15 best sites to download movies and series for free

Watching movies and series has a different and unique taste, An atmosphere full of enthusiasm and suspense. A feeling of motivation that helps to end and kill the atmosphere of boredom and fill free time, As well as the time for recreation and rest that a person needs after spending a long day at work, for example, Especially when the work is difficult and requires a lot of effort, Which takes a lot of energy from the person doing it, But in order for the process of downloading and downloading movies for free in an easy and fast way and we get modern movies of excellent quality, we must choose the appropriate site from which we download movies, This is what we will see together in this article.

Best sites to download movies and series for free

If you are a fan of watching high quality movies, You will always need to search for the best free movie sites from which you can download any new movie or series that you want to watch for free so that it is available at the time you want without the Internet.

There is no doubt that the majority of the audience we are talking about tends to find sites to watch free movies and series without paying money every time they want to watch a new movie show. Of course, this is an obvious desire. The first priority of entertainment and leisure for many people is to spend their bored times without costs, as they are dispensable additions unlike living supplies.

Let us now discuss a group of the most famous and best sites to download movies, old and new, for free and with ease:

EgyBest Movie Download Site

The Egyptian site EGY BEST is one of the largest sites in which you can find the latest films and the best foreign series , as well as Arabic dramas in various fields such as: romantic films and series, in addition to anime and cartoon films for children, comedies, action films and crime films.

Also, through the EgyBest website, you can watch and download drama films, horror movies, and documentaries, too. In addition, the site contains an entire section devoted to Arabic films. And a whole section of series in different languages and genres, including school Korean series and romantic series, As well as series of excitement, suspense, action and other series in all directions.

Ehi Best in a short expression: A site that sticks its nose in every corner where you will search for the best sites to download movies and series.

Akwam site to download and download movies for free

Akwam is one of the movie streaming sites that has accompanied the most popular sites for downloading movies as well as downloading series alike. Certainly, you will not suffer much if you rely on it while waiting for the release and presentation of the latest new films, whether action, romance, comedy, and others for free without having to have a paid account.

American action movies are the real fun in itself when you watch them or download them through Akwaam website.

The classifications are distributed in the structure of the Akwam site for downloading movies as follows:

A section for Arabic films. and a section for foreign films, And a section of Indian films, And a section that contains anime and cartoon movies , in addition to a special section for documentaries, from which you can download any movie you want to watch later.

The site also contains other sections to watch and download various Arab and foreign series, such as: Arabic series section And a section for foreign series, And a section for series dubbed in Arabic, And another section for Asian series.

Also, do not forget the section of the best Korean series as well, Thus, it is considered a comprehensive site that reflects the ability to match and satisfy all tastes of viewers and followers of films and series in various languages.

Cima4u site to watch foreign and Arabic movies without beautification

Under the slogan Cinema for All, Sima4U provides a wide selection of films, It provides sections for Arabic films, foreign films, as well as Indian films, Anime and cartoon movies as well. asian movies, and Turkish films.

In addition to presenting foreign film series and full American films, It also contains a special section for movies and series that are shown on the Netflix website .

It also has a special section for the films of each of the movie heroes, such as: will Smith, Tom Cruise and other actors.

Mycima is a website for downloading foreign films and anime

My Sima Movies is one of the important sites that you should visit in order to download the latest foreign films, series, anime and cartoons. In addition to containing a special section for free wrestling.

It also contains another section dealing with various Arab and foreign television programs. It is one of the distinguished Arab sites that contain a huge archive of films. Where you can also download old movies you like or watch them directly on the site.

Halacima site for foreign and Turkish films and series

This site contains a selection of all kinds of movies that anyone would like to watch. It is one of the comprehensive sites in this aspect. The most important sections on this site are: Department of foreign films, turkish movies, asian movies, and arabic movies, In addition, there are complete movie series within the site that you can refer to and watch at any time you want.

There are also many sections for different series, such as foreign series and Turkish series, It also contains anime and cartoon series .

What distinguishes the site is that you can search for films based on their classification as horror, action and mystery films.. etc, Which means finding the movie you want is very fast and easy.

Download movies for free via Cima4film

Cinema for Film , which is one of the best sites for downloading the latest foreign, Arabic and Indian films. You can also choose to watch the series of movies you like from within the site, In addition, the site has a category for series, And another classification for anime and cartoon films, Where you can watch modern anime and children’s cartoon series.

The site contains a new feature, which is a special section related to the latest news related to films and series, what goes on behind the scenes, and questions about the films and series that are shown.

Movies Land website

Land Movies is one of the free Arabic sites for downloading movies and series. One of the new features of the site with regard to films is that it contains a section for foreign films that are not subtitled, As well as subtitled Hindi films and Hindi dubbed films.

In addition to the presence of an advanced filter within the site to search for the movie and series that you want to search for according to the criteria you want and request, There is also a special section for movie requests for members, where you can write to the site and request the provision of a specific movie you want to watch, and it will be provided to you as soon as possible.

Egyshare is a free movie download site

One of the very good sites for downloading and watching the latest movies, It contains more than one division of films, There is a section for Arabic films.

There is a section for translated foreign films. And a section of Indian films, and cartoons section, And a section of Indian films, And all of these movies you can watch and download with internet download manager with ease.

Mazika2day website to download the latest new movies

This site is one of the good sites in the field of movie downloads, where you can find many recent movies in it, which are added from time to time, Although it is not as strong as the previous sites we mentioned, But it is a good site for downloading and watching movies, series, TV shows and freestyle wrestling as well.

Spacemov Movie Download Site

Spacemov is another site that we include today in our list of the best movie download sites for the year 2021 that contains an extensive list of movies, series and TV shows that you can watch for free, It has a resolution of up to 1080p to provide you with a high definition viewing experience.

When you enter this site for the first time, you will find that its main interface is very simple, On the side, you will find the types of movies on the site classified according to their events and category, You will also find the years of release when you click on any year, it will show you all the films that were released in that year, And at the top you will find the main menu that includes the sections next to the search option to get to what you want in the fastest time.

One of the most important features of SpaceMov is that it provides a description of each movie with the ability to watch the trailer and give a rating for the movie.

Tubi Tv is a popular site for downloading movies and series

This site is considered one of the direct broadcasting networks and is among the best sites to download Arab and foreign films and series for free. It is one of the alternative movie streaming sites that compete with the paid Netflix network. It works 100% legally.

All you have to do is register an account within the site and then log in and start watching the movies that the site provides you with completely free and permanently without a specific period.

Downloads-Any Movies website: One of the most popular foreign movie sites

Download Any Movies is one of the foreign sites that contains a classification of newly added movies that have been greatly renewed during the current year, This site contains the latest movies of the current year 2020, They will be adding new films for 2021 as they become available.

The site also contains classifications of films according to previous years, Simply click on the rating in order to watch the films that were made available during the year you chose, With a search bar in order to use it to search for the name of a specific movie you want to watch, it will appear to you as a search result so that you can watch and download it as well if you want to do so using the Internet Download Manager.

Top 3 Paid Sites to Download Latest Movies

Netflix website and network

Netflix is one of the most powerful television broadcasting networks that offers the latest foreign films that are shown this year. The content is constantly updated. In order to provide the best possible service, The paid plans within the Netflix network are divided into 3 plans, which are as follows:

  • Elementary plan: It is a plan that gives you the ability to run the account on one device only, And 480p video quality with the ability to watch an unlimited number of movies within the time period that was booked, whether it was one month or more, This plan costs $7.99 per month.
  • Standard plan: It is a plan that gives you the ability to open an account and watch movies on it through two computers or two phones at the same time, It allows you to watch movies in HD 1080p, which is very good quality. It also allows you to watch an unlimited number of movies within the time period you booked for the paid membership on the site, This plan costs $9.99 per month.
  • Premium plan: It is the professional plan within the Netflix network, Which gives you the ability to open your account and watch movies from it on 4 phones or computers at the same time, It offers you to watch ultra-professional 4k movies with high definition HDR. While enjoying at the same time the professional Dolby Digital feature for sound and integrated with modern movies of very high quality, The plan also provides you with unlimited movie watching within the time period of the plan, This plan costs $11.99 per month.

CuriOSitystream is one of the best competing alternatives to Netflix

This network is considered one of the paid networks that broadcasts thousands of movies that you can access and watch in HD and 4K quality, with its distinction from Netflix that its subscription is cheaper than Netflix, where the monthly subscription to this network is $2.99 per month and $11.99 annually for HD quality, While the monthly subscription is $9.99 for 4K quality, and $41.99 per year for 4K quality, And enjoy unlimited access to thousands of movies broadcast within the network.

Amazon Prime Video website and network

It is one of the very powerful networks in the field of modern movie streaming that you can watch and download with a paid membership, It is one of the alternative sites for downloading and downloading movies that are very competitive to Netflix. In addition, it is one of the famous Amazon products, The monthly subscription to this service is $5.99 per month, with a free trial period initially given before renewing the paid subscription. This service allows you to watch and download movies from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.