4 Best Photo Writing Apps for Android

There are many people who always tend to write expressive text on their profile pictures to send a message to someone with the picture or create funny memes and share them with friends on social networking sites or for any other reason, And they are looking for a free application that provides them with very interesting tools that make writing easier and allows them to add texts to images with the ability to modify them to suit them to become more elegant, but they find it difficult to find the best application, however, there is no problem because in this new article we will talk about the best applications Writing on photos can be downloaded for free on Android phones and tablets.

Best photo text writing apps for Android 2021

During the next lines, I will present to you the best free applications to write on images, knowing that these applications are very popular among users all over the world and are considered among the best applications currently available for free, Here are the best photo writing apps for Android.

1- Phonto App

Phonto is a free program for writing on images. It is considered one of the best programs that provides this service for free, because of its great simplicity in use and amazing results in the end, as it allows you to write text and choose the appropriate font from among the 200 available fonts with the ability to customize the text by changing the size, color and type shadows, background color, text rotation and scrolling around the image, So you will be able to customize your Facebook or Instagram posts, create funny photo albums or even memes to share.

One of the most important features that this wonderful program provides is that it allows you to change the spacing between letters and change the color for what you want by moving the bars and so on. More fonts can be downloaded and installed from the store inside the program if you do not like one of the previously available fonts in addition to that there Another very cool feature that is difficult to find in competing image writing programs is the feature of saving images that you have written on through Phonto in a PNG or PDF format.

2- The application of the Arabic designer

Arabic Designer is a free photo writing tool for Android devices that allows users to write texts on photos and combine them with stickers, filters, frames or other fun effects that are very eye-catching, The way to use this application is very easy and simple. All you have to do is download the Arabic Designer application and install it on your Android device. When you enter the application for the first time, you will be presented with two options. The first option is to write on a picture you choose from the studio or from the camera, and the second option is to design and write texts On a background with a color of your choice from the colors supported by the application.

This application contains a large set of fonts, effects, stickers, and many basic options that you can use in editing and writing texts on images, in addition to it allows you to add modifications to texts such as changing the font size, color, and shade, adding a line under the text, a line in the middle of the text, or a line Thick bold, adjust alignment, and control word spacing. However, there are many photo-editing tools and features that you can use instead of downloading another dedicated app.

3- Geulgram – Text on Photo app

Geulgram is a free photo writing app that comes with a large collection of free fonts in different languages. You can use any font you want and write your desired text on your photos. And not only that, but it also allows you to add filters, visual effects, and beautiful high-quality images that match your writing and use it as a background so that you can produce a professional image to share with your friends on various social networking sites.

Like the applications above, Geulgram – Text on Photo allows you to edit texts where you can change the font type, add multiple styles, change the font color and shade, adjust the dimensions, and more. The most important feature of this new application is that it is professionally designed and well designed in order to provide the best use experience for people who are looking for photo writing applications for Android, in addition to that it is completely free, so you will be able to download it on your device, use it, and access all its features without paying any fees.

4- TextArt app

TextArt . app One of the most popular photo writing apps for Android among users because of its features and features. It provides more than 1,000 beautiful artistic fonts. You can use one of them to add text to your photos. It also includes more than 100 different filters with hundreds of fun decals and stickers that add a professional touch to your photos. It also contains a huge library of words and images that is constantly updated to help you create more sparkling images than ever before. It also allows you to edit the text and adjust the size, color, opacity and shadow and it has a simple and easy to use interface so that even the beginners can use it without any complications.

Another cool feature found in this app is that the images you add text to are saved as a draft so that you can re-edit them at a later time. In addition, it allows you to share your work on social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and others) directly from within it or save it to a photo studio on a device in PNG or Jpg format.

Other than that, TextArt is a very perfect image editing tool as it includes all the tools and features that users can use to add any modification to their personal photos, whether it is cropping the image, rotating the image, adding an effect or filter, or even drawing something on the image using the in-app brush.