Explain how to activate Windows 10 Pro in detail

Windows 10 Pro is one of the best, if not the best, operating systems Microsoft has produced so far, and although the latest Microsoft operating system doesn’t always have to be the best (and there are several examples of this), However, Windows 10 Pro is really an operating system that is worth moving to and making it the operating system of your device, In this article, we will talk about Windows 10 Pro the basics of dealing with this system and how to activate it, In addition to exploring many of its useful and important features at the same time, here is an explanation of how to activate Windows 10 Pro in detail.

The difference between Windows 10 and Windows 10 Pro

Windows 10 Home:

This system is intended for the ordinary user, It provides basic features including the Internet browser Edge and the voice assistant Cortana in addition to the Windows Hello feature that logs into the system via face or fingerprint recognition. Addition to the Office package.

Windows 10 Pro:

This release focuses on advanced users. In addition to the same features as the previous version, Windows 10 Pro offers more advanced features represented in its ability to obtain updates periodically, along with a set of additional security features, and it also supports remote device control. virtualization, Manage groups, access the Windows 10 Store for business, the ability to join Azure Active, and get business-specific security updates.

Windows 10 Mobile:

This system is intended for institutions and companies that rely on smart phones. Where this system comes in the form of groups, according to the company, It provides the same features as the regular version. In addition to the new security management feature and the access of updates permanently to the system.

How to activate Windows 10 Pro in detail without programs

The method is to use the command to activate Windows 10 Pro via cmd, you will copy, then you will click on the right mouse button and create a new file of the type of text document and paste the code below inside the document and you will change the file name to windows10.cmd and then you will double-click on the file you created with the button The right mouse button and it will not take less than one minute, but before you make a copy, follow the three steps that you will do and I will repeat them in detail.

  • First: Make sure that the version you are using needs to be activated, as a text will appear at the bottom right of the screen or in the left according to the language of the version of Windows that you are using, or by going to the properties of the computer by pressing the right mouse button on the computer icon and selecting properties and it will appear to you at the bottom of the page that will open often The windows statement is not activated.
  • Secondly: We will create a text file and we will copy the code that I will put for you below and paste it inside the text file that we have created and we will save it with the name windows10.cmd and we will save it on the desktop to make it easier for us to access it easily. The file will change due to changing its extension to cmd.
  • Third: You will run the file as administrator, then cmd will open the Windows console screen. You will wait a little while until the activation mark disappears from the bottom and here, my dear brother, you have finished the Windows activation process easily and the process of activating Windows 10 for life without programs.

The most important features of Windows 10 Pro

Windows 10 Pro has many great features that make it one of the best operating systems that have been launched by Microsoft. In the following lines, I will show you the most important features.

  1. Windows has one store to facilitate the process of downloading and running applications.
  2. It allows you to create a Hotmail in order to make the most of downloading the largest number of games on special devices that require a special account.
  3. It contains many features for the desktop, the most important of which is the snap view feature and multiple desktops that make Windows 10 Pro significantly superior to the Linux system.
  4. Windows 10 Pro supports lifetime update and updates automatically without resorting to specialists.
  5. It includes a personal assistant, coratana, which acts as a file manager for Windows and is based on
  6. Enzyme Windows tool and searches.

Some important addition to Windows 10 Pro

The product is characterized by security protection at the highest degree of accuracy and efficiency, as Windows 10 Pro is characterized by its built-in security features, which include a firewall, in addition to Internet protection operations, which contribute to helping against destructive viruses, ransomware, and malicious programs The device also helps with high efficiency to accomplish all the various tasks and works during the movement from one place to another, as it is possible to work on completing the various daily tasks and tasks, at any time and anywhere, and without the need to panic about the disappearance of files , and other difficulties faced by the user in different computers.
The product also contributes to managing various tasks and works with ease and ease. Where device management is extremely simple, flexibility at work, Which helps to complete tasks in record times, Actively and in solidarity.

Windows 10 Pro is the latest version of Windows that is manufactured by Microsoft. It has been admired by many people around the world, as Windows systems have become one of the most used systems on computers, due to the tools that have been developed such as the search tool in the Start menu, and this is certainly and other developments that made many users around the world begin to download and activate Windows 10 Pro.