Top 10 best online strategy games

There are a lot of strategy games available for download on computers starting , and this means that there is a lot of competition within the category of online strategy games, and today to save you a lot of time, we will present the top 10 online strategy games that you can enjoy starting today.

Strategy games are very different from casual games or fast paced action games. While action games focus on quick confrontations and put you in the perspective of the person playing and also focus heavily on the story and the many cinematic confrontations, strategy games focus on planning and building the world and allowing plenty of time to explore this world and its rules.

In the past, of course, there were many very special strategy games that we grew up on, and most of them were produced by EA, such as the Red Alert series, for example, or the Generals series, and of course the very popular series that is supposed to return again, the Age of Empires series, Today, however, the number of strategy games and users’ love for them is less than in the past, but in return, it has become more diverse and different than before.

Best online strategy games

Crusader Kings III

This game is the latest installment of the popular and well-loved game series. The second part of the series Crusaders Kings II is the absolute best strategy game overall and by the way, it is now free to play.

Many were skeptical about the ability of the third part to seize the throne from its predecessor, but with the improvements made by the studio to the game, the game has become one of the best strategic games in the current era and may be considered the best as well.

The game offers a very different interface from the previous part, which is an interface and style of play that welcomes new players and does not make you feel that you need to submit a PhD study about the game to be able to master it.

The crown jewel for this game is without a doubt and with the agreement of many, the personal stories behind each character in the game with so much variety of different characters and the different ways you can use them to reach your goal in the end.

OffWorld Trading Company . Game

The idea of an economic strategy game may seem a little boring and may not encourage you or many users also to buy and enjoy it, but in fact, this game is quite the opposite.

OffWorld Trading Company game offers a unique experience, instead of relying on complex military conflicts to be able to win the game and outperform your enemies in it, it depends on a lot of diverse and different economic ideas, and winning it is determined like our real world through money only.

The game is about trying to exploit Mars to take advantage of its resources and perhaps make some deals and agreements with some competing companies before you decide that you want to take over them and their personal resources.

The game is not violent in terms of scenes and combat, but on the other hand, it is one of the most violent when it comes to trying to buy a company or making a decision if you are thinking of selling a building.


This is the second part of the best RPG ever and it is one of the most loved games around the world and one of the best series that talks about aliens in general.

The game talks about a group of heroes who are trying to resist the alien invasion of the planet Earth so it has a lot of very good and beautiful ideas with a lot of fun characters.

The game offers a lot of improvements to the system and mechanics of the already successful series that we saw in the previous parts, as well as graphical improvements and the overall gameplay.

The battles are very bloody and fierce and you can explore the whole world, make lots of plans and build lots of different resources around the world if you want to.

HomeWorld :Deserts of Kharak

The Homeworld series is one of the oldest and well-known series when it comes to the field of science fiction and strategy games, but the studio managed to present the splendor of battles and planning in the original game and reduced it to only one planet instead of the entire galaxy.

On top of all this, the game offers a set of beautiful and very different stories that are sure to affect you very much.

Total War: Warhammer II

Many consider this game the best Total War online strategy game released so far. Her studio put a lot of time and effort into the game world until it became one of the best worlds that currently exist in general, and this world is increasing in size with every addition that is released to the game.

The development provided by the game at the level of playing style, planning and strategies for it is considered one of the best developments that occurred in general in the world of games and greatly affected many of the games that were released after it.

Civilization 6

You can’t be a fan of strategy games without at some point you’ve been to a Civ game. In one way or another, it helped shape the world of strategy games and make it popular as we know it today.

The game has not changed much from the previous parts and still follows the story of the world in general and the development of humanity from the Stone Age to its dazzling future, but all this comes in a different way from the previous parts, with more focus on small details in the game world.

Endless Legend

This game masterfully combines science fiction and fantasy in every skill and dazzling way to put the astronauts against each other in order to survive in front of a group of magical dragons who want to take over the world.

The game world and the cities in it are among the best that you can see in general, as it offers one of the best and most accurate cities in terms of small and very important details.

All this unique world full of dazzling detail and highly ingenious comes wrapped in an amazing and very ingenious story that makes you relate to every part of the game and all its cities.

Starcraft II

This game is considered one of the best and most quality games in the field of strategy games in space to this day, although it was released a long time ago.

The idea of the game is well known, of course, and it revolves around some men in a camp in space trying to confront the invaders and possibly fight each other at the same time, The game belongs to the genre of strategy games from the direct time and of course it comes from Blizzard studio which is distinguished in presenting sci-fi games and game stories.

HumanKind Game

This game comes from the makers of the game Endless Legend that we mentioned above and thank us so much for its story and unique world design.

The game comes in a direct way to confront the Civilization game and possibly beat it, The game even takes the same idea offered by the Civ game, where it will ask you to follow the story of man and the development of his civilization greatly from its beginning until the future.

Age Of Empires 4

This game is the fourth part of the very popular Age Of Empires series that laid the foundations for many online strategy games that will come after it.

The game is developed by Microsoft and will be released soon on all Windows devices.

This was a list of the best strategy games from our point of view that you can enjoy in 2021.