101 Shopping Guide From New Dokkan Afkar Online Store

Dokkan Afkar is one of the most distinctive and eye-catching websites during the online shopping process. It is one of the sites that contain distinctive products that are not available in other stores, Its products give innovative solutions to all the problems you face at home, university or even in your personal office. In addition to the availability of the Dokkan Afkar discount coupon, which provides you with an additional discount on the prices of the products on the site.

What is Dokkan Afkar? And what products does it offer?

Dokan Afkar is an innovative website whose idea came from a group of young men and women in order to provide interesting products with unique and very creative designs. The site works to make creative ideas tangible on the ground in the form of innovative products, The head office of Dokkan Afkar is located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The site currently provides the ability to deliver products to many neighboring countries, such as: Kuwait, UAE, As well as delivery to all cities and regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Categories of products offered by Dokan Afkar

Dokan Afkar offers many unique product categories that can be purchased, These categories are as follows:

Products by different categories

  • Technology, It includes the following products: mobile covers, mobile chargers, Speakers, Headphones, Printers, Cameras and Accessories, Lighting, mobile and tablet accessories, car accessories, laptop accessories, wearable devices.
  • Miscellaneous gaming products.
  • health and beauty, It includes the following products: cosmetic devices, beauty, health, accessories body care, makeup, perfume.
  • home and kitchen, It includes the following products: cups, furniture and lighting, household appliance, outdoor products, Kitchen and bedroom decorations the toilet.
  • fashion, It includes the following products: Women: women’s accessories, purses and bags, women’s clothing, t-shirts, Men: men’s elegance products, bags and wallets, men’s clothing, men’s accessories, men’s t-shirt, children: kids accessories, Children’s clothing.
  • stationery, It includes the following products: Tools, The Holy Quran and the Qur’an, Calendar and Agenda Notebooks, School bags, books, cards, Wallets and passports.
  • travel.
  • Mother and Child.
  • the desk.

Products by brands and brands

  • Imo brand.
  • Ulnsey brand.
  • Joy brand.
  • Jays brand.
  • 70 May brand.
  • TBMS brand.
  • Rumbica brand.
  • Beauty team brand.
  • Yanton brand.
  • Xiaomi i brand.
  • Rebel Plus brand.
  • Onda brand n.
  • Hemi Vision brand.
  • Oaklin brand.
  • Letsfit brand.
  • Xiaomi brand.
  • Sandisk brand.
  • Rockspace brand.
  • Bassus n.
  • 3 Snels brand.

And many many other international brands whose products are available on Dokan Afkar.

What features does Dokan Afkar offer shoppers?

  • The site provides all the distinctive and unique products of international brands and displays them within the site to attract shoppers’ attention to ideas and new designs for products in order to achieve a lot of sales from these products.
  • The product categories have been divided and displayed in a very easy to navigate within the site and are very organized, This makes the shopper find the product they want with ease.
  • The site delivers products to many Arab countries, namely: Kingdom Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman.
  • Shipping and delivery service inside Saudi Arabia is free if the order exceeds 200 Saudi riyals, and its cost for the rest of the Gulf countries ranges from 60 to 250 Saudi riyals, and 25 Saudi riyals are added if the method of payment is upon receipt for all cities and regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • You can shop and buy completely through the Dokan Afkar application for smartphones.

How to register on the site and enter the discount code

  • After opening the main page of the site, click on the menu on the far right.
  • Choose to login or register here.
  • Enter all your information, which must be she and the Saudi phone, Then click on Create an account to create an account directly on the site.
  • Browse the product you want to buy and open it in a new window, And click on the add to cart button.
  • Click on View Cart. In the discount offer field, enter the discount code you have and press the “Apply the discount” button in order to obtain the discount value.
  • Choose the appropriate payment method for you, either cash on delivery or payment through credit cards, and enter all the required information, And then click on the Finish Request button.

What are the Dokkan Afkar discount codes that can be used?

  • 10% discount code on all site products.
  • 15% discount code when shopping from the website or through the Dokan Afkar app.
  • Free shipping for orders over 500 SAR.
  • 50 SAR discount code when purchasing products worth 500 SAR.

Dokan Afkar is one of the Arab electronic stores that have gained popularity in recent times, as it provides 100% original products from international brands that will make your life more beautiful and easier if you buy and sell them.