Top 10 torrent movie download sites

We often search for popular torrent sites that are easy to use as well as free to download movies and that are safe and secure. So, in this article, we will provide you with the 10 best torrent movie download sites for 2021, You will not need to search much for these sites after reading this article, As premium torrent sites are becoming more and more difficult to find, Especially after the prosecutions from various countries, You can find a torrent site you rely on a lot that disappeared overnight. So we have provided more than one torrent site in this article for you to choose from them what suits you, And all of them were filtered after a lot of searching and comparing different torrent sites.

How to choose the best torrent site

  1. Download speed which is the average speed of downloading torrents from a particular site. Keep in mind that this will vary a lot based on the torrent itself and your internet connection.
  2. The type and variety of torrent is also important when choosing a torrent site. Sites like The Pirate Bay or RARBG have large libraries. Whereas, sites like Bibliotek or YTS have a large number of books and movies respectively.
  3. Hacking ads is also important when deciding which torrent site to use. Popups that “click on themselves” and fake “contests” you just won without participating in are annoying if you have to go through 8 ads just to browse for a file, It might be time to find a new torrent site in our search, There were about 3-4 popular torrent sites that we decided not to include due to the level of ad penetration.
  4. Security is very important when downloading torrents. As there are a lot of suspicious torrent platforms on the internet that can jeopardize your online security, This is why our list of the best torrent sites takes security into account.

Top 10 torrent movie download sites

pirate bay website

It is the best site ever to download torrent movies. Where the site was able to avoid bans and closures on many occasions and provides many advantages to users, The site also contains many different classifications and the site has a very simple user interface that any novice user can easily deal with without any problems.

RARBG website

RARBG is a large and comprehensive torrent site , famous for its very active community of high quality torrent sources, it has been around since 2008 and collects around 40 million visitors every month. New movies on this site.

Location 1337x

This site is considered one of the largest torrent sites that are still operating in 2021, This website was launched in 2007. This website has gained immense popularity among internet users in 2016. Due to the fact that it provides the latest international movies with torrent technology and in very high quality, in some movies it reaches 4k, The site also updates the movie library on a daily basis and lets you download the latest trending movies in the last 24 hours. It also provides you with the order of the search results according to the popular films one day before, or a week ago, Or the blockbuster movies of today. site

It is one of the torrent sites for downloading torrent movies in HD quality and in a very small size. Providing a list of the latest international films that are shown during the current year, And not only that, Rather, the site provides the ability to search for movies that have been archived during the past years through the site’s search box, Due to the strength of the site and its provision of the latest international films, it has been legally prosecuted many times by the governments of different countries. It was closed several times, but it was back in business again with the same name and multiple new titles.

Torrent Galaxy

This site was newly launched about two years ago by a group of people who upload the latest movies on their site, In addition to providing the feature to watch movies directly on their sites, he will not want to download them, You can also download movies from the site via torrent feature. And magnet feature for links too.

Limetorrents site

This site offers you a wide variety of the latest movies that are added several times during the day, The site is updated 24 hours a day. Every newly released movie in the world you will inevitably find has been added to this site and in very high quality up to HD 1080p that is very high definition.

The sizes of the films on this site vary between 700 MB and up to 29 GB per movie. . website

This site is a movie search network. Where it searches for you for the movie of your choice in many different torrent networks on the Internet and shows you the results based on the location in which the movie you are looking for was found, By themselves, they do not provide films. But it provides you with very accurate and fast search results in the sites that have been indexed within.

The site is also characterized by being free of advertisements that are found within the Internet, As well as the easy and simple design of the site and the great speed while browsing the site, The site also displays all the results it brings from different torrent sites in the same place, Which makes it easily accessible.

Torrent Downloads

One of the most popular torrent sites for downloading movies. The films on this site are arranged in categories, And the categories of movies provided by the site: Action movies, anime and cartoons Asian movies, adventure movies, car movies, comedies, party movies, documentaries, drama movies, old dvd movies, family movies, fantasy movies, horror movies, kids movies, martial arts movies, mystery movies, movies Romance, Trailer or Trailer, Sci-Fi, Sports, Thriller, War. . website is a torrent site similar to the old KickassTorrents site to download torrent files, which has been closed by governments in various countries of the world, It is an updated version similar to the old site in terms of design, but it was recently launched, The site provides a lot of movies and is updated on a daily and continuous basis, Where you can find a lot of movies, which are sometimes available in HD 1080p, In addition to the availability of old films as well, You can find the movie you want by searching for it in the search box within the site.

This site is one of the giant torrent search engines that provides the ability to search a very large number of torrent sites for all old and new movies, In order to find the movie you want, all you have to do is type in the name of the movie and the year in which the movie was released and the results will be displayed right in front of you on the screen and you can download the movie you want very quickly.

Users highly trust this site for downloading movies and other types of content as well.

This was the list of the best torrent movie download sites through which you can find all the movies you are looking for in all fields without exception, whether it’s new or old movies, These sites provide all movies without exception.