The best survey sites

This may be the first time you hear about survey sites and wonder if this is true, Yes, you can profit from surveys while you are at home, in an easy way, without making a lot of effort and without capital as well. Follow this article with us to learn about the best sites for profit from surveys, through which you can earn a lot of dollars without any costs, only the Internet, phone or computer.

What are the sites for profit from surveys:

They are sites that pay you in exchange for giving your opinion on some matters. Questionnaires are questions that need to be answered. It is related to some of the products offered by companies and you want to know your opinion based on the nature and lifestyle of your life to collect a group of different opinions about this product or service offered by this company.

Advantages of profit sites from surveys:

  • You do not need capital to start working in these sites, It will only cost you to have the Internet and your mobile phone a little time to answer and fill out the questionnaire.
  • These sites provide you with complete confidentiality of the information you have entered on their site.
  • The questions are usually general and not specific to your life, and they are about skin and hair products, food products, and online shopping sites, and your satisfaction with the services provided by these sites.
  • Some sites require a monthly subscription and send you a large number of surveys to your e-mail, With this simple subscription, you can make a monthly income.

The best survey sites

This is a group of the best and most famous sites for profit from surveys and the advantages of each of them:


This site is considered one of the most famous Arabic sites in this field. It is affiliated with an Emirati company called YouGov, a leading company in the field of surveys and opinion polls. The questionnaires are varied and differ in their quality. There are questionnaires for scientific research and other questionnaires for products.

  • The idea of YouGov is based on filling out surveys in exchange for points. These points are later converted into money that you withdraw using one of the withdrawal methods provided by the site. And the minimum withdrawal from YouGov is $50, where you will need 5,000 points in order to get them. In order to achieve these points, you must do a lot of surveys, In addition to inviting your friends to the site through your marketing link.
  • YouGov gives you 50-100 points when you complete a survey that the site gives you, And if one of your friends who registered through you completes 5 surveys on his account, you will get 200 points in return.
  • In order to be able to withdraw your profits through the site, you must first reach 5,000 points in order to activate the withdrawal option in your account, which corresponds to $50, Once you reach this number of points, you can request a withdrawal of money through Western Union, and you will receive the money quickly within a period not exceeding 48 hours from the withdrawal request in many cases.
  • The only problem with this site is that it sends out very few surveys. And you need a long period of time in order to reach 5000 points, But the solution to this problem is by either registering a large number of people through your referral link, or by registering and working on a US account, In this case, you need to change the IP of your network to a US IP or work through a remote computer.

MOBROG website

This site is considered one of the very good survey sites, Its interface is available in Arabic. It can also be used in English at the same time. But you must pay an annual subscription to the site in exchange for working on it, And he pays 5-30 Egyptian pounds when completing very short surveys, It provides the possibility of withdrawing profits through your PayPal account very quickly.

Mint vine site

This site is considered one of the most reliable sites in the field of profit from surveys, It is a paid site. The service is provided for a fee, But what distinguishes it from YouGov and many other sites is that it is very easy to deal with, And it gives you 200 points when you register a new account directly in it.

It also has the advantage of calculating 100 points for one dollar, And the minimum withdrawal from it is only $ 10, that is, when you reach 1000 points only, not 5000 points like YouGov.

The site sends out a lot of questionnaires in a short time, Which makes you can get 10 dollars in a very short and record time compared to other sites.

How to register on the site

The registration method is very usual, and it is by clicking on the word sign up and filling in the data in the registration form that appears in front of you, After completing all the data, the site will send you a message to activate your account to the email you registered with. Go to this message and activate your account through the link in the message, Then you can start using your account immediately.

Ways to earn money from the site

You can earn money through this site in three ways: Fill out the questionnaires directly, The second way is by converting the points and gifts you get upon completion of each survey into money, The third way is to register and invite your friends through your referral link on the site.

Cash Crate website

This provides you with many different services to earn money from, But not all of them are available to all users. Among the services available for profit to all users is the filling of questionnaires.

The other services are available to users in the United States of America only, Which: Marketing services for different products, And working as a babysitter through the site, it provides you with parents who desperately request this service due to their constant preoccupation with their work, It also provides people with the possibility to work in the field of food delivery to homes.

Profit site from surveys rewarding panel

The surveys provided by this website are paid surveys. Where the site degrades from 10-100 points on each questionnaire you fill out, And you can convert points into money when they reach 300 points, In addition, you will get discount cards when purchasing from some electronic stores, For example, when you get 300 points in your account on the site, you will get a discount of $13 when you purchase any of the Noon products, And if you get 540 points in your account, you will get a discount of up to $ 27 when you pay the bill at the Noon store.

The site sends only 4 questionnaires per month, but it is enough to reach the minimum score of 300 points.

This was a collection of the best and most important sites for profit from filling out surveys for people who are beginners and who do not have the capital to start working on the Internet.