The best advertising earning sites

Many of us are looking for sites to earn money in the easiest and simplest way, so they turn to profit sites from advertisements because they do not require much experience or high capital, and in return for effort and time only, There are many profit sites from advertisements that are widely spread, and these sites are useful, and some are useless. So, in this article, we have collected the best advertising profit sites so that we do not waste your time and effort with useless sites.

Define advertising profit sites

They are sites that enable you to earn just by watching ads for a certain period of time in return for a certain amount, The site provides you with daily ads from 15 to 20 ads per day.

The best advertising earning sites

There are many sites for profit from advertising, but few of them are honest, which will be mentioned in this article:

Timebucks website:

Timebucks is a complete and integrated site where you can profit from watching ads, watching videos, solving captcha codes, doing like and follow, and filling out surveys, in addition to profiting from referrals. And you can withdraw the profits when the profit reaches the minimum amount of $ 10, The site provides you with many electronic banks so that you can withdraw your profits through them, including Skrill, Bitcoin, Payer and Artim.

Cointiply website:

This site is considered a treasure that many do not know about because it provides more than one way to profit, such as the timebucks site, But the only difference between them is that this site provides the possibility of withdrawing profits in digital currencies instead of regular money, You can withdraw the profits once you exceed 3.5 dollars in BTC, Dogecoin, In addition, it offers an annual interest added to the profits of up to 5%, You can earn from $1 to $2 per day from this site, not only from ads, but from watching videos and surveys as well.

Ysense website:

This site was established in 2007 and it is one of the most reliable sites for profit from the Internet, as it depends on the completion of tasks more than watching advertisements, It is directed to the Gulf countries and allows you to withdraw profits as soon as they exceed $5 through Payoneer, Skrill, PayPal and Amazon cards as well.

Keep rewarding website:

This site is new, but it provides its users with many ways to profit, not only by watching ads, there is also watching videos, offers and simple tasks in addition to many opinion polls, And you can withdraw the profits from your account on the site once you reach only one dollar through PayPal, Amazon cards and Walmart cards.

Coinpayu website:

This site is considered one of the honest sites that provides many advertisements and various offers. It does not contain any annoying offers like other sites, And you can earn from 300 to 1000 satoshi daily by watching ads only, And you can withdraw profits from this site when you reach only one dollar through Bayer, Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum.

Adbtc website:

This site is considered one of the best sites for profit from advertisements, where you can earn a lot by watching advertisements through this site, and your daily profit reaches from 600 to 1000 satoshis, and the site pays you constantly every 3 days, and the minimum withdrawal on this site is 3000 satoshis.

Neobux website:

This site has been established since 2008 and it is an honest site and sends you money instantly as soon as you request a withdrawal and the payment is made via Neteller, Skrill and PayPal, The site provides you daily about 10 ads only to watch.

Wad ojooo website:

This site is one of the best sites for profit from the Internet, and it was founded by the famous ojooo company. The company owns a search engine and many Android applications. The company was established in 2013, And you can take advantage and profit from the site by watching ads and via referrals and withdrawing profits when it reaches the minimum withdrawal limit of $2 through Bitcoin, as this is the only way to withdraw.

Picoclix website:

This site is new in viewing advertisements and profiting from them, but the cost of advertisements on the site is relatively high compared to other sites, where the cost of one advertisement reaches 0.004 dollars, and the site offers you about 25 advertisements per day, You can also profit through referrals, and you can withdraw profits when they reach the minimum withdrawal amount, which is $2. Profits are withdrawn through Payer and Perfect Money.

Get Paid website:

This website has been in existence since 2005 and is still running today. The site provides many ways to withdraw profits, including PayPal, Amazon cards, money transfers, and Bitcoin gift cards. The methods of profit on this site vary. It is not limited to viewing ads only. You can profit from completing some tasks and through referrals and opinion polls as well.

These were the best sites for profit from watching ads according to the experience of many people. These sites are good for people who do not have any skills or any capital who can benefit from these sites and achieve actual income.