Best Netflix series

Netflix is famous for providing all the new series and movies. As well as the ability to access old series and movies at the same time, All you want from series and movies, you can find it in the Netflix program to watch movies and series.

You can also download the Netflix program for Windows for the computer to enjoy greater comfort from watching movies online, And because this network is paid, it offers the best movies and series that can be accessed in very high quality, up to the quality of ultra HD known as 4k, Which is available according to the subscription category on the Netflix site to watch movies and series.

Now let’s take a look at the best series of the most popular Netflix movies and series, It varies between action and romance series. And other diverse Netflix series and movies, such as drama, comedy, and the best documentaries .

Best action and thriller series on netflix


This series revolves around six young teens who are chosen for a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will never be repeated. The location of the experiment was chosen at a new adventure camp on the other side of Knoblar Island. The experience begins when the teenagers find themselves in the midst of the dinosaurs that are wreaking havoc throughout the island of Nobler. Cut off from the outside world, teens struggle to survive and get off the island in action, excitement, and mystery.

Night Stalker series: The Hunt For a Serial Killer

This series consists of 4 parts chronicling and embodying the murders that took place in the Night Stalker case, The killer Richard Ramirez terrorizes Californians for a year in the eighties of the last century.

The documentary series also highlights the long series of investigations carried out by the investigators in order to reach the killer, The series also shows the number of survivors of the killer’s attacks, In addition to the number of victims of these attacks that took place in that period.

White House Farm series

This series presents a series of events in the killings of farmers in the White House, A family of 5 was murdered on an Essex farm in 1985. This series first appeared on ITV at the beginning of 2020. And it emulates this era very well, The main actor in this series is Freddy Fox as Jeremy Bamber.

Best romantic netflix series 2021

Fate series: The Winx Saga

It is a new teenage drama series presented by Netflix to the public through its broadcast network. This series was inspired by the animated series known as Nickelodeon Winx Club, This series tells the story of fairies who train students in the school to master their magical powers in order to fight monsters in their world along with balancing their friendship and love life at the same time. One of the monsters in the series was called a cliffhanger.


The series revolves around a 15-year-old girl, Jenny Miller, who feels more mature than her 30-year-old mother, Georgia Miller. Years after Georgia Miller moved with her family in New Britain, Georgia wants to give her family something they have never experienced before, But Georgia feels that her past poses a threat to her new way of life and her family. Georgia will do anything to protect her family from any threat they will face in their new life.

Best Netflix Series 2021 “Drama, Documentary, comic”

Murder Among the Mormons

It is a documentary series that tells the stories of crime and deception that took place at the Latter-day Saints Church in 1985 located in Salt Lake City, It was conceived and prepared by filmmakers Tyler Maysum and Jared Hess. It consists of 3 episodes, It premiered on Netflix on March 3, 2021.

Cobra Kai . series

This series deals with a comedy-drama story about the sport of karate used in self-defense, It is a series based on the original Karate Kid movies. 3 parts of it have been shown so far on Netflix, Waiting for the great part to be released to be broadcast also on Netflix.

Lupin . series

In the first season of it, which consists of 6 episodes, which was shown in January 2021, this series tells the story of a cute thief named Omar Sy who tries to expose the corruption of a rich Parisian philanthropist in order to improve the reputation of his late father, who worked in the field of robbery before him. It is one of the heist series full of excitement, suspense, intelligence and passion. The second part is expected to be shown on Netflix in the summer of 2021.

Bling Empire series

It is a series that highlights the reality of daily life in the United States of America. It depicts a group of wealthy people who are shopping and quarreling with each other, Then they dine in elegant and refined fashion. It is the first reality drama series in which Asian actors are fully represented. Through this series, you can see the entire Asian lifestyle of high-end private fashion, the private planes they ride, And other Asian lifestyle lived by the affluent class there.

Pretend It’s A City

This documentary series sheds light on New York City and how people live in it. The series includes real footage captured by the humorist Fran Lebowitz, who talks to her friend Scorsese about New York City. Where many TV interviews were captured, As well as many video clips of writer Leibowitz and her friend Scorsese while they are wandering inside New York City, The series was filmed before the spread of the epidemic in the world.


This series tells about two characters, Creative Fran Lebowitz, And Martin Scorsese team up to explore New York City through just their eyes.

LUPIN . series

This series is based on the stories of cute thief Arsene Lupine. Where the gentle thief Asani Diop sets out to avenge his father for the injustice done to him by a wealthy family, Where the series is not without wit and clever tricks of the gentle thief Asani Diop.

“I’m Alan Partridge” series

The events of this series revolve around a character named Alan Partridge as he tries to restore his media career as strong as it was years ago after his wife left him, The BBC also suspended him. Alan Partridge suffered a mental breakdown as a result of living in a stationary caravan for more than five years alone. After recovering from his mental breakdown, he begins to restore his previous media life, recalling the sitcom in which he appeared in 1997, which was one of his most beautiful times in that era.

The Bold Type . series

The events of this series tell about three friends who work and live in New York City, USA. The three girlfriends Jane, Kat and Sutton try to achieve success in the professions they enter in order to embark on self-discovery as they begin to enter into many relationships in order to achieve this success.

Series Nadiya Bakes

This series presents within its episodes a lot of cooking methods and different food preparations, Through the heroine of the series, Nadia Hussein, she helps the novice bakers on delicious cakes and sweets, as well as bold and exquisite baked goods, Highlighting some very good designs, In each episode of the series, Nadia Hussein introduces a new way of preparing food that she did not know before.

Netflix continues to update its content and release the best series for 2021. But you have to subscribe before you can watch these series however you want.