Minecraft Education Edition.. Download minecraft educational for free

Minecraft Education Edition is an educational version of the popular Minecraft educational building and management game that builds STEM skills, unlocks creativity, engages students and teachers to collaborate and solve problems together, where the whole class can play in the same world, and their work can be photographed and stored in a downloadable photo album. They also have the possibility to create non-player characters to guide you, This is because it is the one that will provide you with instructions, help or information, and regarding teachers, they have a checklist to expand their instructions and detail the goals to be achieved, and many other features that we will learn about in this new article that facilitate the use of the game for students and teachers. Or the so-called version of the educational version.

Download a copy of the game Minecraft Education Edition

Although the version of the educational game Minecraft was first launched in November of 2016, it did not appear until recently, as it has already become very popular in schools among students and teachers, and for teachers, this game serves as a tool to make their lessons more interactive and provide them with an opportunity To fully share with students, Students can collaborate with up to 30 other students and play together.

Minecraft Education Edition is geared towards teachers, students, and educational institutions with the goal of fostering creativity, collaboration, and problem solving in a fun and imaginative environment that offers up to four main lessons in which players can record themselves:

  1. Safari that teaches players the causes of extinction and the biodiversity crisis.
  2. Hour of Code 2019 AI that offers lessons on coding.
  3. Minecraft Code Town also offers tutorials on coding.
  4. Ngā Motu – The Islands provides players with an insight into the culture, language and people of New Zealand.

This great game is the perfect way to enhance game-based learning because it provides the teacher with learning tools and specific teaching features not found in any other game. It allows teachers to create different learning scenariOS. Students can work as a team to solve a problem or collaborate to develop more complex projects, increase their motivation and achieve More useful learning In this way it is possible to work on the contents of the curriculum for a large number of subjects in the classroom and to develop other, more incidental skills that prepare students for their future careers.

Educators trying out Minecraft Education Edition for the first time can start with a world of beginner lessons and access a number of free lesson resources on the site. education.minecraft.net The global community of Minecraft Mentors provides year-round and classroom support along with this game’s approximately 35 million teachers and students in up to 115 countries.

Minecraft Education Edition is available for download on most operating systems including Android, iOS, Windows, macOS and iPadOS, This game is recommended on Windows or macOS as this will allow you to use the accompanying Classroom Mode and Code Connection app which provide an enhanced Minecraft experience for the classroom.

Minecraft Education Edition Features

  1. A distinctive and very attractive design, aimed at teachers and students.
  2. Offers a unique and exciting way to teach and collaborate among students.
  3. It allows you to create play-based learning experiences in which you can work on STEM skills, develop creativity, and propose collaborative experiences and problem-solving among students.
  4. Includes customizable non-player characters to guide you, give you help, and provide needed information.
  5. Safe and secure community and there is no danger to your device because this game is approved by Mojang company.
  6. It can be downloaded in up to 115 countries around the world including all Arab countries.
  7. It is available for download on many operating systems so that any student or teacher can use it.
  8. Supports many different languages including English, Spanish, French , German, and others, But it does not support the Arabic language .

How to download Minecraft Education Edition for free

Minecraft Education Edition is available for download through the official Android store, Google Play, and also through the official iOS store known as the App Store, but as we mentioned earlier, it is preferable to download this game and use it on Windows or MacOS computers because this It will allow you to use the accompanying Classroom Mode and Code Connection app which provides an optimized Minecraft experience for the classroom so I will now show you how to download Minecraft Education Edition for PC.

  • The first step: Go to the official Minecraft Education Edition website through this link .
  • The second step: In the main interface of this site, you will find many download options, including Windows Desktop Edition, and at the bottom we will find a button titled Download Now, click on it.
  • The third step: Once the file is downloaded, you will have to install it on your device.
  • The fourth step: You will have to log in by entering your email, Then you will be able to register yourself for the lessons.

Specifications of downloading Minecraft Education Edition for free for PC

  • Address: Minecraft Education Edition
  • the size: 317 MB
  • OS: Windows 7 and later.
  • Hardware: for android, for the computer
  • paying off: free download