Top 8 korean action movies

Korean dramas have become very popular in recent years. More and more people are watching it. For being a drama that very realistically sheds light on the lives of Korean society together, it is completely ridiculous and completely indecent. and expressing emotional relationships in a civilized manner, Which makes them suitable series for family viewing, and the father and mother do not find it embarrassing to watch them in front of their children, Among these films are action and thriller films, which we will learn about in this article.

Best korean action movies

The Berlin File

This movie is one of the most powerful Korean spy action movies that are filled with excitement. It tells the story of a couple who work as spies for North Korea and live in the German city of Berlin. The events of this film begin when there is an arms deal with a group of terrorists in the Middle East. where the couple goes there to stop this deal, But other spies from South Korea and North Korea start chasing them, As well as the Mossad and the CIA intervene in the battle.

The action movie The Berlin File is one of the combat films that witness fighting with all kinds of weapons, explosions and fist fights, And all kinds of battles and fights you can imagine, This movie was released in 2013.

Korean movie The Chaser

Although it is from an old Korean action movie, However, it is one of the most powerful Korean action films. It revolves around a former police detective who becomes involved in an immoral field. One day, one of his daughters disappears and he goes looking for her. In the course of his search, he encounters a fierce and terrifying killer.

The events of the film revolve between mystery, excitement, horror and fear. The police investigator must stop the horrific killer’s advance at any cost, This movie is one of the films that raise the level of tension when watching it because of the mystery, excitement and great fear that the viewer has, This Korean movie was released in 2008.

Korean action movie A Hard Day

This movie revolves around a corrupt police detective named Koo Jin Soo, who is the hero of this movie. The events begin when Coe picks up a homeless man by hitting him with his car and then flees away, However, he later discovers that the man who killed him is a convicted murderer and that he should have been found and arrested.

Then Detective Ko finds himself targeted and embroiled in a massive conspiracy despite him involving massive drug deals. Many explosions, blackmail and action come in the context of the events of the film, which makes you, as a viewer, anticipate these events with passion and great and continuous enjoyment, This movie was released in 2015.

Shiri . movie

Although it is one of the old Korean action films, it is considered one of the best ever in the history of South Korean cinema at all. Which tells the story of a fight between South Korean spies and North Korean spies, where South Korean spies discovered that North Korean spies had planted dangerous explosives around the city of Seoul in South Korea, Which they must save their country, South Korea from the danger of these explosives.

This film was based on many foreign action and action films such as the James Bond series, and various action films produced in Hong Kong, This movie was released in 1999.

Steel Rain . movie

The events of this film simulate the period of great tension that occurred between North Korea and the United States of America in December of 2017.

And the events of the film tell about the espionage events associated with North Korea, which is that there is a North Korean spy named Eum Chol and he fled to South Korea after his country was subjected to a coup, There, he met a South Korean bureaucrat, Kwak Chol Woo, with whom he began working to stop a major plot threatening to ignite a nuclear war on the Korean peninsula.

The film highlights the conflict between North and South on the Korean Peninsula. As you watch the movie, you will find that there are characters from the Central Intelligence Agency and characters from the US and Korean State Department as well, This movie was released in 2017.

Action movie Veteran

This movie tells the story of an unconventional professional crime detective named Seo Do Cheol, Where this detective is investigating the heir to a rich man named Jo Tae Oo, Where this boy embodies the whole stories of evil, he does the crimes he wants and gets away from them every time, despite the efforts made by Detective Seo to catch him in the act.

This movie embodies the classic evil character that Koreans despise and hate. The film continues in its action-filled events and excitement from airports with fast cars, also mixed with comedy and jokes in all its scenes, It is an example of battles and chases with an atmosphere of banter, entertainment and fun at the same time, This movie was released in 2015.

Korean action movie The Good, the Bad, the Weird

This film depicts the events of the Japanese occupation of the land of Korea in the late nineteenth century before World War II, It sheds light on the events caused by Japanese imperialism at that time, which derives its method and style from Western imperialism in general, This made Japanese imperialism attract outlaws and generate more violence in the region, Lots of airports, violence and fighting between outlaws and the Japanese army occur permanently and continuously, The movie was released in 2008.

Action movie Train to Busan

This movie is one of the first zombie movies to be made in Korea. Where the events of this film tell about a man who loves to work very much, Seok Woo, who wants to bring his daughter from Seoul to Busan, While he is on the train that will take them from Seoul to Busan, the problem of zombies begins to invade all of South Korea, Here, Father Seok begins to defend his daughter against the zombies he meets on the road and in all the places they go on their way to Busan, The movie was released in 2016.

These were the strongest Korean action films that everyone wants to watch, as they are one of the wonderful films that everyone loves and enjoys watching, despite the passage of time on some of these films, but they are still desired by people.