Council Learn English

This site is one of the most important educational English resources through which to learn English. The site helps learners who want to learn English in different countries of the world to help them develop and develop language learning skills through the British Council Learn English website. The site also provides Applications for smart phones to learn English, and the site offers multiple options for learning through it, such as videos, various games, and audio clips. The centers are already present in many countries that offer courses and courses to learn the English language.

BBC Learning English . website

This site is affiliated with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), and this site is concerned with teaching the basics of the English language by providing short videos of no more than several minutes.

The site also provides exercises, exercises, audio clips and texts, and the site includes multiple sections that specialize in different levels. The site also contains many educational topics and episodes.

VOA Learning English

This site is an American news site similar to the British BBC. This site contains a section specialized in teaching English, through which you can watch videos and also you can learn new vocabulary and terms in the English language. All the topics and episodes that are available on the site are based mainly on the news that it publishes. The site, which is categorized into levels to suit all educated people according to their different levels, and also the site has an application that can be downloaded and used by smart phones.

English interactive

This site is suitable for different levels, as this site depends on interaction, and when you visit the site, you will find a lot of content suitable for all and all levels, and also the site contains content suitable for children.

Anyone can use the site to be able to develop their language skills, practice language, practice speaking, reading and writing, as well as listening skill, whether through audio clips and videos. The site also provides sections for learning grammar and vocabulary.

Thus, we have come to know 10 of the best sites through which you can learn English and advance your level.