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Who among us does not know the famous Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants, which have been famous over the years for their special secret mixture of fried chicken, Kentucky restaurants are interested in serving beef or hamburger meals in some of the countries in which they operate. In addition to the fried chicken, In some countries, pork-based meals are served, such as: some areas in the USA, and parts of China, Meals based on kebabs are also served in some countries.

What are Kentucky restaurants? And what are the chicken meals that you serve

The credit for establishing Kentucky Restaurants in its main branch, which is located in Louisville, Kentucky, USA, is attributed to Colonel Harland Sanders, who founded the Kentucky restaurant chain in 1952, Where KFC was initially operating as part of the restaurants owned by the American fast food company Yum, The spread of Kentucky restaurants in the Arab world began in 2013 on a large scale after the Emirati singer Ahlam Al Shamsi mentioned the name of the company in the famous song program Arab Idol.

What are the chicken meals offered by Kentucky International restaurants

  • list of offers, The following meals are served: bag for two, Super Bucket 21 Pieces, Super Bucket 15 Pieces, Super Bucket 9 Pieces, Super Mega Deal.
  • Meals for one person: double twist display, supreme meal, supreme twist, supreme box, double rap combo, double rap box, Fairy Twister Box, Fairy Twister Meal, Fairy Twister Sandwich, super diner, Dinner Crispy Strips Meal, Mighty Zinger Box Twister box master, dinner meal, Chicken Twister Box, Zinger, Zinger Shrimp Box, Zinger Box Combo, chicken fillet, big filler, Zinger Supreme Shrimp.
  • To participate, It includes the following meals: bag for two, Super Bucket 21 Pieces, Super Bucket 15 Pieces, Super Bucket 9 Pieces, Kentucky Bucket 21 Pieces, Kentucky Bucket 15 Pieces, double baguette, Super Mega Deal.
  • Side dishes and desserts: Spicy honey sauce, sauce, Coleslaw, spicy chicken piece, Family fries, risotto, chicken popcorn, soft drink, shrimp risotto, Chocolate Cake, Potato, regular chicken piece, corn kernels, chocolate cookies, Orange juice, waters.

How can I order my meal from KFC Saudi Arabia

You can order your favorite meal from the meals offered by Kentucky restaurants in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by registering a new account on the Kentucky Saudi website, And then choose the meal you want and pay for it through the site, It will be sent to you at the address you entered while placing the order.

Features of KFC Saudi Arabia

  • Saudi Kentucky restaurants offer many different meals that are suitable for young, old and young people as well. The children’s meals contain a small toy as a gift in order to make the children happy and bring joy to their hearts. It also provides family meals that contain many different varieties at prices lower than the prices of single meals for one or two people.
  • The staff in Kentucky Kentucky restaurants in Saudi Arabia is very distinguished, they welcome customers and receive them with the best reception, In addition, the chefs in the restaurant are highly skilled and highly experienced in the culinary field.
  • Saudi Kentucky restaurants are keen on the cleanliness of the tools used in the cooking process, In addition to the high attention to food hygiene as well, They also sterilize the utensils and utensils used in the cooking process constantly. In addition to sterilizing the entire restaurant as well, to protect customers from infection with the global epidemic that is spreading at the present time.

What are the most important countries in which KFC restaurants are located?

  • The United States of America (the country in which the Kentucky restaurant chain was founded).
  • Australia.
  • Austria.
  • the two seas.
  • Bangladesh.
  • Brazil.
  • Bulgaria.
  • Canada.
  • Egypt.
  • Germany.
  • India.
  • Israel.
  • Italy.
  • Japan.
  • Jordan.
  • Kuwait.
  • Lebanon.
  • Malaysia.
  • Amman (It is characterized by the fact that restaurants are 100% halal).
  • Pakistan.
  • Qatar (restaurants are 100% halal).
  • Saudi Arabia.
  • South Africa.
  • Spain.
  • Syrian Arab Republic.
  • Turkey.

The most important facts about Kentucky Fried Chicken

  • The first restaurant opened by Kentucky Fried Chicken founder Harland Sanders was in 1952 in the US state of Utah and called it Kentucky Fried Chicken.
  • The recipe for spices and seasonings used in Kentucky Fried Chicken is still a secret that no one in the world has discovered to this day. It consists of 11 different spices that were used by the founder of the company and did not reveal them throughout his life to anyone.
  • The founder of the company was not at all satisfied with frying the chicken for more than 35 minutes because its quality would become very low, In turn, use steamed chicken.
  • The founder of the company sold the company to several investors in 1964 for a billion dollars, And a monthly stipend of $75,000 for life. And a permanent seat for him on the company’s board of directors.
  • KFC used several oils for frying the chicken, the latest being rapeseed oil, in order to reduce the amount of saturated fat in the chicken caused by the frying process.

What are the KFC Saudi Arabia discount codes? How much is a discount rate given?

  • 35% discount code on some meals, Valid for all countries except Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE.
  • A special discount offer consisting of 12 chicken pieces + spicy fries for only $13.
  • Special discount offer Mighty Zinger + Twister + Fries + Pepsi for only $7.
  • Special discount offer 3 pieces of chicken + rice + coleslaw + drink for only $7.

Kentucky restaurants are considered one of the most famous restaurant chains in the world and the second in terms of revenue after the American chain of McDonald’s restaurants. It operates in more than 132 countries around the world at the moment, It has more than 200 branches in the Arab countries alone.