How to download a video from Facebook online?

Facebook is the best social networking site that exists today because of the billions of people who use the most popular photo and video sharing platform around the world and certainly when we use this platform we encounter special videos that we want to download to our devices to share with friends on other platforms such as Twitter, WhatsApp and Tik Tok or to watch them in Offline mode with the best available quality, But there is a problem that users face when they start downloading a video from Facebook, which is the restrictions that Facebook imposes on its users. However, you will not have any problems when downloading videos, because we are at TechTradeNews We will present to you a way to download a video from Facebook online.

How to download a video from Facebook with the same quality

Although there are hundreds of programs that allow people to download videos from Facebook and YouTube on their computers or on their smartphones, there is a large group of users who face problems downloading programs on their phones and are seriously looking for another free way to download videos from Facebook online This is what we will talk about in today’s article, where I will present to you the best ways in which you can download a video from Facebook online.

1- Download the video from Facebook by Fbvideox

The first option we recommend is Fbvideox which allows you to download videos from the popular social networking site Facebook in the format and quality in which you want to watch the video on our phones and computers offline.

This site is completely free and does not require you to pay any fees for using it and downloading videos through it.

It is also easy to use and comes with a very distinctive design so that anyone can upload a video through it as quickly as possible without any annoying ads, whether it is image or video ads while using the site.

In addition, it supports many international languages, including Arabic and English, In the following lines, I will show you how to use Fbvideox.

  • First: Go to the video you want to download from Facebook and copy its link (URL).
  • Secondly: Enter the Fbvideox website through this link ”
  • Third: From the main interface of Fbvideox you will find a rectangle titled “Paste the Facebook video link here.” Paste the link you copied earlier.
  • Fourthly: Click the Download button that appears in orange next to the rectangle.
  • Fifth: You will be directed to the download page which shows a preview of the video as well as the formats and quality in which the video can be uploaded.
  • Sixthly: Choose the quality and format that suits you, then click Download.
  • Seventh: Within a few seconds you will find the video on your device and you can share it with your friends on other social networking sites or watch it offline.

2- Savefrom website to download videos from Facebook online

If you do not like the site above, you can turn to Savefrom, which is one of the best sites to download videos from Facebook without online programs.

The way to use it is very similar to the way you use Fbvideox because it also depends on the video link.

All you will have to do is copy the link of the video you want to download from Facebook, then go to and paste the link in the space provided for it, then press the download button, After that, the site will show you the video formats and quality that it supports, Which you can download the video for offline viewing in the quality you prefer.

Savefrom website is very distinguished and includes many features that are not available in any other site as it is not limited to downloading videos from Facebook only, Rather, it supports downloading videos from Twitter, YouTube and all other video sites in addition to social networking sites that include Instagram, Tik Tok and others, It also supports downloading videos in MP3 music format from any website, whether it is for music, such as SoundCloud or for videos.

3- Download via TubeMate

Using programs to download videos from Facebook, YouTube and other social networking sites is an option preferred by millions of users around the world, thanks to the many advanced features that the programs provide.

TubeMate is one of the best programs to download videos from Facebook in high quality. Which can be downloaded on Android and iOS smart devices.

This program depends on downloading videos from Facebook by copying the link and pasting it into the search bar at the top of the program, whether it is a link to a video from Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, or searching for the video using the video keyword.

We also do not forget that TubeMate is a free program for downloading Facebook videos and supports Arabic, English and most other languages in order to achieve wide popularity.