Download fast and light computer games with one link

Computer games are many and develop significantly and rapidly from year to year, and this is what caused a problem for some users who do not have enough capabilities to play modern games, Which, of course, needs powerful hardware, in addition to the need to purchase these games at high costs, and so the average user may not be able to download it, so the solution remains to download light and simple games that carry great ideas that you can enjoy on your device, no matter how weak or simple its capabilities are. This is what made us present to you today’s topic, which includes a compilation of the top 10 free fast games for the computer that you can download and play on the least capabilities and without problems so that you can download fast free games for the computer with direct links and without waiting. The game will start downloading automatically without any problem, And over the next lines, let’s get to know the 10 best light games for PC that you can download for free.

Fast and light PC games with one link

Fish Tales . game

Naughty Fish This game is more interesting and enjoyable and has gained wide popularity in the past period, especially on computers, where it has acquired a very large number of players in a short period and many different versions of the Fish game have been released with the same story, but with better graphics, And the fish game on our list today is not much different from any previous part, but it carries a lot of fun and suspense, as you have to eat fish a lot in order to increase your size and be able to control the ocean and increase your points. You can download the fish game for free with a direct link from here .

Police Supercars Racing

Police Supercars Racing is a car racing game with high graphics and graphics. It is a lightweight game for the computer and contains excitement and suspense compared to its size and classification among the light games for the computer. Where the game revolves around being a racer who helps the police in pursuing and arresting criminals by driving your car in a framework of adventure and action. Super police car racing for free through link directly .

HotZomb fight

This wonderful game, which falls under the category of action and war games, but it is not one of the action games known in the traditional sense. It is a zombie war game, but it is a light-sized game for the computer and is entertaining. They appear in the city and threaten it, as you can use the weapons on the ground to kill these creatures, The zombie game is one of the best light games for the computer with one link for free, and you can download the game with a direct link .

Deer Drive

The game to kill bears or Deer Drive is among the best light games for the computer, as it is classified as a fighting game, excitement and suspense, and certainly among the hunting games that enable you to practice the life of hunters who hunt wild animals and then enable you to sell those animals in the game store and get money to upgrade your weapons Inside the game and then develop your level more and more, and you can get this wonderful game and download it with a direct link through the following link .

Happy Farm Farmcraft

happy farm game for pc free, Where it offers a wonderful light game that simulates the happy farm game on Facebook, Where the name of the game Happy Farm was launched for the first time on the famous game on Facebook and the game was played online only, Some game developers have made the offline version of the farm game, which is Farmcraft, to download it to your computer and enjoy playing offline by raising animals and harvesting inside your farm and passing the different stages of the game, And you can download the game Happy Farm for PC with one direct link for free bytes through the direct link .

Crazy Taxi Crazy Taxi Game

This game is one of the best games that many people love so far. Crazy Taxi is one of the racing games, but it has a special character. Several versions of the game Crazy Taxi have been released, including versions 1:2:3, which has gained a high reputation in the field of games, especially as it is based on being a driver. A taxi that takes a customer to deliver him to a place at a specific time and then earn points and money and progress in the levels of the game, And you can download the game Crazy Taxi for PC with one direct link from the link .

Grand Master Chess 3

Chess is a very strong sport that requires a high degree of intelligence where you play in front of a person and you have to overcome him by reaching his king and the game of chess simulates this in detail as the game provides you with the same style as the real game and you can choose between individual play and in it you will be Against the computer or doubles play, in which you play against a friend or any other person, and of course, Grand Master Chess 3 is very popular all over the world and you can get it for free for PC from here .

Fire and Forget racing game

Fire and Forget is one of the famous car racing games available for the computer. The game is characterized by excitement and suspense, as the cars are equipped with powerful weapons that you get with winning every new race to be able to destroy more powerfully. Racing only, but it can also be considered as action and war games, as it is characterized by an atmosphere full of weapons, This and you can change the weapons used and the cars you race with, knowing that you have to collect money in order to be able to buy new cars, and you can download the game for free for the computer with a link .

Download the game Billiards Pool

Billiards is one of the most famous games used by a very large number of players in the Middle East. Pool or 3D billiards simulates the real game in the same way as you can pass the balls to their designated places, in addition to the ability to control the type of stick you use to hit This is in addition to the possibility of changing the type of table and playing with many people on the Internet and we will prepare a detailed topic about the game that shows how to download the game of billiards for computer and mobile and you can download the game from here .

Offroad Racers

This game is on today’s list of the top 10 free light games for PC, where the game is summarized in strong races between a group of off-road equipped cars, which are distinguished by a wonderful and huge shape. Unlock new, better cars that you can compete with to get the best positions, and each car has new, stronger specifications that can withstand these difficult roads, but with each car you have to get more money so that you can buy it. You can get the game for the computer from This link .