How do I get a minecraft educational certificate without a name?

The educational game Minecraft is one of the most interesting games to a very large degree compared to many other computer games similar to its technology, It has advanced its directed goals, which include use in the process of educating children, and many countries are now using it in education and cooperation in order to solve problems. Countries use it for innovation in computer sciences. It encourages students to collaborate to solve problems creatively.

It also provides Chromebook support for all devices to support teachers, Distance learning for students and teachers by exploring learning resources.

minecraft educational certificate no name

The Minecraft educational game in Saudi Arabia topped the students’ talk on all social networking sites, especially after the release of the educational version of Minecraft in cooperation with the Saudi Ministry of Education and Microsoft International, and Minecraft is among the best Electronic games that are open because of their great role in developing the skills of cooperation and creativity of the student.

Also, Minecraft is one of the most preoccupied people, as Minecraft is an interesting and exciting electronic game that develops children’s thinking ability and stimulates their mental skills, Minecraft has gained great popularity among fans of electronic games , and we will talk about how to log into the game, the educational version of it, and start subscribing to the MineCraft game.

Minecraft features and benefits for kids

  1. It is characterized by attractiveness and suspense and can be described as one of the best suspense and excitement games for children .
  2. Teaching the child to take advantage of the resources available to him and use them to benefit from them.
  3. It is easy to use, They are suitable for children and develop their mind.
  4. She enjoys stimulating the child to be creative in her play.
  5. The game is considered one of the creative games, as it depends on a unique idea and allows the user to imagine your world and build it yourself.
  6. The game also contains 3D graphics that give the game a distinctive splendor.
  7. The variety of game forms inside it, you can play it individually and this is one of the most amazing features in the game.

How to get a Minecraft certificate without a name

How to get a MineCraft certificate without a name: This starts with the Madrasati competition, which programmes one of the competitions presented by the Madrasati platform in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in cooperation with the global company Microsoft, to present this competition to teachers and students.

To register in this competition, the teacher or student must register in the educational version of the famous game Minecraft in order to help the student develop his intelligence and desires by participating in the educational competition. It also increases the efficiency of the digital learning process for all classrooms, especially with technological progress. that we are witnessing in our time.

After completing the registration process for the Minecraft educational game, you must enter the Hour of Code icon in order to start participating in the My School Programming competition. Minecraft game in English. You can use machine translation on the Internet to know the instructions, and you can choose one of the three options for programming by choosing the easiest way for you, and after completing these tasks, a certified Minecraft programming watch will be issued.

How to play my school quiz programming on Minecraft

Madrasati competition is one of the new competitions announced by the Saudi Ministry of Education. The correct way to play it can be learned.

  1. Login to Minecraft after downloading it.
  2. Click on the play icon.
  3. Click on view library.
  4. Choose the lessons icon.
  5. Click on Computer Science and choose an hour of code.
  6. Choosing an Hour of Code lesson 2021 and putting pressure on building the world.
  7. Begin missions by moving in the two villages through the character.
  8. Continue playing to finish the first stage of the competition.

Minecraft game benefits

  • It enhances student, parent and teacher participation.
  • The game develops the discovery of creative talents in the digital field among students.
  • Acquiring several skills among students, such as a love of research, innovation and discovery.
  • The game develops students’ sense of competition, passion and love of learning.
  • The game is characterized by the ease of its content and distance learning between students and teachers.
  • One of the goals of the game is to create a better and effective future.
  • The game gives the opportunity to enter the world of knowledge and programming.
  • The game presents a positive and beneficial image of programming.

Minecraft educational edition

Minecraft in the educational version is one of the best games for students that works on developing many things within the child, such as cooperation, creativity, thinking properly and finding solutions to problems, as this version is used to help the student develop his intelligence.

Minecraft Education also helps teachers develop their own approaches to dealing with students in the classroom and evaluating student morals.

The game also simulates reality to a large extent. Where the game depends on building your own world in a virtual environment that resembles the real world, It will enable you to excavate and dig so that you can build your own buildings and develop them until you reach a house similar to your real home.

The game also carries an atmosphere of excitement and adventure by fighting monsters and skeletons in the game.