A guide to the best Arabic sites to download programs for free

Many people search for Arabic sites that provide them with all the basic programs that they can download and use on their computer or smartphone at the same time, Arab sites that work in the field of providing programs for free, despite their abundance, are not comprehensive sites that provide users with all the programs they need in one place, But we will try in this article to review the best Arabic sites to download programs for free.

The best free sites to download Arabic programs at all

Sigma Academy for Computer Science and Software

This site is considered one of the wonderful Arab sites in the field of downloading the programs that you need as a user of the computer and smartphone as well, It provides many sections that allow you to download the latest and best programs for both the computer and the Android phone at the same time, Among these sections is a special section for downloading Windows operating systems of various versions, And a section for downloading computer programs, And another section for downloading Android applications.

The site is a very good option that you should visit as an Arab user and download various programs through it. It also provides these programs with fully activated, And all the files provided by the site are completely safe and do not contain viruses and spyware dangerous at all.

Sinbad software download sites

It is a very large and excellent encyclopedia that you can download programs from at your full Internet speed, Most of the programs that are available on this site are complete and ready to download directly. Among the programs provided by the Sinbad Net software network: Programs that run on the Windows operating system, and programs that work on Android phones, Mac software, and hardware drivers for Windows, There are software programs for hardware devices,

In a few words, We can describe the Sinbad website and network for downloading Arabic programs as a site that deserves to be tried by every user who seeks ideal solutions that enable him to download programs for free.

myegy to download software

One of the very old Arabic software download sites in the field of providing computer programs, Android and Windows operating systems, It has been famous over the past years for providing the latest programs, movies, games and freestyle wrestling. It is a comprehensive site for providing diverse content, It is characterized by providing all the programs that the user needs to the Internet, It is used by many lovers of downloading programs in the Arab world and is still using it until now.

Arab Center for Downloading and Downloading Programs

It is one of the very good Arabic sites in the field of downloading programs and different operating systems. Among the great features offered by this site are:

  • It provides direct download links that provide you with the full speed of downloading depending on your internet speed, With the support of completing the download at any time you want, even if the electricity and the Internet suddenly go out.
  • The site does not contain any annoying advertisements for visitors, which makes it an ideal choice for downloading programs through it.
  • The site provides many sections of different programs, There is a section for design and montage programs, There is a section for Windows operating systems, And other very important software sections.

Gano Software

One of the beautiful Arabic sites that contain several important sections of the programs that any computer needs when installing a new Windows system, One of the important sections provided by the site and related to the axis of our topic, which is to download Arabic programs for free, the following:

  • Section of downloading general programs that a computer user is interested in and would like to have on his computer in general.
  • The section on protection programs that protect your computer from viruses and malicious attacks.
  • Department of multimedia programs that are concerned with audio player programs, video playback software, and audio and video montage. etc.
  • Department of programs specialized in modifying images, opening images and all things related to images.
  • The section of Internet programs that are concerned with the Internet only, such as Internet browsers, chat and chat programs, Programs for downloading files from the Internet. etc.
  • The system software section is the programs that are concerned with the maintenance and cleanliness of the Windows operating system. System performance measurement software. etc.
  • Department of educational programs that relate to teaching users many useful skills for them in their lives, such as translation skill, Programming skills, text-to-speech software, text-to-speech software, And other programs that benefit users in developing their skills and teaching them new things that are useful to them.

Vessoft . Software Catalog

It is a very good software download site that provides a lot of different software sections for the Windows operating system, Android system as well. Among the sections that this site provides for both Windows and Android systems are as follows:

  • Internet Software Department.
  • Department of multimedia software.
  • Graphics and Design Department.
  • Windows related software section.
  • Department of Security and Protection Programs.
  • Network Software Division.
  • A section of office programs and similar programs that perform functions similar to those of Office programs.
  • Department of development programs and the creation of new programs, games and applications through the operating system Windows and Android.
  • Department of entertainment and entertainment programs.
  • Different drives control software section such as: dvd and usb flash drives, CDs and other discs.
  • Miscellaneous software section which is the general programs for the Windows operating system.
  • Department of popular programs use by all users of computers and phones.

Arabic download site

One of the comprehensive and powerful software download sites as well, It provides a section for downloading Windows operating system software, And another section for downloading Android applications, iPhone apps, Programs for the Windows operating system are divided into several basic and main categories: Internet browser software, drawing and design software, multimedia programs, chat software, File download and upload programs Protection and maintenance programs for your computer, various translation software, All of these programs are available for download with direct links from the site itself.

Folder download programs

This site has a great design, simple and easy, With the programs arranged in a side menu at the top of the site’s home page, It contains several sections of the programs, namely: Important Windows drivers internet software, photo editing software, multimedia programs, protection software, operating system maintenance software, Mac software, Android and iOS programs.

Softfd website

This site provides completely free software to use, Or free programs that can be used for a specific period of time, such as a month, In addition to providing portable copies of some programs that can be installed and opened directly on your computer without the need to install them on the computer first.

What distinguishes this site is that it does not contain any annoying ads at all, It contains only one advertisement on the home page of the site and does not cause any inconvenience to users, It also features a very easy and simple interface, The sections of the site are clearly arranged and easy to access. Among these sections are the following:

  • Completely free software section.
  • Protection Programs Section.
  • Internet Software Department.
  • Photo software section.
  • Department of multimedia programs.
  • System software section.
  • Miscellaneous Programs Section.
  • Android software and applications section.
  • New and recent programs section.
  • A department specialized in providing the best software.

Arab Sayed website for downloading programs

It is one of the oldest Arabic websites that provides the ability to download the latest software and Windows operating systems. It is a site that contains all the programs that users need, The programs fall under the Computer Software section. and a mobile section within the Arab Sayed website, It is considered one of the highly reliable websites and provides the latest and very important software with links from several different servers where you can choose the right server for you and download software from it.

This site still offers the latest updated software that users need when installing a new Windows operating system on their devices.

This was a quick and short list of the best Arabic websites that you can visit and download the best and latest software that works on different operating systems through it.