Top 4 Free VPN Software for PC

There is no doubt that free VPN services often do not fully satisfy the desire of users and do not provide all

The features they are looking for in a VPN services for PC, for example, You also find yourself having to resort to paid VPN programs to subscribe to enjoy all the features offered by paid VPN programs such as a secure internet connection, and the speed of the connected server.

It affects the speed of the Internet in general, But you may find a free VPN program that is very good in terms of security and provides a very good connection speed while using it, Which we will learn about some of them in the coming lines.

What is a VPN?

It is an acronym for virtual private network. It is a connection to a virtual Internet network located in a country with the aim of changing the location of the Internet connection in order to maintain privacy and provide high security while using the Internet.

The virtual network provides the advantage of connecting to many countries, especially the United States of America, Australia, and the United Kingdom, many different countries of the world, As soon as you connect to one of these countries, the network IP address is automatically converted to the address of the country to which you were connected.

Best free vpn software for pc

Hotspot Shield Free VPN

This software is at the top of the list of the best free VPN software that you can consider using. It provides strong protection and great encryption of personal data when using the Internet, But it only provides one server connection in the free version, It provides an estimated daily use of only 500MB of the Internet, With the possibility of using the full trial version for 7 days but after entering your credit card details in order to make sure that you are a real person who really wants to try the service and benefit from it, The program also provides full encryption of your credit card data and PayPal account data while making online shopping and purchasing operations.

Proton VPN Free

This program offers great features for a free vpn service, It provides a connection to three different servers around the world, With an average speed internet connection and unlimited daily and monthly internet usage, One of the best features of the program is that it provides a very secure connection and does not log browsing data on its servers at all. It never uses ads in its free version, The program can only be used on one computer. In addition, this program does not provide data downloading from torrent networks and file sharing via p2p technology at all.


Windescribe is one of the distinct VPN programs that you should consider using and downloading to your computer. It offers a very powerful firewall and a first-class ad blocker by default built in, It also provides the ability to connect to 25 different servers located in 11 countries, Of which: United States of America, the United Kingdom, and Germany, Hong Kong, Canada, and other other countries.

Among the security features offered by this program are: The ability to create an account without using an email, Just enter a username and password, However, it is recommended to use an email to recover the account password in case it is lost.

This program provides a monthly usage volume of 10 GB of data, It renews automatically at the beginning of each new month. It can also be said that the connection speed provided by this program is average most of the time, They are generally suitable for all uses. . Program

This program provides a strong Internet connection speed while using it, With an estimated usage volume of 10 GB per month, It has the ability to connect to 5 servers scattered around the world, including servers in the United States of America, Canada, and other countries, In addition to providing a strong privacy policy and not logging users’ data while using the software, The program also provides continuous technical support at any time, seven days a week.

What distinguishes it is that it greatly supports the use of torrent sites and all sites that support the p2p protocol to share files between different computers, It also supports the use of various broadcasting sites such as: Netflix , Disney, And all the world famous broadcasting services and sites that are banned in some countries of the world.

Although there are many free vpn programs that are estimated to number in the tens and possibly hundreds, However, these programs are still considered the best free VPN programs that can be used that provide good speed while connecting to the Internet with privacy protection while connecting to their servers spread all over the world.