20 ideas for contests and creative ideas for social media platforms

Sometimes we need a boost of inspiration with regard to creating contests on social media platforms, and today we are talking about 20 ideas for contests and creative ideas for social media platforms that we have collected from multiple platforms Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, linkedin, Snapchat and last but not the last Tik Tok only for you alone.

To make it easier, we have categorized these ideas according to the desired goal, starting from increasing participation and ending with gaining new customers as listed:

1) Seven ideas for contests to increase participation:

  • Like, comment and win.
  • Share / Retweet.
  • Tag (#) to your friends and win.
  • Photography.
  • Write the best comment
  • Vote to win

2) Six ideas for competitions on social media to increase the number of followers:

  • Follow and win.
  • Follow and share.
  • Weekly or monthly drawings.
  • Participate in campaigns.
  • Add exciting content.

3) Three ideas for social media competitions to increase followers:

  • the lottery.
  • Chat and win.
  • Planning social challenges/competitions.

4) Five ideas for competitions on social media to attract attention

Seven ideas for contests to increase participation

1- Like or comment contest to win:

Although it is a traditional method, it is a proven and very successful way to increase the number of shares and can be applied to any platform from LinkedIn to Instagram. All you have to do is create a post with an explanation that includes simple instructions and the deadline for the competition, in addition to the possibility of sharing the post on Facebook or Instagram stories to increase the speed of publishing.

2- Participation / Retweet Contest

Like or comment contests are a quick way to increase the number of shares, But with linking it to the post or retweet, You can reach more people if you ask your followers to share on Facebook or Instagram Stories Keep in mind that you will only be able to confirm these posts within 24 hours.

3- Tag (#) to your friends and win

Gather your thoughts and tag your friends. Posts like this one with friends give them the feeling that they are special and will benefit you “every friend tags his friend”, which helps to spread more widely.

4- Photography competition

It’s a fun way to encourage followers to comment on your photos and interact with your brand.

5- Best comment writing contest

Ask followers to write comments on your posts and write why they deserve to win or who they are nominating to win, or even ask them to choose a new name for the product.

6- Vote to win contest

People love to have an opinion about things around them. If you run a contest in which you ask your followers to vote or create a poll, it is an easy way to collect your followers’ comments and you can add voting to contests to increase the spread.

7- Create a game play to win

over the course of one week, Chipotle has kept its Instagram followers on their toes with a series of games aimed at getting people to add queso (a cheese side dish) to the menu.

On the first day, Fans have been asked to comment “QUESO” on a post in continuous succession. This resulted in 22,000 comments and a year of free queso for the winner.

On the fourth day, Chipotle launched Spot the Differences using the Instagram Gallery, a game played by 450 people. By the end of the week, more than 50,000 people had participated, making it the highest-engaged campaign ever.

5 ideas for competitions on social media to increase the number of followers

1- Follow and win

The most direct way to expand your audience is to request a follow to enter the contest, and the structure of the contest is usually combined with a “like” request.

2- Follow and share

Ask people to follow and share your post. Or ask them to tag someone in the comments so you can reach more followers.

3- Weekly or monthly draws

It’s easy for followers to unfollow. But accounts that run monthly contests or weekly winners have a better chance of earning loyalty and maintaining a following.

4- Participate in campaigns

There are several ways to deal with one of these campaigns. Including asking people to retweet or share a hashtag.

5- Add exciting content

You have to give people a reason to follow you by creating attractive content. You can use competitions as a point of attraction for your followers and thus give your followers an incentive to follow you.

3 ideas for social media competitions to increase followers

1- The lottery

The lottery still plays the role of a magician in attracting the audience and followers, as the presence of tools in the Facebook platform such as the “instant forms” feature.

2- Chat and win

The chatbot can provide a unique experience for followers and help them have an enjoyable experience

3- Plan social challenges/competitions

For example, the medical web platform and the mobile learning platform. She launched the #OsmosisQuest challenge that asks followers to find answers to her contest via her social media accounts in exchange for a free one-month trial of Osmosis Prime.

5 ideas for competitions on social media to grab attention

1- Create a hashtag challenge

Hashtag challenges have been around for a long time, starting with platforms like Cinemagram, Vine, and now TikTok on TikTok. Thanks to their popularity, it’s easy for businesses to join hashtags that incentivize users to participate and become brand ambassadors.

2- Add an event

Of course this is not your effect. For example, Frank’s Red tweeted a #FranksSweepstakes tweet asking fans to help rehash his corporate slogan “Put #S in Everything!”

And during the game, Fans were asked to put a chili emoji on every ad they saw. in another meaning , When a commercial for a car is shown, You tweet the pepper in addition to an automatic emoji. Franks RedHot took advantage of an event that was not official but ‘their own’, But they knew that a lot of customers would attend.

3- Use a branded filter to win

Why not ask fans to create a Snap or Story with a branded filter for a chance to win a prize? Many companies have created branded filters to promote a new product or just to raise awareness.

4- Play and win with snapchat

Who among us has not tried Snapable snafu (a game that allows users to play games through touch, movement or facial expressions), Or whether you’re walking around trying to take fake pictures in your mouth, Or achieve another strange goal.

By setting up implicit games, Brands can use Snapchat to create dazzling TV contests. For example, GrubHub created a Snapchat game called “Food’s Here” that offered players $10 from their first order to win. And $15 if they download the food delivery app.

5- Create a Pinterest page

Ask your followers to create a Pinterest board to encourage participation in your products. For example, a tourism company can ask its followers to create panels about photos of their travels through this company.