9 best sites to watch anime online

If you are a fan of anime and love to watch this type of animation, Follow this article, where we have collected for you a list of the best sites to watch anime online for free.

Best sites to watch anime movies online

Although there are many sites to watch anime online – online – there are some paid and not very good sites that you may encounter while searching for the best site to watch anime, Therefore, I will now present to you our best recommendations from Technical 101 to experience the best and best sites when watching anime and animation films online.

Okanime: Best site to watch anime

okanime.online is one of the best sites to watch anime translated into Arabic for free. It includes a huge library of anime to watch for free with varying levels of accuracy and quality, which come in “240p, 480p, 720p and 1080p” ratiOS, while providing the ability to download anime episodes without a net connection.

Like you want “Zimabdko.net”

Zaimabdko.net is a distinguished Arabic website that specializes only in showing anime series. But in a very short time, he managed to be among the list of the best anime sites on the Internet, This is because it has many features and advantages that are not available in many other sites.

The most prominent of these advantages are:

  • The site is distinguished by its high quality and accuracy in sound and image.
  • The site does not display many pop-up ads between episodes so as not to disturb the viewer.
  • The site displays a distinguished list of new and exclusive anime series.
  • The site translates all episodes of anime series into Arabic

Add Anime: watch anime online

Add Anime Online Another Arab site to watch anime for free online, through which you can watch the contents of the cartoon and anime movies that you want. It is one of the best websites to watch anime for free online, but its only drawback compared to some other anime watching sites is the massive pop-up of annoying ads that sabotage the viewing experience on the site; It made many anime followers not prefer watching anime through it.

This wonderful site includes thousands of old and new movies (currently showing) that you can watch online or download to your device in the quality you want, In addition, the main interface is very simple and very easy to use.

At the top you will find the sections of the site and the search button that you can use to search for the anime you want, and at the bottom you will find a collection of a group of famous series that are being shown at the moment and the latest added episodes.

Crunchyroll (best paid anime site)

Crunchyroll is an anime site that comes with an optional use between a free account with restricted features, Or a paid subscription that gives you a full-fledged account and services.

It is considered one of the best sites for watching anime movies and series, whether it is movies or cartoons. It is one of the most popular anime websites among users around the world.

In addition to providing the latest anime news, It supports many languages including Arabic, English, Spanish and many more international languages.

This great site has a huge library of old and new movies as well as thousands of old or currently showing series where you can watch current episodes with mostly excellent access after one hour of TV broadcast and other great content that you can get to know after you start watching anime through this site Crunchyroll.

The only drawback of this site is its heavy reliance on video ads that pop up before the movie you’re watching starts. Before the start of the anime you want to watch, which takes 30 seconds for the movie you came to watch starts, If you are one of those who are very upset about this issue, you can subscribe to the paid version to remove and prevent ads from displaying while watching anime series and movies.

Tio Anime website to watch Spanish anime

Tio Anime is a Spanish anime website that specializes in anime content online as it offers thousands of movies online for free.

Tio Anime includes weekly programming with new episodes that will be shown during the week. Moreover, it allows you to download the episode or movie that you like in order to watch it offline.

Through the Spanish website Tio Anime, You can easily and without downloading any programs to watch your favorite cartoons and the latest anime movies online without having to download them to your computer or smartphone.

This site has a very modern interface design that is easy to use and allows you to choose between normal mode and dark mode, In addition, it includes a search rectangle at the top of the interface through which you can search for the movie or series you want to quickly access it without any obstacles.

summarizing the above, Tio Anime is one of the best sites for watching anime and animation among the various competing alternatives for broadcasting anime shows online, whether short films or series.

AnimeBlix is a website to watch anime online

AnimeBlix is a completely free site to watch anime series and movies online and is considered one of the most popular sites in the world when it comes to its very simple interface and comfortable user experience. In addition, it contains thousands of titles divided into more than 25 unique genres and the content is updated daily in order to add the latest anime episodes that are currently showing, so you will be able to watch any episode of your favorite series that is currently showing.

Once you enter the site, you will find recommended anime series, AnimeBlix organizes the most popular titles and most watched of the day and many series dubbed in English and Arabic, The main interface also includes animation suggestions in order to find the anime that suits your taste.

This wonderful site does not have any paid version and includes some annoying ads that may surprise you when you click on any anime video to watch it.

Yo-Anime website to watch anime for free

Yo-Anime is one of the sites that were launched to watch anime movies in high quality. Where you can find a comprehensive library of all episodes of any anime series complete online.

Yo-Anime offers everything that users want as it is easy to navigate and fast to operate and does not require you to create any type of account or obtain a membership to start using it, Thus, you can enter the site and watch the content you want easily and completely for free, but there may be some ads that may bother you when using the site.

This site contains a large collection of films divided into several sections: (A section includes old series and another section for the series that are currently shown, dramas, Japanese anime films, and the most popular content during the week, in addition to another section for the dates of the episodes).

Regardless of the search feature provided by this site, which helps you access the content in the fastest time, it allows you to search for anime through the alphabet at the top, and when you click on any letter, all content that begins with that letter will be displayed.

Anime Lake Animelek.tv website online

Anime Lake is one of the most popular anime watching sites in recent times. And we mean the contemporary period of our year 2021, In recent months, he has strongly proven his role and effectiveness in covering anime series online for free. The most beautiful of that is its presentation of modern anime episodes – whether movies or series – as soon as they are available and released from their original sources.

Anime Kom website

Anime.com is considered one of the animation sites that in turn has been able to cover the largest amount of translated anime series, Which no one can deny the impact that Anime.com has instilled amid fierce competition among the best sites for watching anime online.

Here ends our list today of the best anime sites through which you can watch movies for free online without downloading or paying exorbitant fees.