Find out the location of the stolen phone even when it is switched off

Losing smartphones is a problem that mobile phone owners face almost every day. This is a huge loss. Not because it is an economic loss, But due to personal loss caused by data loss, like contacts, And tasks like videos and photos are a lot of important information for you and your family, But the technological revolution that is accelerating in finding solutions to every obstacle, Now it is easy to find out where the stolen phone is even if it is switched off.

Locate the phone by IMEI serial number

The first way to find out the location of a stolen or locked phone is to find out the location of the stolen phone through the IMEI serial number or the phone ID number, The detailed steps are as follows:

  • After buying the phone, Immediately bring the purchase invoice and phone box, Then enter the phone settings.
  • Then, Show your phone number *# 06# with this code, And keep the phone number that will appear in front of you so that you can track the phone in case you lose it.
  • After inserting and activating the SIM card, IMEI information will be automatically sent to the operator to allow access and calls.
  • If your phone is stolen, You have to notify the operator after the theft occurs so that you can track down and find the stolen phone.
  • And if you want to delete all the information and files on your phone in order to get them back, You will have to visit one of the branches of the company to which the phone belongs and inform them of the theft of the phone, Then present them and their files and ask them to disable the phone via your IMEI.
  • So the company will be able to disable the phone permanently, The thief will not be able to access anything on the phone, It will be like a piece of iron.

Find out the location of the stolen mobile on Google Map

The easiest way to find out where a stolen phone is is to use Google’s Find My Device feature, And it’s free for everyone on the Internet, And you can find the phone on the map through this feature.

However, Before performing any operations, The phone location function must be enabled, So that the Find My Device function can track the phone, find its location and display it in front of you, here are the steps that explain how to locate a locked stolen or lost mobile in detail on the map:

  • turn on the computer, Then open the Google search engine. Please note that your computer must be linked to the same Google account of the mobile device, for example, If the account registered on the stolen phone is sddsdsds10(@), You must use the same sddsdsds10(@) account to log in to your computer.
  • After launching Google Drive, Search for Find My Device and enter the first result.
  • Google will automatically search for the location of your stolen phone and show you a map detailing where your phone is.
  • On the right, You’ll find several options to show you which Wi-Fi network your phone is connected to and the remaining battery power.
  • at the bottom, You will find the option to play a sound when you press this button, The phone will ring for 5 minutes.
  • This feature lets you know if the phone is nearby.
  • Please note that this function can be used even if your phone is set to “mute”.
  • This method is only available for Android devices, But if your phone is an iPhone, You should search for “Find My iPhone” instead of ” Find My Device “, This time you will have to download the iCloud software on your computer and use it on your iPhone registering the same account.

How can I secure the phone?

If you can’t take advantage of the audio playback feature on the Find My Device website, You have two options:

  1. Device lock function.
  2. Wipe device data.

For the first function (ie device lock function), You can start by protecting the phone because it allows you to lock the phone with a password or change the password temporarily on the phone so that you can track the location of the stolen phone.

It also allows you to display a message on the home screen to lock the phone stating that your name and phone have been stolen, and leave a backup phone number so the new phone owner can call you, no intent to steal in advance, So you can communicate and recover the stolen phone.

As for the second option, to protect the security of your phone, any option to delete device data, If you can’t recover a lost or stolen phone, It is the last solution in front of you.

The Wipe device option will delete all data on the phone and all personal accounts “including the Gmail account connected to the device”.

However, You should beware of this method, because if you do, You will completely lose the ability to use Find My Device, Because your Gmail account is no longer connected to this device, And you should search for another account that can help you find the way your device is stolen, All information on the device will be permanently lost. Please restore it again.

Another way to find out and locate a stolen phone

in addition to, Another way to help you find the location of a stolen phone even if it is locked is to use a popular application, Like the Cerberus app, It is one of the oldest anti-theft apps on Android. It was officially launched in 2011. It provides all the functions that the user needs in this case where the user is stolen or forgotten from the phone.

This application allows you to find a lost or stolen phone on the map because it gives you the option to set off an alarm or delete all data from the phone (if necessary), It also allows you to take a picture of the thief.

In addition to understanding the function of phone data backup and many other functions that you will know after downloading the Cerberus app, It also helps to understand and know the location of the stolen phone.

What is the serial number “IMEI” or “serial number”?

Serial Number, or IMEI code, It is a number assigned to each device. It varies from device to device. It is a code that represents the company’s phone manufacturing number, With it, you can find out if the phone is original or a fake.

And you can find out the IMEI serial number through 3 different ways, Since the serial number on each device is fixed, They all provide the same output.

First method:

Open the phone’s main dial screen, And enter the following code “*#06#”, Then press the connect button, The serial number will be displayed directly in your hand, As shown in the figure below:

This is the fastest method and can be played directly on all devices.

Second method:

This method is entered from the internal settings of the phone by entering the main menu, then go to settings, and then on “About phone”, Then a new menu will appear for you to choose from the IMEI, Any serial number or what is known as the serial number.

Third method:

This is the last way to find out the IMEI Serial Number, I don’t like it at all Because it will make you turn off your phone and remove the battery until you see the icon, Where you have to remove the battery and look for the serial number installed on the back of the phone battery IMEI in the code column.

Of course, the third method does not apply to phones with built-in batteries, After you have the IMEI serial number, you can now use it to track the stolen phone number.

Here we finish our article on how to find out the location of the phone if it is stolen or switched off. and locate your lost phone.