6 best alternative text and audio translation sites for Google Translate

Text translation applications and sites are the best choice in our time, especially with a great revolution in smartphones and its widespread and large spread among users from all over the world, There are now many different applications and websites that provide a good translation service for various languages, We will learn about the best of them in this article, which can be an alternative to Google when translating texts.

Why choose a Google alternative for text or voice translation?

Before you decide which other translator you can use as a Google Translate alternative, Here are some pointers as to why the alternative was chosen:

  1. Less Google Translate support: Some Google Translate alternatives will help you maintain your formatting.
  2. Although Google Translate Text or Voice Translate is free and easy to use, However, it is also very limited by the way the algorithm works.
  3. Google Translate is not a business solution: Google Translate is a great option for personal use, But it lacks a translation editor and does not support user collaboration features.

Some Google Translate alternatives offer company-wide security and functionality to help produce translations faster and easier. It also helps you to save a large amount of money.

  1. The data you feed into Google Translate is not secure: Did you know that when you use Google Translate, You give access to Google to store, publish and share your text?

Top 6 Users Preferred Alternatives to Google Translate

Alternatives to Google Translate , they can undoubtedly be more reliable, flexible, and secure. To avoid a long search for the best, we have come up with 6 best translation sites for alternatives to Google Translate, so let’s get to know them in detail:

1. Microsoft Translator

Microsoft Translator as an alternative to Google Translator, Microsoft Translator offers both business, corporate and personal versions as well, It is a smart translation app available for Windows, iOS and Android platforms, It helps you translate images, screenshots, text and audio files into more than 60 different languages. All this can also be downloaded for offline use as well.

And any user can type the text he wants to translate, enter his voice, or take a picture containing the text, Microsoft Translator also provides integration with other Microsoft applications. such as MS Office and Skype, It is also available as a dedicated smartwatch app.

2. iTranslate translator

iTranslate is an alternative to Google Translate, The iTranslate app helps you translate texts, websites , search words with meanings and even verb conjugations in over 100 different languages and is produced by Sonico Mobile.

iTranslate translator is designed for all kinds of different systems like Windows, iOS, Mac and Google, It can translate Chinese characters into readable words for professional text translation.

It supports many different platforms, including: iOS, Windows and Android, And it’s completely free.

3. Linguee translation

Linguee is an alternative translation site for Google Translate and is a web-based service launched in 2009 that helps you translate words or sentences instead of paragraphs and supports more than 25 different dialects just like any other language translator, And you can use it offline also, And in times of poor internet connection.

Linguee is a bilingual language used in online publications. This software is used by major European law firms due to its core functionality in French, Dutch and German.

It supports various platforms including: Windows, iOS and Android, And it’s completely free.

4. Babylon Translator

Babylon Translator works as an alternative to Google Translate. Babylon is said to be one of the world’s leading translation and dictionary software. It contains a collection of 1700 dictionaries in multiple and different languages. This translator has been in business for more than 19 years and provides accurate translation results.

Unlike any other translation software, Babylon Translator translates Office documents without losing their original format, You don’t have to go through the process of copying and pasting text, opening new screens, or quitting apps. Babylon also lets you translate everything with just one click. Babylon Translator supports unlimited terminology translation in over 77 languages including English and Dutch

This translator supports the following platforms: Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, And it’s completely free.

  1. Translation of Reverso

Reverso Translator is an alternative to Google Translate. Whereas, Reverso Translation is software developed by Softissimo Inc., This program has won the trust of more than 6 million users from around the world. You can also recognize words and translate them into different languages easily and quickly. Among these languages are the following: English, French, Arabic, Spanish, Polish, Hebrew, German, Italian, etc.

This translation software also allows you to search for idioms as you type text with Reverso, You can share the translated information with other people via e-mail, Twitter Facebook and other social media platforms.

This compiler supports many environments including: Windows, iOS and Android, And it’s completely free.

6. MemSource Translator

Memsource Translator serves as an alternative to Google Translator and is a cloud-based translation platform built to support the seamless and secure collaboration of translators. This software provides easy and powerful translation tools that allow users to process hundreds of diverse dialects available in different file types.

It is a platform trusted by reputable companies, agencies and freelancers who are involved in the translation process, It is also well suited for those who work in a similar environment to increase productivity, and increase accuracy in work, Ensure and expedite the delivery process to achieve different business requirements.

This translator supports many different environments, including: Windows, iOS, Android and Linux and it is completely free platform.

There are almost endless and countless alternatives to Google Translate and we have chosen the best ones for you so far and we hope this list will help you in your work and in the times when you need a good translator, It is up to you to discover the right alternative that will bring you the most benefits that suit you and in line with the nature of your business.